About us

Byإدارة التحرير

International Institute for Iranian Studies

World leadership in comprehensive Iranian studies.

International Institute for Iranian Studies is an independent private Institute, which presents consultations, strategic and forward-looking studies of high quality about Iranian affairs. The Institute also professionally addresses relevant media issues of concern through its proficient staff.

 Values of IIIS
• Objectivity: To reach trust of audience through the quality of its products.
• Professionalism: To execute tasks with high-efficiency.
• Quality: to commit to the standards of workmanship.
• Commitment: To provide service in timely manner.
• Competitiveness: To achieve distinction of service compared to similar institutes.

Goals of IIIS
International Institute for Iranian Studies aims at achieving the following goals:
1. To provide strategic studies and reports about internal and external Iran-related affairs.
2. To provide forward-looking studies about Iranian internal affairs.
3. To conduct in-depth studies about Iran’s relationships with the rest of the world.
4. To establish scientific partnerships with similar think tanks existing on local, regional and international scales, while contributing efficiently to workshops, conferences, discussion events regarding the issue of Iran.
5. To provide comprehensive and specialized training circles in Iran-related affairs.
6. To train and qualify journalists and researchers interested in Iranian affairs.
7. To deliver basic and advanced courses in Persian language.
8. To publish legible, visual and audible media products in relation to Iranian affairs.

Overview of Rasanah’s Staff