About us

Byإدارة التحرير

International Institute for Iranian Studies


Achieve world leadership in Iranian studies by 2023.


Rasanah IIIS is a non-profit think tank, committed to adopting rigorous research methods in all of its publications through hiring qualified researchers from around the globe.

• Objectivity: Gain the trust of audiences through the quality of our products.
• Professionalism: Execute tasks with a high level of efficiency.
• Quality: Commit to the highest standards of workmanship.
• Commitment: Provide service in a timely manner.
• Competitiveness: Achieve distinction of service compared to similar institutes.

Strategic Objectives

  • Provide books, research articles, and reports about internal and external Iran-related affairs.
  • Provide in-depth insight into Iran’s internal affairs.
  • Publish legible visual and audible media products on Iranian affairs in several languages.
  • Hold conferences, establish partnerships, and support decision makers.
  • Establish a training center for Iranian affairs and teaching the Persian language.
  • Train, qualify, and recruit experts to maintain the high standard for our publications

Overview of Rasanah’s Staff