Iranian press (July 13th) Narges Mohammadi’s mother asks Rouhani to release her daughter and Tehran is the seventh globally in pollution


The topics highlighted by the Iranian press editorials varied on Jul. 13th2016. They handled the people’s confidence in the government and regime in light of the corruption crisis, which affected government officials. They also criticize the violation of laws by the government and people at the same time, in addition to South Korean contraband of expenses into Tehran.
The investigation about the attack on the Saudi embassy in Tehran headed the news, and the disclosure of intelligence cooperation between the army and the guards to confront threats outside the borders.
Socially, human rights activist, Narges Mohammadi’s mother sends a letter to the President asking him to intervene to resolve the issue of her daughter, in addition to the spread of addiction in Iran.

Prominent Editorials
“The State of law breaking or irresponsible people?” Avrinsh Newspaper, in its editorial, called for changing the law of using satellite receiver dishes. The editorial said that the Iranian Minister of Culture and Islamic Guidance admitted that 70% of the Iranian citizens are breaking the ban of watching satellite channels. According to the editorial, this statement leads us to investigate the point of a law violated by the majority of people, and its impact on the citizens’ culture of compliance with laws. Breaking laws and challenging the state by people is a prestige and power loss of state laws in general, which later becomes a normal behavior and practice. So, what makes the majority of Iranians break the law is that the content presented on the national media must have been far from what they want to see. Moreover, it is well-known that villagers and tribal people in the Iranian mountains have satellite receiver dishes in their tents and work on diesel electrical generators. They watch dramatic materials, films and series produced before the revolution of 1979, in addition to American and European materials introduced in the Persian language. Therefore, there is a gap between the cultural content broadcasted by the Iranian governmental means and what the Iranian citizens watch. It is rare that an Iranian governmental program or media production attract any Iranian viewer, especially young people. A good example was the Shahrazad series, which was introduced by the Iranian television last month and attracted the Iranian viewers only to hear Mohsen Tchaouchi songs, but this case rarely happens. The editorial called for a review of this useless law that has only one effect, which is breaking it by people.

“Equation of nation voting and people’s faith,” Merdemsalari Newspaper discussed the impact of the financial corruption crisis in the Iranian government on people’s confidence in the government and regime. The editorial said that the decline of the Iranian people’s trust in the regime is a major tragedy. In addition, it raises several questions to find out the fact of the Iranian’s trust in the Jurist Leadership regime. The first one: is the disclosure of the abnormal and undeserved amounts of money that a number of senior managers had received in the form of salaries and bonuses a matter that causes Iranian people to distrust Rouhani’s government and the regime in general? The editorial sees that people will continue to believe in and trust the government and regime, and grant them more power and authority in case they fight and eliminate corruption. Otherwise, they will lose confidence and faith in both of them. The second procedure is that the President must clarify the role of the regulatory agencies concerning the crisis and whether spending this huge amount of money was limited to the government of Rouhani or extended over the Iranian regime lifetime. The most important question here is whether the decline of confidence in the Iranian regime is only because of this crisis of salaries and bonuses or there are other reasons. The editorial writer believes that there are other reasons such as the disruptive influence of a number of newspapers, news agencies, and news reporting sites that are hostile to the Iranian government and that the Iranian people distrust of the regime has become a fact. Now, the real and final questions here are whether the governmental agencies play a major role in strengthening people’s trust in the regime, such as radio, television, judiciary, parliament representatives, clergy and police; and whether the case of distrust includes only the current government or it extends to include the Jurist Leadership regime itself; the reasons of distrust; and how the government and regime can regain that confidence? In fact, this is the real relationship between the Iranian people and regime.

