Iranian press (August 11th)13 million unemployed in Iran and Cyber attack behind fires


Iranian press editorials today handled Rafsanjani’s statements concerning attacks on embassies and his denial of such militant actions in addition to his support to Rouhani. They also handled Trump-Clinton electoral rivalry in regard to the issue of Shahram Amiri, and the American violations of the nuclear deal.

In the news, newspapers handled the statements of Ministry of Justice about Amiri’s charges, denial of the existence of Al-Qaida leaders in Iran, and Lebanon receives Iranian and American military aids. Socially, a number of the University of Technology students protest the situation of unemployment, and an official in the presidency of the republic declares that only 30% of the Iranian problems have been resolved through the nuclear deal.

“America will not be able to rupture the nuclear deal,” Arman newspaper attacks the US administration, saying that the presidential candidate, Donald Trump has attacked Hillary Clinton on the Iranian nuclear scientist Shahram Amiri issue, who was executed after returning back to Iran from the United States during Clinton’s term as a secretary of state, who responded by saying that Amiri went back to Iran voluntarily. The editorial says that the propaganda between Clinton and Trump has gone beyond limits. Indeed, Trump’s candidacy is an evidence of the moral decline of the American society. In regard to the interaction of American presidential candidates toward the nuclear deal, Trump announced on the first days of his campaign that he would break the nuclear deal down in case he wins the presidency; certainly, this cannot be since the agreement is signed by five other major countries but not only the United States. In addition to that, the agreement has been officially registered and archived in the Security Council. In fact, if Trump wants to tear the agreement out, he would harm the US international standing.

“Burn an embassy in the name of revolutionary,” Etemad Newspaper focuses on Hashemi Rafsanjani’s statements about his criticism of the militant and his full support of Rouhani. The editorial quoted Rafsanjani’s words saying that those who burned the Saudi Embassy in the name of the revolution have hurt people. He underestimated offense against Rouhani confirming his winning of the upcoming presidential elections. He also said that the government should reveal the outcomes of the nuclear deal honestly, stressing that before the deal Iran had big problems in navigation, insurance, oil, banks, exports and imports, but now Iran is dealing with 450 banks globally.

“Making bilateral nuclear polarity,” Resalat newspaper criticizes the dispute among conservatives about the position of Ali Akbar Velayati and Saeed Jalili over the nuclear deal. Being the Leader’s foreign policy advisor, Velayati has adopted Khamenei’s position and announced that the nuclear deal is gone due to the American violations, saying that the deal was a big political mistake. Consequently, he has been exposed to criticism by some conservatives since he was a supporter of the nuclear deal but has now changed his mind. Saeed Jalili, Khamenei’s representative in Iran’s Supreme Council of National Security and was, for a while, in charge of the Iranian nuclear file. The editorial says that Saeed Jalili himself does not approve this division that makes him stand against Ali Akbar Velayati, stressing that revolutionary and diplomacy in the Iranian foreign policy are two faces of the same coin. On the other hand, Velayati’s adoption of Khamenei’s position toward the nuclear deal is considered a prelude of his candidacy for the upcoming presidential elections against Hassan Rouhani in light of the delay of announcing the official candidate of conservatives and weakness of the expected ones.

“Putin, Erdogan, and Syria,” Jehan Senaat newspaper today handle the meeting between Erdogan and Putin. The editorial says that Erdogan has made 180 degrees shift in the Turkish foreign policy. He has shaken hands with the biggest rival of the Turkish policies in the Middle East. There is no doubt that Erdogan and Putin belong to the same kind of politicians, but with one difference. Russia is a superpower and a major player more than Turkey. Putin is not a blind politician toward Erdogan’s intentions. The Kremlin’s strongman will take advantage of any opportunity that reinforces his position in the confrontation with the West, knowing that Erdogan’s foreign policy has reached a dead end. The editorial says that both Erdogan and Putin avoided mentioning the Syrian issue in the final statement of the press conference although the news coming from Aleppo predicts a humanitarian crisis due to water shortage. In fact, both Erdogan and Putin are ready to hold agreements and make alliances in favor of their anti-western imperial ambitions; meanwhile, negotiations take place behind closed doors concerning the Syrian issue.

