Iranian press (August 2nd) Khamenei emphasizes the futility of the nuclear deal and warnings from an oil disaster in Bushehr


News of Hassan Rouhani was a common factor between all Iranian press editorials today. They handled his political current choices for the next presidential elections because of the pressure of conservatives. As well as criticism of his accomplishments through “Kayhan” that saw them as unimplemented promises. Newspapers also didn’t ignore Turkey’s foreign policy change following the failed military coup.

In the news, newspapers focused on Khamenei’s meeting with people concerning trade and foreign policy, as well as the response to the head of CIA remarks about the internal situation in Iran. Socially, the focus has been on the Ministry of Roads and Urban Development report about slums, and warnings of an oil disaster in Assaloiah in the nuclear Bushehr.

“All options are open;” Etemad” newspaper is predicting the political future of Rouhani in the upcoming presidential elections. The editorial puts four options before Rouhani because of conservatives’ pressure 1- automatic retirement of Rouhani. He will be driven to such option due to the accusations against his brother Hussein Faridun and his role in the embezzlements of Mellat Bank. 2- Political filtration through censorship agencies. This means excluding Rouhani through the censors’ board. Although costly and unlikely, previous experiences make it a possible scenario, just like the exclusion of Hashemi Rafsanjani, chairman of the Expediency Council from running for the presidency. 3- Weakening the government of Rouhani with strengthening his competitor. 4- Accepting the inauguration of Rouhani for a second term. This option, although unlikeable among many political parties, it has some advantages compared with other options since a significant part of the Iranian regime believes that Rouhani is a choice that cannot be replaced in the upcoming elections.

“Is there an undeclared Union formed?” Avrensh Newspaper discussed the changes in Turkey’s policies toward Syria and its relationship with both Russia and Iran after the military coup had failed. The editorial sees that the immediate support of Russia and Iran to Erdogan, with the belief that the Syrian opposition support will achieve no gains, but only provokes terrorist attacks against Turkey that has occurred many times, might result in changing the Turkish position about the Syrian issue. The editorial also sees that the Syrian regime and its allies, Russians and Iranians have several times failed in the restoration of Aleppo, because of the Turkish position, and the pressure from Western countries, particularly, the United States that has warned Russia from storming Aleppo. Therefore, with the expectation of Erdogan to change his policies, Aleppo could fall in the hands of the Syrian regime. The editorial says that after the failed military coup and the changes of policies, Turkey will no more stand firmly in the face of the Syrian regime forces, but there is a possibility of forming a new coalition consisting of Turkey, Iran, and Russia. In this situation, it is likely to see Russian fighters flying over Aleppo again.

“From a hundred days to a thousand and a hundred days,” Kayhan Newspaper is criticizing the performance of the government of Rouhani, and comments on the promises made by him to be implemented within one hundred days. The editorial ironically addresses the unfulfilled promises of Rouhani over three years. The editorial says that among the promises of the one Hundred Days made by Rouhani, was to achieve 5% annual growth rate. He said that besides the long and medium-term plans, he had short-term plans to be implemented within a hundred days to improve labor market and create jobs, but none of this has happen. Despite the talk about reducing the inflation rate, the solution was people’s pockets but not the CSO statistics. For example, prices of commodities such as chicken have reached 2.3 USDs per kilo, and sugar has been doubled over the past three years. In regard to oil, Saudi Arabia, and Russia supply more than 21 million barrels per day, taking prices down to their lowest level for three months, and is expected to decline more, with the Iranian oil generals insisting on selling the maximum amount of oil for any prices. The editorial ridicules the promises of Rouhani about the 5% growth rate during the remaining months of his government. It says that head of CIA announced that extensive discussions are being currently held between the US and Iran over some pending issues. Nevertheless, the editorial concludes that the experience of the secret agreements of the nuclear deal and the new oil agreements show what can result from such discussions with the United States, and the only thing they can achieve is only words on papers with no clues about an improvement of the economic situation of Iran.

♦ million Iranians live below unsafe roofs

At a time the Iranian government focuses on solving social dilemmas that face Iranian people, especially slums in the suburbs, nearly 19 million Iranians live in houses almost collapsed under unsafe roofs representing 30% of the population, according to the Ministry of Roads and Urban Development reports. They are deprived of their most basic needs like security, health and education.
Source: Quds newspaper.

