Iranians : the people want to overthrow the regime

ByMohammed Alsulami

At the annual conference of the Iranian opposition, which was held the last few weeks in Paris, the French capital participants chanted the slogan “people want to overthrow the regime.” This conference was held under the slogan “Free Iran”, raising demands’ ceiling to drop the Jurist Leader regime in Iran, which was founded in 1979 by Khomeini after stealing the popular revolution of all Iranians through the participation of all Iranian social components and ethnic groups. However, dreams of democracy and freedom immediately evaporated after the mullahs had seized power, and most social components were excluded. Those clergies have turned the country into the theocracy, which mainly focuses on exporting terrorism and sectarianism.

The Iranian opposition conference came in a very important time for the Iranian people and the region alike. Locally, the complaints about the policies of the regime have increased; particularly, the Iranian people believe that the nuclear deal between Iran and the 5 + 1 group will have no impact on the lives of people. Moreover, their dreams of better economic conditions, declining inflation rates, and prices, and the decline of poverty and unemployment have all completely evaporated.
This popular grumbling has recently emerged during the marches of the so-called “Jerusalem Day”. Demonstrators chanted in Isfahan city in the center of Iran with “Let Syria and think about us.” This slogan brings to mind similar slogans of the Iranian people, after the electoral malpractice of the presidential elections of 2009, and the victory of Ahmadinejad for a second term at the expense of Mir Hossein Mousavi, when they all chanted, “neither Gaza nor Lebanon, our souls are for Iran.
Moreover, the provinces of non-Persian people witnessed qualitatively mobility, represented by armed clashes and qualitative operations targeted the Iranian Revolutionary Guards Corps in Baluchistan Kurdistan and Arabstan “Ahwaz”, in addition to adopting an Ahwazi group called “Hawks of Ahwaz” an operation targeting petrochemical factories in the city of Mahshahr in Ahwaz.
On the regional and international levels, Iran has escalated the situation through its direct interference in the internal affairs of Arab countries, supporting terrorism and promoting sectarianism in the region.
Some western reports talk about Iranian violations of the nuclear deal. Tehran is still trying to get techniques that can be used to produce nuclear weapons. The German intelligence revealed the Iranian attempts to acquire prohibited substances. The German Federal Office of Constitution Protection stated that it had discovered several Iranian attempts to obtain banned substances from Germany, especially those that can be used in the field of nuclear technology.
Such Iranian attempts, undoubtedly confirm that the Iranian regime is looking for obtaining nuclear weapons, ignoring the nuclear deal that was signed nearly a year ago. Perhaps, the German intelligence report leads Group 5 +1 to take decisive actions to ensure Iran’s implementation of the agreement and deter it from gaining such techniques.
In addition to that, Iran has openly acknowledged its interference in Iraq and Syria. Some officials also are targeting Bahrain and its independence and confirmed providing military and financial support to the coup groups in Yemen.
The Council of Iranian Resistance held many Conferences over years. But this year is the most prominent and efficient event due to the large presence and quality of participants. Eminent speakers from several Arab and Western countries were invited. Moreover, the strong message conveyed by the Conference to the Iranian people, urging them to overthrow the regime, rebuild the Iranian future, enjoy good relations with neighboring countries, non-interference in the internal affairs of others, and reintegrating Iran into the international community will positively impact the Iranian citizen in the first place, and the image of Iran in the region and the world. This is impossible to achieve in light of current regime unless it stops its aggressive policies against the regional countries, and stops supporting death squads and attempts to dominate the region through militias, as well as supporting terrorism and sectarianism.
In summary, as Khomeini started his political opposition to Pahlavi regime from Paris, the French capital, forty years ago, we are today witnessing the re-emergence of the Iranian political movement abroad in the same place. Is history repeating itself, and people see a new Iranian political leader headed to Tehran on a French airplane?
There is no doubt that the decision is in the hands of Iranian people and opposition at home and abroad. Nevertheless, this requires a lot of coordination between the Iranian opposition spectra to overcome differences, think about a better future, and ensure each Iranian component its religious, sectarian and ethnic rights. So, can the Iranians say: “By my own hands, not by anyone else’s?”

Source: Translated Material, Alwatan News

Mohammed Alsulami
Mohammed Alsulami
Founder and President of Rasanah