Iranian press ( June 21st 2016) Revolutionary Guard aircrafts heading to Paris … and a report on prisons shut down Aqhanoun Newspaper


The Iranian newspapers, in their editorials on Tuesday, June 21st, 2016, discussed future political issues such as presidency in 2017 and reformists’ attempts to rally around a single candidate, in addition to the US position toward the nuclear deal, and the need for Obama to issue a decree to the US Attorney General to implement the nuclear agreement in all details.
As for the news, the newspapers highlighted a number of different subjects. Politically, Qassem Soleimani moves to Aleppo coming from Iraq, and Zarif stresses on strategic ties with Pakistan. Economically, Omanis are ready to invest in Chabahar, and Iran launches its first direct flight from Tehran to Paris.

Prominent Editorials
“Obama needs to maintain compatibility with Iran,” Sharq Newspaper, in its editorial, brought up its views about the US administration position on rapprochement with Iran, and whether it would repeal the nuclear deal or not. In light of the constant abstinence of the European banks from dealing with Iran, the editorial says that Obama should make a prompt decree to the US Attorney General and all US official agencies to end tracking the non-US banks dealing with Iran, and to declare that the process of tracking those banks was exceptional and due to certain circumstance that perished during the post-nuclear agreement era. The editorial suggests an imagination of what might eliminate the contradiction in dealing with the United States who declared that it has lifted sanctions, while the European banks are still reluctant to deal with Iran. The reason for that contradiction is the absence of a judicial resolution issued to the security organizations to stop this judicial trace. On the other hand, the United States might be deliberately making this complex situation to put Iran under pressure, either to ensure the constant implementation of the agreement terms or to force Iran to carry out other implementations toward its regional position or toward the US national security requirements.


“Reformists come to an agreement and unite for the presidential elections of 2017,” Editorial of Arman Newspaper warned of reformers coalition disperse, but in a form of a constant confirmation that this alliance is a reality that cannot be surpassed. The editorial believes that fundamentalists confirmation that the Government of Rouhani is a government of one presidential term that won’t re-elected, is a strong reason for reformists and moderates to unite and win the presidential elections battle next year. The editorial is worried about the reformist nomination of Mohammad Arif against Rouhani, in a response to the latter’s refrain from supporting him in the parliament president elections. However, it praised Aref and pointed out to his sacrifice when he withdrew from the previous presidential elections for Rouhani in order to join powers of reformists and moderates, which ended up by Rouhani’s victory. In case Mohammad Reza Aref nominates against Rouhani, which is unlikely to happen yet, the chances of moderates to stay in office will diminish.


“Never misjudge the government,” Resalat Newspaper continued in its editorial to discuss the high-rocketing salaries of the government officials, which has become the top concern of the Iranian society. All Iranian newspapers published constant reports about it every day over the last month, and still do on the current days. This matter turned into mutual accusations between the political streams. At the beginning, the conservatives detected salaries of government officials in the insurance sector and forced its chief to resign. Rouhani then, issued a presidential decree to detect the pay statement balance and rewards of all officials and make them known to the public. Moreover, the reformist newspapers brought up this issue during Ahmadinejad’s era, which created a public status of verbal charges inside the Iranian society. Consequently, the Iranian people lost confidence in the financial honesty of all politicians of the two streams. Resalat Newspaper, in its editorial attempted to appease the Iranian public opinion more than attacking Rouhani’s government, after being the first to handle this issue, since this matter contributed to the lack of confidence of people in the state system. However, the editorial confirms that the decree issued by Rouhani has not been implemented yet.


Prominent News

♦ Omanis are willing to invest in Chabahar

Executive Director of Chabahar Free Zone said that he discussed various topics during separate meetings between Iranian government officials and the Omani private sector, who declared their willingness to invest in various sectors in Chabahar Free Zone. Hamed Ali Mobaraki referred to his recent visit to the Sultanate of Oman. It aimed to decide on the Omani private sector investment fields, and strengthening the bilateral relations between the two countries.
Source: Abrar Eghtesadi Newspaper.


♦ Austrian Experts Giving Training to Iranian Merchants

President of Chamber of Commerce in Tehran, Massoud Khounsari said that according to the agreement that was recently signed with WIFI Training Center of the Austrian Chamber of Commerce, experts from this center would come to Tehran next week in order of give training to Iranian merchants. Khounsari stressed that the economy was not going well last year. But, this year they have expectations of 4% to 5% economic growth by the end of the year. He also added that there is a big chance t for the economists to settle down the existing problems with all countries, especially after the nuclear agreement.
Source: Abrar Eghtesadi Newspaper.


♦ Iran Launches its first direct flight from Tehran to Paris

Abrar Eghtesadi newspaper quoted what IRNA news agency reported, that Mahan Iranian Airlines launched its first direct flight from Tehran to Paris on Monday 20th of this month. This step results from the comprehensive agreement concerning air transportations and the rising number of flights of the Iranian companies to different destinations in the European Continent. The newspaper showed that the flight took off from Khomeini Airport headed to Charles de Gaulle Airport in Paris, and a schedule for Mahan Iranian Airlines to launch three flights a week to Paris on Saturdays, Mondays and Wednesdays.
Source: Abrar Eghtesadi Newspaper.