♦ Iranian gas is stored in warehouses in Azerbaijan

Iranian Oil Minister Assistant, Hamid Reza Iraqi announced negotiating with a private company to export and store Iranian gas in Azerbaijan. Negotiations are not running between the governments of Iran and Azerbaijan, but with a private Azerbaijani company, stressing that Iran will cooperate with the countries of the region on this strategic issue
Source: Abrar Eghtsadi Newspaper.

♦ Possibility of an oil disaster in the Iranian Assaloiah

Mehr news agency conducted a dialogue with the secretary general of the Federation of the petrochemical industry, Ahmad Mahdavi, commenting on the fire, which broke out in the western ethylene line. He warned that this foretells probability of an oil catastrophe in Assaloiah. Mahdavi also added that these areas lack safety measures, necessary equipment, and personal awareness, which were the main reasons for fires.
Source: Mehr News Agency.

♦ Sanctions must be thoroughly lifted, is there any significant difference in people’s lives?

Commander of the Iranian revolution, Ali Khamenei, considered living problems of people are his major concern. He stressed the need to rely on internal capabilities as the only solution to those problems and urged to pay attention to the inside of the country, which is the key to progress and improvement of people’s living conditions.
Khamenei also stressed on “the enemy’s” commitment in order to negotiate different issues, but, referring to the United States, this enemy is hiding behind its deceptive smile. The evidence, according to him, is the continuation of sanctions on Iran after 6 months of signing the nuclear deal, which still have negative impacts on people’s lives.
The Iranian leader also claimed that the United States has invited them to enter into negotiations about the issues of the region, but the nuclear deal experience warns Tehran of this deadly poison, and the lack of confidence in any of the statements of the Americans, pointing out to Washington overturn of all their promises and agreements.
Khamenei said that the nuclear deal experience once again proved the futility of dialogue with Washington that can’t be trusted. He insisted that development can only come about through reliance on one’s own capabilities and local experiences.
Source: Tasnim Agency and Tejarat Newspaper.

♦ Foreign Ministry response to the US intelligence statements regarding the Iranian internal affairs

The spokesperson of the Iranian Foreign Ministry, Bahram Ghasemi considered that comments of the head of US Central Intelligence Agency “CIA”, Jean Brennan, about internal issues of Iran, are false and unrealistic. He added that the US official is not in a position that enables him to make judgments and remarks about the internal affairs of Iran. He also stressed that harmony, unity, and solidarity of people and government is a prominent model for the region and the world.
Head of “CIA” said, during Aspen Foundation Forum, in response to a question about the nuclear deal, that in his view, the nuclear deal was a significant measure to prevent Iran from pursuing nuclear weapons, which led to strengthening the position of Hassan Rouhani that needs more support of the Iranian people, since he is moderate and more accepted than the other figures of the Iranian regime.
Brennan referred to the differences between moderates and hard-liners at the threshold of the presidential elections in Iran. He said that in the current political atmosphere, there are differences between the above-mentioned trends, stressing that America is watching any changes and responds accordingly. In fact, the CIA believes that Hassan Rouhani is a moderate who is willing to integrate Iran into the international community.
Source: ISNA Agency.

♦ The attack on Motahari, rumor or fact?

News agencies handled the attack on Vice-Chairman of the Shura Council, Motahari in Behshahr.
Quoting from young journalists site, deputy head of the Iranian parliament’s visit to Behshahr that was supposed to overnight, has been canceled because some opponents had attacked his car.
Source: Jam-e Jam.

♦ Investigating the leak of secret nuclear information in the Security Committee meeting next week

Deputy Chairman of the Committee of National Security and Foreign Policy in the Iranian parliament, Kamal Dehghani Firuzabadi referred to the leak of secret nuclear information through the International Atomic Energy Agency and the official objection of Iran saying that they are investigating the leak and following up the negative impact on the Iranian nuclear activities and on the nuclear deal itself.
He referred to the bad history of the International Atomic Energy Agency because of not classifying the Iranian confidential information saying, “National Security Committee will discuss the dimensions of leaking nuclear information about Iran next week.”
Source: Mehr News Agency.

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