Rasanah Secures First Place in Saudi Arabia and Advances Regionally and Internationally



According to the University of Pennsylvania’s 2019-2020 Global Go To Think Tank Index (GGTTI) report, the International Institute for Iranian Studies (Rasanah) remains first of the top think tanks in Saudi Arabia and ranks 8th of the top think tanks in the Middle East and North Africa and the 26th of the top think tanks amongst regional specialist studies centers.

Rasanah receives further recognition as it makes its way into new rankings: 31st of the top foreign policy and international affairs think tanks, 52nd of the top think tanks worldwide (amongst US and non-US think tanks) and 53rd of the top think tanks worldwide (amongst non-US think tanks).
The GGTTI report incorporated over 8248 think tanks and civil society organisations including 10 Saudi think tanks. It ranks think tanks according to their importance internationally and regionally, as well as objectivism in their publications. The ranking criteria included effective management of human and intellectual resources, ideological and scientific production, access to decision-makers and others.

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