Iranian press (August 3rd) Recession and liquidity, challenge for the government in its last year, and detecting a missile factory in Syria


The demands of the crowds are the prominent title in the Iranian press editorials today. Kayhan Newspaper that is loyal to leader criticizes the achievements of Rouhani’s government. They also handle the gas file, along with the battle of Aleppo, and the US-Turkish cooperation in supporting the opposition.

In the news, Iranian newspapers highlighted the trial of the attackers of the Saudi Embassy, along with the special statements of the former spokesperson of the Iranian Foreign Ministry about the violation of the nuclear deal. It also unveiled details of the release of the American prisoners in Iran. Socially, newspapers handled executions of ethnic minorities, statistics of homeless women, and the lack of tourism infrastructure in Iran.

“Bergam and Telegram, and nothing else,” with this cynical title ” Kayhan” Newspaper attacks the government of Rouhani, which means that he hasn’t achieved anything but the nuclear deal and publicity for himself through the telegram channels. The editorial has gone beyond limits by accusing him of lacking the ability to understand people and their problems, and that he is looking down on people from an ivory tower. Moreover, it accuses him of handing the management of the country over to a fake aristocratic class, referring to his brother and his role in the banking scandals. The editorial adds that he has wasted a golden opportunity over years begging enemies to lessen their hostility toward Iran in vain, and describing Kawadr Albina’ Walta’mir party as the embezzler aristocratic party of the Iranian money. The publication of Kawadr Albina’ Walta’mir party known as (Sada) published an article entitled “How Rouhani can be president again by Bergam and Telegram? Through this title, Kayhan ridicules both the nuclear deal and the telegram by saying that they belong to the virtual reality, stressing that unemployment will be a tsunami that would overthrow bad management. The editorial wonders how long Rouhani can calm the unemployed down with the excuse of the nuclear deal; the first hundred days, the first three months, the first year, two or three years? We wish that this creative imagination were used to feed hungry people. The editorial criticizes the speech of Rouhani in the fiftieth anniversary of the gas industry conference in Iran when he defined the “Revolutionary” concept since he did not take into account where he was delivering his speech. In addition, it handles the statement of the head of CIA when he said that the nuclear deal is and achievement that supports a moderate man, in reference to Rouhani. The editorial relentlessly attacks Rouhani driven by his speech yesterday trying to preserve his popularity, which has severely deteriorated over the last month. In fact, Kayhan Newspaper is close to Khamenei , which clearly indicates his stand toward Rouhani.

“American-Turkish cooperation to save the Syrian-opposition in Aleppo” Jomhuri Eslami Newspaper reports the battle of Aleppo. It also criticizes the US-Turkish cooperation to help the Opposition. Iranian newspapers had predicted a different Turkish position and to renounce the Syrian opposition after the failed military coup. The editorial says that all supply lines are closed in the face of the Syrian opposition, and the Syrian army is about to get to Aleppo. It adds that the United States, France, Britain, and Turkey are working hard on supporting the opposition. The US military chief of staff arrived on Incirlik Turkish base to lead the logistics operation to the opposition in Aleppo by himself. The American strategy, according to the editorial depends on the cease-fire agreement so as to provide support. This has made the Russian and Syrian forces unable to elimination the opposition. Despite the dispute between the United States and Turkey over the military coup in Turkey, their priority now is to help the Syrian opposition. The editorial accuses Turkey of conducting economic cooperation with extremist groups and ISIS through the purchase of oil but avoids talking about the Iranian presence in Syria, despite the many announcements of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard commanders to retaliate for their dead in Khan Tuman when they go Aleppo.

“Fifty years of gas industry and the lost share of Iran in the global markets,” Mardom Salari handles the gas-exporting file in Iran. It says that the fiftieth anniversary of the gas industry in Iran, which was attended by Rouhani, touched the need to discuss the future of gas in Iran. Until the beginning of nineties, Iran had produced gas from internal fields and disregarded other fields it shares with other countries such as the southern Fares gas field it shares with northern Junbd field in Qatar, which Iran has started to exploit long after Qatar has done. Iran owns 18% of the world gas reserves. However, It does not have a significant share in the global gas trade. It exports only 1.5% of the global trade of gas due to the high rate of domestic consumption and the low production rates. Turkey is the major importer of Iranian gas. This winter the Iranian exports decreased because of the increase in domestic consumption, which led Turkey to sue Iran internationally because of the Iranian non-commitment to contracts and agreements between both countries same as the northern Iranian neighbors. Add to that, the exportation of the Iranian gas to India, Pakistan, Iraq, and Oman has only been on papers for years. Pakistan has already established a special pipeline to transport Iranian gas but is still not working due to the low production rates in Iran that can only supply domestic needs. The weird thing is that the editorial attributes this shortage of gas production back to war with Iraq, although it has ended 26 years ago, which reflects the inability of the regime to exploit its resources, and directs its budget for military adventures beyond its borders rather than to economic development and foreign investments.

♦ Disclosure of the reasons of repeated fires in the petrochemical sector

The oil minister, Bijan Zanganeh, stated that the reason for the repeated fires in several factories belonging to the petrochemical industry is the lack of adequate investment in HSE (Health, Safety and Environment indicators), and ignorance of companies. He stressed that the exact cause of fire is still under investigation
Source: Abrar Eghtesadi Newspaper.

