Iranian press (August 15th) 50 million anonymous bank accounts, and fears of the growing incarceration in Iran


Iranian newspapers today handled the ethnic tendencies and defended the incorporation of Shiite militias of Popular Crowds into the Iraqi army. They also highlighted disagreement between Rouhani and Khamenei, in addition to the private sector’s role in the economy, and Revolutionary Guards domination of reconstructions projects.

Iranian press also handled Rafsanjani daughter’s remarks about her father’s commitment to support Rouhani and Mousavi Karroubi under house arrest. Economically, Afghani investors are willing to invest in “Chabahar,” and a secret visit of Boeing negotiators to Tehran.

“Water and freedom of information,” Sharq Newspaper questions the government announcement about the involvement of private sector companies in water projects. Isaac Jahangeri, the assistant of Hassan Rouhani, declared the participation of private sector in 22 national projects for drinking water and sanitation for 2.8 billion USD. In fact, all criticism received by Rouhani over his economic performance was concentrated on ignoring private sector that has led to inflation, unemployment, and economic recession. Most experts suggested the activation of the constructions sector, which ensures hiring more workforces. It seems that the housing sector is controlled by Revolutionary Guards companies and is not willing the economic crisis of Rouhani to end, which made him resort to the private sector through water and sanitary projects. However, the newspaper expresses fears of the Iranian community about the lack of experience of these companies and lack of funds in light of the current economic crisis, which means failure of the private sector. Consequently, Revolutionary Guards economic organizations expand and dominate the Iranian economy. On the other hand, the editorial criticizes the blackout over these projects in terms of implementation and natural resources needed in light of water shortage in the country.

“We will not ignite flames of discrimination,” Avrinsh Newspaper warned from ethnic conflicts in Iran, saying that war against terrorist groups in the Middle East has turned into a sectarian Sunni-Shiite conflict. The editorial ignored talking about the first sectarian militia in the Middle East, the Iraqi Shiite Popular Crowds that were formed by Iran, and the crimes they committed against Sunnis in territories dominated by ISIS. The editorial reflects Iran’s fears of igniting local sectarian violence that has prevailed in some Iranian bordering provinces. The editorial stressed on the need to monitor speeches and behaviors of all influential organizations to deter any actions or words that might blow away the Iranian national security. Iran has recently witnessed demonstrations against racial segregation in Western Azerbaijan province after offending the Azeri group. Some other clashes also erupted in Ahwaz, Sistan, and Baluchistan, in addition to the armed attacks of some Kurds against the Iranian regime. On the other hand, the editorial defends the incorporation of the Popular Crowds to the Iraqi army, which has turned the Iraqi army into a Shiite sectarian army.

“How the government makes the equation,” Kayhan Newspaper handles Rouhani’s comments in Yasuj city, where he expressed his optimism about the nuclear deal but not about America. The editorial ridiculed Rouhani for playing with words, saying that the nuclear deal is the heart of the US-Iranian relations, and can’t be separated from each other at this stage. Rouhani’s major problem is Khamenei’s opposition, who has openly declared that the nuclear deal is a mistake, and should not be repeated due to the American violations. In addition to that, Kayhan also questioned the 4.4% economic growth rate announced by Rouhani over the last three months (April, May, June). It wondered about the mechanism Rouhani has relied upon to come up with such statistics, meanwhile, the Central Bureau of Statistics is without a head since former chief has been moved to the Central Agency for Accounting a month ago. The editorial also asked how he can announce economic recession last month in Karman and now contradicts his statement saying that he has achieved economic growth. Finally, the editorial said that the only achievement of the nuclear deal is 2 billion Dollars frozen in the United States, describing Obama as another face of the Great Satan.

♦ Afghanistan declares willingness to invest in Chabahar port

Ministry of Commerce and Industry in Afghanistan announced more than 150 Afghans to invest in the Iranian port of “Chabahar”. Musafir Qoukndi, Afghan Ministry of Commerce and Industry spokesperson said that “Chabahar” port has good potentials for investment. He added that for each container shipped, there are 500 to 1000 USD less cost than at Pakistani port of Karachi. Qoukndi required the Iranian government to offer more privileges and improve the environment for investment in the port and referred to the trilateral agreement signed by Afghanistan, India, and Iran concerning the establishment of the commercial port of Chabahar.
Source: AbrarEghtesadi Newspaper.

