Rasanah Receives Delegation From Institute of Oriental Studies, Russian Academy of Sciences



Tuesday,  August 15, 2023: The International Institute for Iranian Studies (Rasanah) received today at its headquarters in Riyadh a delegation from the Institute of Oriental Studies (IOS) of the Russian Academy of Sciences (RAS) — a Russian institute unaffiliated with any university or entity. With a broad focus on research across North Africa and Asia, the institute publishes research, studies and journals and provides invaluable information for doctoral students. 

The meeting was held between Rasanah and the Russian delegation in the presence of Rasanah Founding President Dr. Mohammed Alsulami, Vice President Dr. Ahmed Algarni, Director of Center for Studies and Research Major General (Ret.) Ahmed Almaimouni and Rasanah board members. On the Russian side, the meeting was attended by IOS President Vitaly Naumkin, Vice President Vasily Kuznetsov, Senior Fellow at Department of Middle Eastern and Near Eastern Studies Vladimir Sazhin and Senior Fellow at Center for Arab and Islamic Studies Sergei Serebrov. The visiting delegation was accompanied by Captain Naif Alsaif from Saudi Joint Forces Command.

The two sides discussed relations between Saudi Arabia and Russia. The IOS delegation expressed appreciation for Saudi Arabia’s mediating role in the Russia-Ukraine war to work toward a peaceful settlement. The delegation also stressed that Saudi Arabia is an essential partner to Russia and that Riyadh has a prominent role in establishing global peace and security, as evidenced by the China-brokered détente agreement with Iran. The agreement demonstrates Saudi Arabia’s enduring commitment to establishing lasting peace and ending all regional and international crises.    

The IOS has several centers and departments specializing in the history, literature and economic development of countries across Asia and North Africa. These include Center for Scientific and Analytical Information, Center for Arab and Islamic Studies, Department of Middle Eastern and Near Eastern Studies, Central Eurasia Research Center, Center for Southeast Asia, Australia and Oceania, Center for Indian Studies, Center for Study of Common Problems of Contemporary East, Center for Japanese Studies, Academic Publishing Department, Department of Israel and the Jewish Communities, Department of Oriental History, Department of Ancient Orient, Department of China, Department of Korea and Mongolia, Department of Asian Literature, Department of Oriental Written Sources, Department of Comparative Cultural Studies, Department of Economic Studies and Department of Asian and African Languages.

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