Iranian press (August 9th) Demands to include freedom of speech in the European negotiations with Iran, and executions are continuing against Kurds


Iranian newspapers handled the letter sent by the former president, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad to the US President about releasing all Iranian funds at Washington, and criticism about whom the message should be sent to. They also handled the vision of the psychological factor impact on the Iranian economy and questioned the E-elections in Iran.

In the news, Iranian Newspapers highlighted the news of Moscow’s delivery of half of the S300 missile deal; head of judiciary criticizes the duplication of western standards concerning human rights; and the first file of a political crime against a journalist. Socially, it was announced that there is a big number of prisoners in the capital’s prisons only, in addition to the disclosure of the addicted social category.

“Why E-elections” Sharq Newspaper discussed the announcement of Ministry of Interior Affairs of its willingness to conduct all future elections electronically. This is normal since it is declared in a situation away from political conflicts. However, in light of political rivalry between the Iranian political factions and direct interventions of the Revolutionary Guards in the external and internal political life, the announcement of electronic elections has raised fears among many Iranian politicians and a suspicious Iranian public opinion. The editorial says that with the re-election of Kod Khodie member of the Guardian Council and his appointment as the official spokesperson of the Council, Khodie warned of the political money in Iran through buying and selling votes. So, the electronic registration system will be implemented in Iran to register names of voters one day before elections, which will be impossible for them to change their minds on the same day of elections. Therefore, candidates focus will be on the silent category to push them down for voting outside the electronic system. The editorial believes that the method of sorting e-votes will prevent questioning results. It mentions some disputes occurred between Ministry of Interior and the Guardian Council about the counting of votes. The editorial also sees that the electronic registration will make those who have not registered, rush to direct voting in case electronic results are against their will, which will raise participation rates in the elections. So far, there is no clear vision of the E-voting project in the Iranian elections, but, no doubt it will become a subject of political controversy until elections day.

“The message should have been written to Trump,” Arman Newspaper addresses the letter of Ahmadinejad to the US President Barack Obama from the perspective of who deserves this letter. The answer is presidential candidate Trump. The editorial says that Ahmadinejad sent a letter to Obama yesterday, asking the United States to release the Iranian frozen assets in US banks. It is known that Ahmadinejad had sent letters to previous US presidents but has received no answers. Obama has repeatedly declared that he does not support freezing Iranian assets so it was preferred for Ahmadinejad to send this letter to Donald Trump, and in the case of Trump’s victory, Ahmadinejad could remind him of the letter. Of course, the editorial mocks Ahmadinejad, and wonders by what means he sends such letters. It also says that American presidents had never responded to previous letters of him when he was president, how can he expect Obama to respond to him now. Nevertheless, if we add this letter to his internal movements, we realize that the goal was the electoral campaign. The editorial mocks Ahmadinejad again, saying that not any former President enjoys international status. For example, when Mandela sends a letter to any president in the world, of course, this president will respond, and perhaps he will consider it as an honor to receive Mandela’s letter even when he is out of office, and the same thing goes for Mahathir Mohammad. So, how can Ahmadinejad make himself one of those figures and imagine that he has an international status away from the presidency?

“The Iranian economy enters the stage of despair,” Ebtikar Newspaper presents a vision about the psychological impact on the Iranian economy. The editorial says that rumors and frustrating news about the Iranian economy by conservatives in order to win the battle of the next presidential elections against Rouhani will lead the Iranian economy to enter the tunnel of despair and frustration, and will prevent people from depositing their money into economic projects such as stock exchange and banks with no possibility for foreign investments to get to Iran. Iranian economy will be crippled; even in the case of replacing Rouhani it will be too late for economy relief. In fact, the economy needs capitals, investments, and management of resources, in addition to morale and self-esteem to recover and proceed on.

“Coffin of morals is carried out on the shoulders of unethical politicians” Avrinsh Newspaper discussed the crisis of verbal abuses and insults against Hassan Rouhani by conservatives. The editorial says that this is a personal issue against Rouhani’s principles and beliefs, but not a political criticism. The most prominent persons who directed insults to Rouhani was Ahmad Khatami, the Imam of Juma in Tehran; Hamid Rouhani, the historian of the Revolution and founder of the Iranian revolution documents center; as well as a number of other conservative persons close to Khamenei. Consequently, legal advisor of Rouhani would submit a complaint to the court of clergies about these abuses against Hassan Rouhani.