♦ America has to realize that Iran’s choices toward the violation of nuclear deal are open

Former spokesperson of the Iranian Foreign Ministry, Hamid Reza Asefi, said that Americans are willing to violate the nuclear deal, but want the Iranians to do so, which is an unethical action. He stressed that Americans violated the nuclear deal on its first day, which will have a negative impact on them, and that all choices are available for Iran concerning this issue. He stressed that Americans should know that if they violate the nuclear deal, Iran can go back to the first day, which will make America reconsider its behavior toward Iran.
Source: Arman Emrouz Newspaper.

♦ Zarif’s advisor: Erdogan has cancer, and we have missile factories in Syria

Former Director General for International Affairs in the Shura Council, Hussein sheikh Al-Islam stated that Iran is manufacturing missiles in Syrian, including those used by Hezbollah in 2006 in the war against Israel, which were delivered to them by Bashar al-Assad. Iran also has established a factory for missiles fuel, which results from a commitment to strengthen the axis of resistance. He confirmed the presence of the constant Iranian advisory in Syria to defend the Constitution and strengthen the regime.
Shaykh al-Islam said that the Iranian Constitution prevents it from intervening in the internal affairs of others. But when the United States, France, Britain, Turkey, and Saudi Arabia took severe positions toward the Syrian government, Tehran interfered based on its constitution to defend people’s rights of freedom and self-determination.
Shaykh al-Islam also stated that four years ago, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan visited Iran and met the head of the Iranian Shura Council, Ali Larijani. Erdogan was newly infected with cancer, and was very nervous through dialogue about Syria, but finally said that he would accept results of elections in Syria. Larijani called for a meeting between Foreign Minister, Ahmet Davutoglu, and Qassem Suleimani who informed Larijani that Turkish leaders talk but don’t do any action
Source: Tasnim Agency.

♦ Nour Sharqi criticizes banks for not taking adequate documentation for big loans
Lawyer Jamshid Nour Sharq stressed that if banks were working properly on taking adequate documentation for big loans, the number of bank debtors would have decreased. He added that the judiciary works to retain those loans, but it is not only responsibility of the judiciary but also the banking system as well.
Source: ISNA News Agency
Fox News: Obama paid 400 million USDs for the release of American prisoners in Iran
The US government paid 400 million USDs to Iran to release the four prisoners in January this year. Fox News added that this amount was the first payment of the $ 1.7 billion USDs that Iran had paid to the US for weapons and military equipment before the revolution in 1979 but hasn’t received anything yet.
Source: Young Journalists Site.

♦ After all these years, we do not have a tourist coach
Member of the Cultural Committee of the Iranian parliament, Nasrallah Pejman Fer said, with no flattering, that Tehran will not be able to reach the expected target for tourism in 2030 while discussing the economic advantages of tourism. He stressed that in such situation, courtesy doesn’t work, adding that the budget statement shows the growth of tourism in Iran, but this growth is not enough, especially at the expected rate for the 20-year vision to come and the sixth program.
Source: ISNA.

♦ Recession and liquidity challenges of the government in its last year
The reformist Alwaqae Newspaper reported that recession, inflation and the increase of liquidity are essential challenges for the Iranian economy these days.
Economists have, for years, stressed on the control of cash flow and warned from its consequences. The latest report of the Central Bank states ignoring the advice of specialists and experts, which has led to 30% growth of liquidity. The number has reached thousand of a thousand billion Tomans, comparing to 782 thousand and 380 billion with $ 234 thousand and 910 billion Tomans increase. There are many reasons for that, but the lack of experience and prompt decisions of the central bank are considered the main reasons for this crisis.
Source: Kayhan Newspaper.

♦ Execution of the Sunni child Barzan Nasrallah Zadeh

Barzan Nasrallah Zadeh, a Sunni Muslim prisoner, was arrested when he was less than 18 years old and was executed on Tuesday, August 2nd, along with all Sunni prisoners in Rajai Shahr prison. After that, officials in the Ministry of Intelligence informed their families to take their relatives’ bodies from the forensic in Kahrizak.
Judicial officials gave twenty families of those Sunni prisoners that they had a chance until three o’clock in the afternoon to get to Rajai Shahr prison in order to say goodbye to their relatives.
Barzan Nasrallah Zadeh was arrested on May 29, 2010, when he was less than 18 years old with charges of “brigand” by Division 28 of the Revolutionary Court and was sentenced to death. His family defended him and rejected those charges.
Barzan Nasrallah Zadeh was deprived of the right to hire a lawyer spent a long time in solitary confinement without communicating with his family and his lawyer.
In the 2013 amendments to the Penal Code, Brigand has no more been considered subject to provision if those accused don’t start the armed assault by themselves, which means that the execution should have been repealed. Article 91 of the Penal Code for crimes states that to carry out the penalty of brigand or retribution on a person, he has to have reached the criminal responsibility age 18 years old since he is immature and unaware of his reactions, which means that the court could have ruled another penalty.
After an overnight attack on Rajai prison in Karaj and the transfer of 36 prisoners sentenced to death to solitary confinement, the prison was well protected under tight security. Prison guards of black robes cracked down section 10 of Rajai prison in Karaj and moved Sunni prisoners with their hands and feet tied up to an unknown place.
Kaveh Sharifi, one of the prisoners was transferred earlier to the hospital as a result of a heart attack and then was moved to an unknown place. It is noteworthy that seven of the convicted had primitive judgments to death and the other 29 had been rendered a final sentence to death.
Source: Human Rights Iran Website.

♦ Making homeless women barren is unacceptable

Assistant Chief of ADA said that the proposal of making homeless woman barren to prevent the birth of addicted children is not a solution, but is unethical and against all rules and customs, adding that the international conventions prohibit such actions, and no one has the right to take such actions.
Source: Arman Newspaper.

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