♦ Qassem Soleimani leaves Iraq

According to a report by Jam-e Jam, the commander of Al – Quds Regiment, that belongs to the Revolutionary Guards Corps, Commander Major General Qassem Soleimani, moved to Syria after the rising tensions there.
Soleimani existed at the horns of Aleppo last Sunday along with his forces where he gave them directives and necessary instructions.
This news was also published by the media office of the Islamic resistance “Nujaba”.
Qassem Soleimani also existed in Fallujah, Iraq during the past few days under the excuse of overseeing its liberation.
Source: Jam-e Jam.


♦ Zarif: Iran and Pakistan have Strategic Relations

Pakistan’s ambassador, Noor Mohammad Jadmani met with the Iranian foreign minister, Mohammad Javad Zarif at the end of his mission. They discussed and exchanged views on the latest developments and the bilateral relations of the two countries. Jadmani pointed out to the importance of these bilateral ties, saying, “Tehran and Islamabad maintain strategic relations and intimate cooperation”.
Zarif also expressed his get-well wishes for the prime minister of Pakistan, Navaz Sharif. He added, “The relations between the two countries can be enhanced in all fields, and we hope to speed up the necessary procedures to facilitate bank transactions and create the required mechanisms.”
Source: Mehr News Agency.


♦ The Arrest of Head and Staff of a Bank in Karaj

Reza Shagarmi, Prosecutor of Karaj Riza Shakirmi province stated, about a case of a bank in the province that a person in this city took a loan of about 90 million Tomans. After paying back 32 million Tomans, he left the country with 58 million Tomans remaining of that loan. After a grievance by the general administration of inspection, the action was taken to get that money back. He added, “All red-handed people in this case were arrested including head of the bank and some other personnel”.
He also said, “The house of the head of this branch of the bank was confiscated, which amounts to about two billion Tomans in addition to 54 billion Tomans of his own money.
Source: Arman.


♦ Alghanoun Newspaper Shut Down

Based on a grievance by the Revolutionary Guards Intelligence Agency, Alghanoun Newspaper was banned by the Attorney General. He declared that “In view of the conviction of Alghanoun Newspaper by the Revolutionary Guards intelligence Organization, the Legal Adviser, and the council affairs department following the commander of the Revolutionary Guards, this conviction is based on charges of slander and making lies in order to provoke and mislead the public opinion. Moreover, based on Section 5 of Article 156 of the Constitution, the newspaper has been shut down as part of the judiciary act in preventing crimes within the framework of Article 114 of Criminal Procedures Regulations.
Source: Alghanoun Newspaper.


♦ Resumption of oil trade between Iran and Egypt

Öl aus Iran

An official source announced that in light of the new oil negotiations with the Egyptians to sell petrochemical products, the export of liquefied gas of the Iranian petrochemicals industries to Egypt has resumed.
After the Egyptian green light for Iran to take advantage of Somad pipelines, and transport the Iranian crude oil to European countries, the Iranian liquefied gas exportation to the African countries has been appealed. Deputy of Petrochemical Industries Commission, Pervez Sahhaf Zadeh pointed out that during the workshop of the Member States of D8 Group, which was held in Cairo, a number of representatives from Iran traveled to Egypt in order to discuss and exchange views with officials of the seven other state-members of this Group.
Sahhaf Zadeh also pointed out that by the end of this session; Iran’s presidency of the Secretariat General of the petrochemical industry group had been extended, adding that talks were held with representatives of all member states such as Egypt, Turkey, Malaysia, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Pakistan and Nigeria.
The official added that, with the abolition of sanctions and the move toward the post-nuclear agreement, it is now possible to make business and create transactions between Egypt and Iran, especially in the field of petrochemical products and polymers. This can happen through emphasizing that some Egyptian companies seek to import and resume the purchase of such products from Iran, knowing that a list of Cairo’s needs have already been placed in front of the Iranian petrochemical companies. It is expected in the near future with further negotiations to sign contracts of exporting different products of petrochemical and polymer to Egypt.
Sahhaf Zadeh noted that one Iranian petrochemical company has already started exporting a shipment of liquefied gas to Egypt, and other deals will be carried out soon.
Source: Mehr Agency.


♦ Naqvi Hosseini: Syria is the first objective of the National Security Committee in the tenth parliament

Spokesperson of the National Security Committee and Foreign Policy, Seyyed Hossein Naqvi Hosseini, in an interview with the News Agency of Beit Alomma said, “One of the priorities set up by the governing body of the National Security and Foreign Affairs Committee is to visit Syria. This visit will show the serious Iranian support to the axis of resistance.”
Source: Keyan Malt.


♦ Investigation Hearing in Mehdi Hashemi Grievance

Mehdi Hashemi’s lawyer declared the convening of a court hearing to re-investigate the complaint of his client on the executive director of Kaveh Achtehardi magazine in the fourth division of the Cassation Court of the Cultural and Media Affairs. ISNA News Agency stated that Mr. Mahmoud Alizadeh Tabatabaei, the advocate of Hashemi, said that he presented the complaint in a session on the 20th of this month and then, Mr. Kaveh Achtehadri viewed his clarifications concerning the case in that session.”
He added that his client did not attend the hearing, saying: “My client complained about the executive director of the magazine on charges of insult, publishing lies and slanders.
Source: Arman.

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