Can Iran Trust Russia?


Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei has stated that the United States forms Iran’s enemy that cannot be trusted. U.S has done its obligations toward the nuclear agreement between Iran and the P5+1 are just “pen-to-paper protocols and handshakes” where even   loyal friends to the US do not completely trust each other.

Khamenei has been presenting a completely positive image of Russia and its president, Vladimir Putin pursuing expanded relations with Russia to form a multiparty front against the West.

Khamenei, the Novel Reader   

In fact, some aspects of October 1917 Revolution in Russia represent models that Khamenei thinks he should follow. Khamenei’s fond of these models appears clearly in different situations. In a meeting with artists and cultural officials of the state in July 1994, Khamenei complained about the intellectuals, poets and writers in the pre-Revolution Iran, claiming that none of them joined the 1979 Revolution.  Later on Khamenei pointed to the Russian’s Revolution, as one conceding   very brutal violence, “It attracted a large number of Russian intellectuals including first-rate writers and poets.”

Khamenei said, “Unfortunately, “our” intellectuals, poets, and musicians did not support the Islamic Republic.”.  Ali Larijani, the current chairman of the Majles [parliament], headed the Voice and Visage of the Islamic Republic, the state-controlled national networks of radio and television for 10 years, beginning in 1992. In a confidential letter to him, Khamenei wrote, “If you read and watch the Russian novels and plays, you would know that they did their utmost to produce the best works.”

To Khamenei, Russians’ use of music to encourage people to take part in wars is a model that should be emulated. In another meeting with cultural officials and figures in July 2011, Khamenei said,”Naturally, this is expected of any [true] artist in any nation. Thus, how can we be indifferent about this, while the enemy uses it?”

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