 21 thousand prisoners in Tehran’s prisons

Prosecutor of Tehran, Abbas Jafari Dolat Abadi, stated that 21 thousand prisoners are currently detained in Iran’s prisons, and sentenced by the General Court in Iran including 3% women and 0.5% children and teenagers.
Source: Arman Newspaper.

♦ Exportation of Iranian gas to India through the longest pipeline in the world

Executive Director of National Gas Exporting Company, Ali Reza Kamli, pointed out to the new talks between Iran and India about gas exportation. He said that Iranian gas would be exported to India through the establishment of the deeper and longer pipeline in the world. He added that an Indian company would implement the investment and establishment of gas pipeline that will extend to about 1400 Km long.
Source: Abrar Eghtesadi Newspaper.

♦ 58% of addicts are under 34 years old

Advisor of Secretary-General of Drug Enforcement Administration, Syed Hamid Sarami, stated that 58% of addicts are below 34 years old, adding that 63% of them are married, and nearly six million relatives of addicts are exposed to harm. Sarami also explained that the current role of the anti-drug agency is still unsatisfactory; indicating that addiction, inhabitants of slums, oppression, moral corruption, and divorce are the major problems facing the Iranian people.
Source: ISNA.

♦ Ebadi message to Mujrini before EU negotiations with Iran on human rights issues

Shirin Ebadi, the Iranian that received Nobel Peace Prize in 2003, and Chairperson of human rights defenders committee, demanded to pay attention to preventing executions and respecting freedom of speech during the EU’s negotiations with Iran on human rights issues in a letter sent to representative of the higher foreign policy of EU, Federica Mujrini, meanwhile, Iran according to news, declared its willingness to begin negotiations with the EU on such issues.
Ebadi demanded the EU to respect the values it has repeatedly declared, and take into consideration that Iran has the most number of excursions in the world, in addition to imprisoned journalists, lawyers and activists such as journalist Issa Saharkhiz, lawyer Abdolfattah Soltani, and chairman of the Commission of human rights in Kurdistan, Mohammed Siddiqui Kapodnd.
Source: Human Rights Commission Site.

♦ Formation of the first political crime file against a journalist

The first political crime is conducted by transferring the file of journalist Issa Saharkhiz to the Criminal Court 1 in Tehran. The supervisor of the criminal courts in Tehran, Mohsen Eftekhari, pointed out that this person’s file was sent to the special judicial complex of government officials’ crimes, but in light of the new law for political crimes, the Court Division issued a decision of no validity, and returned the file to the Criminal Court of the province for investigation. According to Eftekhari, a division has not been assigned yet for this file.
Lawyer of Saharkhiz, Mahmoud Alizadeh Tabatabai said that his client has two files in the officials’ court in the state. One of them is being investigated by Division 1057, and the other in division 1058, which accuses Saharkhiz of spreading lies, but has not issued a judgment yet. Division 1057 accused this journalist of the insulting head of the judiciary and former head of the republic, which was considered political crimes.
Source: Tasnim Agency.

♦ Russia delivers half of S-300 systems to Iran

Russian Deputy Prime Minister, Dmitry Rogozin, announced that Russia has delivered half of the missiles of air defense systems S-300 to Iran. Head of Rostekh Russian Company, Sergei Chemezov, said on July 19th that Moscow intends to complete the delivery of the air defense systems of S-300 model before the end of this year as agreed upon with Iran.
Source: Al-Alam TV site.

♦ Head of Judiciary criticizes the international responses to recent executions

Head of judiciary, Sadeq Larijani strongly criticized the international responses to the recent executions in Iran. Larijani accused the West of adopting double standards and contradictory policies concerning terrorism, noting that death penalty does not have to do with the issue of Sunnis or Shiites.
Source: Farda Radio.

♦ Execution of Abdullahi and five other prisoners

Division 1 of Mahabad Court accused Muhammad Abdullahi, on banditry charges for being a member of a Kurdish opposition party. He was sentenced to death in April 2014. The sentence was conveyed officially to the department of implementation in Mahabad prison after the Supreme Court supported the sentence.
According to the lawyer of Abdullahi, his client had never used weapons but law and justice will not be achieved to him at all.
Tuesday morning, five other prisoners in Aromia prison were supposed to be executed on charges of drug smuggling. Prisa Hatami was transferred to solitary confinement to carry out the execution but it was canceled. Hatami and her husband, Jahangir Razavi Zadeh sit in prison, and both of them were sentenced to death. Prisa has been separated from her son yesterday evening, who was sent to his family.
Both were transferred to solitary confinement, where members of their families demonstrated in front of Aromia Prison, but the police officers arrested some of them.
Source: Zamaneh Radio.

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