♦ Estimations of 13 million unemployed in 10 years

General Manager of the vocational education in Hamadan province stated that the number of unemployed people in Iran is expected to reach 13 million in 10 years. He added that university graduates lack skills to work in the industrial field, stressing on an immediate solution for this problem. On the other hand, Ali Risa Mihrabi declared that there are 4.5 million students in the Iranian universities and 3.5 unemployed.
Source: Tafahum News.

♦ Ministry of Interior Affairs tackles the sale of children in Iran

An official source in the Ministry of Interior affairs stated that the ministry is following up the sale of children in Iran after the terrifying news about the prevalence of this phenomenon in Tehran; although, the ministry does not have accurate statistics concerning this issue.
Source: Arman newspaper.

♦ Investigating the issue of Shahram Jazae’ri

Minister of Justice, Mustafa Bor Mohammedi stated that the issue of Shahram Jazae’ri is under investigation for charges of conspiring against public security and disturbance in Mashhad city. On the other hand, he confirmed that Shahram Amiri was executed for espionage charges for the United States that has acknowledged his delivery of information after the execution.
Source: Arman Amrouz newspaper.

♦ Investigation about the possibility of Cyber attack behind recent fires

Secretary General of the higher council for Cyber domain, abo Alhassan Fairouz abadi declared the dispatch of special teams to the recent fires locations for investigating that the cyber systems could have been behind these fires especially in oil facilities. Abadi stated, in an interview with Fares news agency that these systems could have been the reasons behind such fires.
Source: Etelat newspaper.

♦ Qasemi: We have no information about the presence of Al-Qaeda leaders in Iran

Spokesperson of the ministry of foreign affairs, Bihram Qasemi responded to a question about the United States declaration that there are three al-Qaeda leaders in Iran, saying that The Islamic republic has always worked on fighting terrorist groups and is committed to its international obligations.
Source: Fares news agency.

♦ Defacement is on the side of Rouhani

Political analyst, Faiad Zahid stated that Rouhani’s opponents lack self-confidence. This is apparent through their nervousness. On the contrary, Rouhani is calm and self-confident. He added, in a TV interview that although conservatives’ campaign against him, they know that he is the only people’s choice in the upcoming elections, stressing that this deformation through Friday speeches and media is on Rouhani’s side.
Source: ISNA news agency.

♦ Lebanon receives Iranian and American military aids

The Israeli Jewish news site declared that Iran is preparing a big batch of weapons carried on ships to the Lebanese army. At the same time, some American military aids have arrived in Lebanon. This news site added that Iran is trying to replace Saudi Arabia through these aids after Riyadh had repealed its commitments to Lebanon last February that amounted to four billion USD. It also added this Iranian move is an attempt to reassume its economic and political influence in the region after the nuclear deal although neutrality of Lebanon toward the Saudi-Iranian rivalry.
Source: Abrar newspaper.

♦ The nuclear deal has resolved 30% of the Iranian problems

Head of cultural council, that belongs to the presidency of the republic, Riza Akrami, stated that the nuclear deal has resolved only 30% of the Iranian problems, referring that 70% of these problems are internal and have nothing to do with the nuclear deal. He stressed that these problems must be resolved internally although Iran’s enemies harbor ill intentions toward Iran through violating their commitments that must be faced by an Iranian strong stand to achieve its ambitions and force them to reconsider their behaviors.
Source: Watan Amrouz newspaper.

♦ Settling debt with an Israeli company does not mean recognition of the Zionist entity

Member of the parliamentary commission for law and judiciary, Jalil Rahimi responded to the Swiss higher court judgment on the Israeli company Trans Asiatic to pay 468 thousand USD to the Iranian National Oil Company, that such trials do not have to do with mutual recognition and diplomatic relations between countries. He added that Iran has the right to refer to the international organizations to force the Zionist entity to pay back its obligations to Iran.
Source: Khaneh Milt Agency.

♦ A number of the University of Petroleum Technology students protest the situation of employment

A number of the University of Petroleum Technology gathered in front of the Iranian parliament last Monday, rejecting the denial of the Ministry of Petroleum of its commitments concerning employment, and asking the MPs to investigate the issue.
Source: Khanah Milt Agency.

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