Khamenei meets Ahmadinejad secretly… and the arrest of journalists over Ghalibaf scandal


With few Iranian newspapers publishing any editorials today, the country’s most prominent news agencies and websites have covered Rouhani’s meeting today with Castro in Havana during the second stop on the Iranian foreign minister’s current tour of South America. The Iranian official signed a number of memoranda of cooperation between the two countries during his stop in Cuba.
Other items covered included Iran’s announcement that it will reduce its order of Airbus planes from Boeing due to the USA and the announcement by a former head of parliament that he will be supporting Rouhani in next year’s presidential election. The Iranian navy also announced that two more boats would be joining the Revolutionary Guard’s fleet, as well as announcing the appointment of an Iranian-American fluent in Farsi as the US State Department Speaker.

♦ Memorandum of cooperation signed between Iran and Cuba

According to news agency ISNA, a Memorandum of Cooperation was signed today between Iran and Cuba in the field of safety. Others memoranda of cooperation were also signed in the areas of technology, agriculture, and banking. The signing of the agreements coincided with the official visit by Iranian President Hassan Rouhani to the Cuban capital, Havana, accompanied by a high-level delegation of Iranian officials.
Source: ISNA Agency

♦ Social editor of Sharq newspaper arrested

There are unconfirmed reports that the head of the Social section of Sharq newspaper was arrested with his home being searched, but there is little information about the reason for his arrest, his whereabouts or the items seized from his home.
It’s known, however, that the  Mehr News Agency, which is affiliated with the Organization of the Islamic Call and one of the media supporting the mayor of Tehran, Mohammad Baqer Ghalibaf (recently involved in a corruption scandal), has accused this journalist of preparing reports on the domestic situation in Iran for overseas media  to slander the Iranian regime.
Sharq newspaper, which is headed by the detained journalist, has regularly criticized Ghalibaf; the newspaper did not release any news of the arrest of its editor. This is the second arrest of journalists within three days, with the Executive Director of the Memari News website, Yashar Soltani, arrested on Saturday, after publishing reports on the transfer of municipality property in Tehran. He has been kept in detention due to his inability to pay bail amounting to 200 million Iranian Tomans. A review of and on behalf of his inability to pay bail amounting to 200 million Toman (US $6,386).
Two boats to join the Revolutionary Guard naval fleet
It was announced today that two new vessels have been added to the naval forces of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards. Admiral Morteza Zarei, the commander of the Revolutionary Guards’ First Naval Zone, stated that the Nazeri boats were domestically designed by the Mahallati institution in the Iranian city of Bushehr, with the vessels set to patrol the Red Sea and the Mediterranean. Regarding the boats’ specifications, he revealed that each vessel is capable of carrying 100 troops and equipped with highly accurate long-range weapons.
Source: Tasnim agency

♦ Iran reduces the number of Airbus aircraft purchased to six planes

Reuters news agency quoted an Iranian official as stating that the Iranian leadership has decided to reduce the number of aircraft it will buy from the European Air Bus Company in response to repeated US abuses. Iran recently signed an agreement with the European company “Airbus” to buy 118 aircraft worth $ 27 billion, the US Treasury Department had been delayed issuing permits for the American machinery used in the manufacture of these aircraft.
Source: Mehr News Agency

♦ Rouhani: Iran and Cuba a model for resistance in the face of the heaviest penalties, Castro: the struggle of the Iranian people against pressure and sanctions is a matter of desirability and approbation

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani expressed delight during his current tour of Latin America that his first visit was to Cuba.
Rouhani said that Cuba is a symbol of struggle and resistance against colonialism on the continent. During a meeting with Cuban leader Fidel Castro, Rouhani stressed that the two countries have withstood foreign pressures, with Cuba, which also endured heavy US economic sanctions, standing by Iran during the Iran-Iraq war against Saddam Hussein’s regime, despite receiving aid from the East and the West.
Rouhani stressed that the Iranian people will continue the path of development and economic growth in spite of the pressures and the unjust sanctions imposed on it.
Castro, in turn, said that he had been following the Islamic revolution in Iran in recent years, expressing a positive attitude about Khomeini and his revolution since the victory of the revolution in 1979.
Source: Fars News Agency

