Iranian press (August,4th) Issuance of a conservative newspaper and recession relief has become more complicated


The Iranian press editorial today handled the following topics; reformists call for a review of the Iranian democracy. Conservatives are terrifying Iranian people from cancer due to Rouhani’s declaration of planting genetically engineered crops, financial corruption and the astronomical salaries of governmental officials.

In the news, newspapers handle Rouhani’s speech saying it is old-fashioned and hasn’t come up with anything new, and the denial of non-nominating to the upcoming, in addition to the head of parliamentary national committee meeting with al-Assad in Damascus. Economically, acknowledgement of the difficulty of recession relief.

Prominent Editorials
“Fears of food safety rate” Sharq newspaper handled food safety in Iran in light of conservatives attack on Rouhani who declared defending on the genetically engineered crops to supply shortage in food products. The editorial said that this attack has led to terrifying the Iranian people after their announcement that the genetically engineered crops cause cancer and infertility, official statistics state that the Iranian imports of genetically engineered products amount to more than three billion USDs per year, which obliges Iran to rely on planting such products due to shortage of water resources. Iran imports 90% of its needs of corn and soya beans to produce vegetable, oil and animal feed, representing a necessity to rely on those products.
This rivalry between the Iranian currents threatens people’s feeling of safety on all aspects of life. In fact, to understand the Iranian people’s position, we wonder whom to believe, a Reformist government that is trying to improve the economy, or Conservatives who enjoy high credibility by people and support their viewpoint by the high number of cancer cases in Iran.

“Punishment or release” Resalat Newspaper brings up the astronomical salaries from a new perspective. It says that it has been three months since the reveal of the financial corruption file, but neither names have been disclosed nor judgments have been rendered.
Thirteen officials have been impeached, but not by judicial ruling. Yesterday, head of national development fund, Nabakht, held a goodbye ceremony for Safdar Husseini, describing him as the regime’s ammo and beard of the great fidelity. Safadar Husseini was the first to be mentioned in this corruption file, which raises a question if this is an impeachment or protection from prosecution. It also says that Rouhani’s government.
Rouhani’s government has not presented any statements about the file also how it happened. Although Rouhani himself declared that the number ranges between 200 to 300 senior official, which is an inaccurate number in such critical case. The issue is that Rouhani confirmed, in his TV interview, for the first time that the US is not committed to the nuclear deal. This statement lacked honesty and transparency, which provoked most reformist newspapers to criticize his speech. Finally, the editorial concludes that in September will be the time when Rouhani has to introduce his report to the Iranian people about his performance over the past three years especially living conditions.

“Areview of the Iranian democracy” Ebtikar Newspaper calls for a review of the Iranian democratic experience in its 110th anniversary and its 4 pillars of democracy; fair electoral competition, freedom of expression, freedom of political ideology, and freedom of the press. Some practices and methods in the electoral process need to be reconsidered although the tens of electoral events after the revolution. As for the political ideology, there are two trends in Iran reformists and conservatives, but many things are still delivering general ideas but not comprehensive thought and ideology. Due to the lack of boundaries between both trends, most MPs are changing seats between the two currents disregarding their beliefs and political ideologies. This results from the lack of real political thought and competition of the Iranian activities. In fact, they do not get along with each other based on ideology and big ideas, they gather around persons and figures. Freedom of the press is the most absent democratic element in Iran. Although electoral competition circus implies the availability of this element, in fact, this is just a lame excuse used by the regime to cover up its shortcomings.

♦ The Army has not withdrawn its claim against Hassan Abbasi, waiting for court ruling

An army well-connected source handled the arrest of Hassan Abbasi and the possibility of the army withdrawal of the claim against him, saying that they are waiting for the court ruling.
The army has objected Hassan Abbasi’s speech posted on the social media and took him to court, which made Abbasi apologize through an official letter to the army chief of staff Ali Salhi.
Source: Tasnim Agency.

♦ Getting out of recession become more difficult

Quds Newspaper has published a report about the massive Iranian debts that deter any kind of economic growth. A number of debts ranges between 350 thousand billion Tomans to 54 thousand billion which equal 100 billion to 154 billion USDs. 105 thousand billion Tomans (30 billion USDs) of this debt belong to Iranian banks. Nevertheless, central bank statistics showed that this debt has increased 22.5% in may this year. The report also stated that debts and claims of banks have become the main reasons for the decrease of bank facilities, which leads to the continuation of economic recession, economic achievement but not obstacles in their way.
Source: Quds Newspaper.

♦ Rouhani hasn’t come up with any thing new

President Rouhani brought up new and important points during his latest TV interview. He pointed out that America doesn’t have credibility and goodwill toward the joint action plan. On the other hand none of the government’s supporting newspapers has highlighted this point. Most of them stated that they cannot see anything new in Rouhani’s talk concerning the nuclear deal and governmental economic performance, which reflects his own performance over three years.
Etimad Newspaper published a report entitled “ a little more transparency my President” that criticized Rouhani’s dialogue saying that it was full of optimistic numbers. It added that he talked about offending people but not offenders: He talked about recession relief has become more complicated.
Arman Newspaper also published an article entitled “the unknown is still unknown” at which it reported Sadiq Ziba Kalam’s statement that Rouhani was cautious while talking to people but never referred precisely to governmental corruption.
Source: Mashreq.

♦ 16 expected nominees for the upcoming presidential elections

Less than ten months until the twelfth presidential elections. Many nominees are expected to run the elections such as Mohammad Baqir Qalibaf, Ali Akbar Velayati, Gholam Ali Haddad Adel, Mohammad Reza Bahner, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, Hassan Ghaffouri Fard, Abdullah Jasbi, Ahmad Tavakoli Fard, Barweez Fattah, Manoshahr Mittaki, Saeed Jaleel, Izatullah Dhergami, Ali Natiq Nouri, Qassim Sulaimani, and Hassan Rouhani.
Hussien Ibrahemi: The support of Rouhani or Ahmadinejad hasn’t been determined yet by the assembly of clergy
Member of the Central Committee of Clergy assembly Hussein Ibrahemi stated that the assembly hasn’t discussed the upcoming elections 2017, and the support of either Rouhani or former president Nejad hasn’t been determined by the assembly yet.
Source: Shahround.

♦ Ministers of foreign affairs deny the statement of Zarif’s advisor

Spokesperson of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Behram Qassemi responded to a question about the statement of one of the foreign ministry advisor’s statements about the disease of the Turkish President that it is untrue and the protocol of the ministry presents interference in the personal affairs of leaders and senior officials of other countries.
Source: Jame-Jam.

♦ Spokesperson of the ministry of guidance objects the issuance of Yalserat Magazine.

The issuance of Yalserat Magazine although prohibited by the by the ministry of guidance through a court ruling. The Magazine was issued on Wednesday by a court ruling after being closed out by the ministry of guidance.
Source: ISNA.

♦ Brojerdi meets al-Assad in Damascus today

Tasnim reporter in Damascus stated that head of national security and foreign affairs in the Shura Council, Aladdin Brojerdi has arrived in Damascus coming from Beirut on an official visit to meet al-Assad on Thursday. Brojerdi met speaker to the Syrian people’s council Hadia Abbas in Damascus, stressing on the Iranian support of the Syrian people and leadership in their war on terrorism. He ensured that victory will be on the side of Palestinians and Syrians, expressing his pride of the victories of the Syrian army that is facing 80 countries in this war. He also met the Syrian prime minister Eng. Imad Khamis, and is supposed to meet al-Assad today. Finally, he finishes his visit with a press conference at Dama Roze Hotel in Damascus.
Source: Tasnim Agency.

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