Rasanah Issues Bilingual Encyclopedic Military Dictionary (Arabic & Persian)



The International Institute for Iranian Studies (Rasanah) released the “Encyclopedic Military Dictionary” authored by Saad al-Shahrani. The 934-page dictionary is a new comprehensive dictionary that defines and translates terms related to military, security, and intelligence affairs from Persian to Arabic and vice versa. The dictionary is a comprehensive source of information, providing definitions for military language, while the encyclopedic work includes all related meanings and uses supported by illustrations.

The dictionary contains detailed explanations and images and lists synonyms and multiple meanings for some terms.

The dictionary focuses on the Iranian military establishment, its formations (the regular army, the IRGC, the intelligence services, and the security forces) and an overview of Iranian military equipment and defense industries with their common names. The dictionary contains a list of military abbreviations in three languages ​​(Persian, Arabic, and English) and an illustrated appendix for Iranian land, sea and air weapons, in addition to defense and missile systems. The dictionary provides a step-by-step scientific guide for understanding military terms.

This dictionary is a landmark publication not only within the military field but also across the board. It includes a discussion of key topics in the context of military developments. With a pattern of first providing the most relevant definition, followed by synonyms, the dictionary makes clear distinctions between related military terms.

The dictionary contributes to creating a solid and coherent framework for classifying military, security and intelligence terms given the rapid transformations of the current era. This seminal publication standardizes new military terms, especially in a changing era, addressing some of the shortcomings in previous military dictionaries published in other languages through adhering to advanced technical scientific language.

The dictionary follows linguistic methodologies and theories that contribute to knowledge acquisition and development. With the rapid advances in military technology and strategy, this dictionary covers key issues and topics in the military field, providing a wealth of information and analysis as well as guidance on military terminology.

Finally, this dictionary stands with other international dictionaries on military terms. Despite the existence of English, French and other dictionaries, this dictionary establishes a new bridge between the Persian and Arabic languages ​​in military affairs, filling a gaping void. It clearly explains military scientific and technical terms for all those interested in military technology.

The Encyclopedic Military Dictionary represents a unique publication, a pioneering work for Arabic and Persian libraries, and strategic, military and academic experts. Through standardizing military terms, this publication contributes to enhancing communication and understanding among Persian and Arabic readers.

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