♦ Appointment of a new Farsi-speaking US State Department spokesperson

Iranian-American Sahar Nowruz Zadeh, who is bilingual in English and Farsi, has been appointed as the new US State Department spokesperson. A 34-year-old whose mother and father originally came from the city of Isfahan, her parents emigrated to the US where her father completed his studies. Nowruz, who herself graduated with a doctorate in International Affairs from the Faculty of International Affairs at George Washington University, has been a member of the National Council of Iranian Americans since 2009 when she joined the government of US President, Barack Obama. She is the first Farsi-speaker to hold the post of US State Department spokesperson and the first one of Iranian origin.
Source: Tasnim agency

♦ Over 100 Iranian spies currently working in Austria: report

In an article published on Tuesday, German newspaper Deutsche Welle reported that Austrian security experts have confirmed that more than 100 Iranian expatriates in the country are either working as spies for the Iranian intelligence agency or cooperating closely with the regime to assist in circumventing sanctions and money-laundering activities. Their operations include monitoring other Iranians in the country and pressurizing them in order to prevent them from speaking out against the regime, as was previously reported by a report issued by the US Congress. The article noted that there are a large number of intelligence agents in the Austrian capital Vienna working for the benefit of Iran, some of whom are Iranian citizens and others from other nations.
Source: Iran Global

♦ Amano: Iran fulfilled its commitments re nuclear deal

The Director-General of the International Atomic Energy Agency, Yukiya Amano, said in a detailed report on the implementation of the Comprehensive Program of Joint Action that “Iran has fulfilled its obligations under this agreement.”
Amano said that his report, which emphasizes the control of Iran’s nuclear activities under Security Council resolution 2231 (2015), has become a compendium of confirmation and control of the agency over the past few months. ”
He added: “Since my last report, the Agency has assessed and valued the Iranian statements that have been submitted in accordance with the Additional Protocol.”
Source: Jam-e Jam newspaper

♦ Rezai: Hashemi objected to Imam Khomeini’s verdict on forming three branches of the Revolutionary Guards

Mohsen Rezai, Secretary of the Expediency Council, said “Through an article, he wrote recalling an order issued by Ruhollah Khomeini, the founder of the Islamic Republic, on the formation of three branches of the Revolutionary Guard, land, air and naval forces, Hashemi Rafsanjani objected to the verdict issued by Imam Khomeini for formation three branches in the Revolutionary Guards.
Imam Khomeini reportedly responded to Hashemi Rafsanjani’s objections by saying, “The cat dreams of mice.”
Source: Jam-e Jam newspaper

♦ Amir Abdullahian appointed as Secretary General of the ‘International Conference in Support of the Palestinian Intifada’

The head of the Iranian parliament, Ali Larijani, has issued a decision to appoint Hossein Amir Abdullahian to the post of Secretary General of the International Conference in Support of the Palestinian Intifada.
Source: Fars News Agency

♦ Zarei: the Revolutionary Guard’s new frigates can refuel once, to sail in Red and Mediterranean

Frigates built in Iran were today added to the naval forces of the Revolutionary Guard fleet in the port of Bandar Abbas.
Morteza Zarei, Brigadier General and the commander of the Revolutionary Guard’s first zone of the Naval Forces, said that the Marine Revolutionary Guard Corps has changed from a naval force with a limited range to a long range force deploying remote marine navigation
Zarei further stated that the Nazeri boats were domestically designed by Mahallati institution in the Iranian city of Bushehr, adding that the vessels, which will be patrolling the Red Sea and Mediterranean, will only have to refuel once during their voyages.
Source: Fars News Agency

♦ Nateq-Nouri: I do not see a better option than Rouhani

Denying rumors that he might support someone other than Hassan Rouhani in next year’s election after he criticized the incumbent president, Akbar Nateq-Nouri, a member of the clergy complex, said that he does not currently see a better option than Rouhani, strongly rejecting the rumors on this issue.
Source: ILNA agency

♦ Former editor in chief of Fars News Agency: Khamenei rejects Ahmadinejad’s participation in elections

Mehdi Fazaeli, a former senior editor of the Fars News Agency, said that the Iranian leader has warned Mahmoud Ahmadinejad against running in next year’s presidential elections.
Mehdi Fazaeli wrote yesterday in an article for the Fars News Agency, that “A request and follow-up made by Mahmoud Ahmadinejad succeeded a few weeks ago in obtaining an interview with Ayatollah Ali Khamenei.” He added that the details of the meeting had not been released, but said that it is certain that any attempt by Ahmadinejad to run in the election will meet with decisive and explicit prohibition by the Supreme Leader of Iran.
Source: Voice of America(VOA)

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