♦ Fears of growing incarceration

Head of social workers association, Hossein Mousavi Gelk said that at least 23% of Iranians suffer disorders, and 12% suffer depression. He added that 15 million legal cases are officially registered, and 300 thousand cases were drug-related, which result in various social damages. On the other hand, some specialists have raised fears about the growing incarceration in Iran day by day due to the aforementioned problems.
Source: Arman Newspaper.

♦ Fatima Hashemi: Rafsanjani would not renounce Rouhani

Member of Central Council of Justice and Development party, Fatima Hashemi Rafsanjani stated that some candidates have joined the Omid list by mistake; meanwhile, others joined it for electoral purposes and winning a parliamentary seat only.
Fatima expects Rouhani to show a strong personality in dealing with all aspects honestly and be open, which would make people pick their right choice. On the other hand, she rejected rumors about her father; Hashemi Rafsanjani to renounce Rouhani, stressing that he had announced his full support to President Rouhani.
Source: Mashreq Site.

♦ Cyber-attacks were not the cause of petrochemical fires

Head of Civil Defense Authority, Gholam Reza Jalali, stated that investigations led to the denial of information about Cyber-attacks being behind petrochemical fires, stressing that the American, Israeli and Saudi Arabian Cyber fields are the real threats to the Iranian Cyber-structure. In order to encounter such threats, Jalali stressed that all required procedures have been taken to ensure safety and security of the Iranian facilities. As for fires, Jalaly assured that lack of safety measures and inexcusable negligence was behind such incidents as stated by Oil minister who has issued serious regulations concerning this issue. Finally, he recommended finding a special body to encounter such incidents in Mahshahr, Assalouyeh, and in oil extraction fields in Ahwaz with active training and emergency plans.
Source: Tasnim Agency.

♦ Special Assistant to President for Citizenship: house arrest will be lifted through public security

Special Assistant to President for citizenship affairs, Elham Amin Zadeh, said that security is a right of people, with regard to lifting house arrest off Mir Hossein Mousavi, and Mehdi Karroubi. Zadeh stated that this decision has been taken by the National Security Council that has issued rules and limitations in order to ensure people’s right to security. Consequently, those restrictions must be lifted only with the presence of public security.
AminZadeh insisted on high standards of security to all people. She also stated that the National Security Council and judiciary are separate organizations in response to weather these two people have the right to a trial or not, and the National Security Council is the only decision maker concerning this case.
Source: Sharq Newspaper.

♦ A secret visit of Boeing negotiators to Tehran

A few days ago, a delegation from Boeing Company visited Tehran with complete media blackout to sign a contract of purchasing 100 aircraft from the American company unofficially. The records and history of some of these individuals raise suspicions about them. The delegation consisted of nine people including an economic and legal expert, two Boeing officials, and two military experts.
Source: VatanEmrouz Newspaper.

♦ Iranian Minister of Justice: We have 50 million anonymous bank accounts

Minister of Justice, Mostafa Pour Mohammadi, stated that there are nearly 50 million unidentified bank accounts in Iran, which questions the Iranian banking system and hurts the economy, and reflects the bad side of the internal conditions in Iran.
Mohammadi noted that fighting corruption is a priority, but the chaotic banking sector such as tax evasion and money laundering are too big to eliminate, expressing his optimism about the release of new rules and regulations in fighting corruption.
Source: BBC website.

♦ After three days in exile, executions were confirmed in Urmia

Three days after the denial of the news about executions of six prisoners, President of Supreme Court in western Azerbaijan province, TwakolHeydari announced the execution of a prisoner for security issues and Komaleh group belonging. Heydari explained that this person was sentenced to death on charges of banditry, killing three police officers and wounding two others. Moreover, four other prisoners were also executed for drug charges on Tuesday, August 9th, 2016, which were confirmed by Hrana human rights news agency.
Source: Farda Radio.

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