“South Korea smuggles its embassy expenses into Tehran,” Kayhan Newspaper used this title in its editorial to refer to the US noncommitment toward its obligations in the nuclear deal, and the continuation of the international sanctions on the banking transactions imposed on Iran. The editorial said that South Korean ambassador to Tehran stated that he receives the expenses of his embassy through smuggling operations into Iran, which reflects the Iranian inability to make bank transfers and negatively influence the foreign investments in light of such a bad situation. Kayhan editorial believes that Iran has acknowledged that the Iranian nuclear program is gone and irretrievable in exchange of the continuation of the economic sanctions.
Prominent News
♦ The latest developments in the case of attack on the Saudi embassy

Chief Justice Qazi Hosseini talked about the incident of attacking the Saudi embassy in Tehran, as well as the Saudi consulate in Mashhad, saying that the attack on the Saudi Embassy file will arrive at branch No. 1060 on Jul. 18th , then charges and investigations will be launched with twenty-one suspects in this case.
Source: Arman Newspaper.

♦ US State Department: We seek to release the prisoner, “Namazi”

syamak namazi facebook
US State Department demanded the release of one of Iranian – American prisoners, Siamak Namazi, who was imprisoned in Iran. This demand was considered a continuation of the United States policies and its interference in the internal affairs of Iran. John Kirby stated that if the reports were approved, then the arrest and imprisonment of Namazi is considered arbitrary and unjust since he committed no criminal actions and the reason behind arresting him with another two Iranian-Americans is unclear. Kirby added that the US doesn’t have more information about this issue, but will try hard to solve it in addition to all other issues related to American citizens who were arrested or lost in Iran.
Source: Arman Newspaper.

♦ The spread of addiction in Iran

Chairman of Psychiatry Institute in Iran said that during the last decade the spread of addiction and drug abuse recorded two to three times increase in Iran. Abu Jaafar Bolhera added that based on numbers and evidence, the status of addiction in Iran is the worst of its kind. He added that there are no accurate statistics about the growth rate of addiction, and no ratios were disclosed by the government, but he got this information through his follow up to this plague over the previous years.
Source: Arman Newspaper.

♦ Iran occupies the seventh rank in pollution in the world

The Iranian researcher specializes in the affairs of energy consumption and construction, Jafar Mahmoudi, mentioned, in a lecture he delivered at Markazi province, that Iran suffers tremendous amounts of carbon dioxide emission, Which makes it occupy the seventh or eighth rank in pollution in the world, stressing that this concern will have a bad impact on the country in the years to come.
Source: ISNA News Agency

♦ Intelligence cooperation between the army and guards against external threats

The commander of the ground forces of the Iranian Army, Ahmad Reza Bordstan declared coordination between the army and the Revolutionary Guards corps to build a strong defense series in the face of potential threats. He added that after the incident at training center 05 for ground forces, all related commissions have been invited to put up initial plans so as to decrease road accidents to the minimum possible level. He pointed out that the National Security Council session was held to discuss the incident of bus crash and view several solutions by the members of this committee and ground forces who believe that such incidents will be reduced to the minimum level.
Source: Tasnim Agency.

♦ Baeidi Nejad denies entering into negotiations with the United States about Syria

The Director General of Political Affairs and International Security at the Foreign Ministry, Hamid Baeidi Nejad clarified that Iran has never made any negotiations with the United States about the Syrian crisis and no decision has been made concerning this issue. He stressed that the Iranian delegation mission in the negotiations with the six major countries focused only on the nuclear deal which is known as the comprehensive joint action plan.
Baeidi Nejad also pointed out that the liberation of the American prisoners is a task separate from the nuclear deal, it was a separate decision, explaining that responsibilities and functions of this commission must not be mixed up with the current subjects and institutions involved in the daily struggle over the nuclear deal issues.
Source: IRNA.

♦ Sarmadi meets the Board of directors of the International Conference of Asian Political Parties
The Iranian Acting Foreign Minister, Morteza Sarmadi met, yesterday the chairperson and members of the International Conference of Asian Political Parties (ICAPP).
In this meeting, “Young” explained the history and objectives of the coalition. He said, referring to the constructive interviews of this commission in Tehran: “We call for membership of this coalition as an observer to the General Assembly of the United Nations, and to support the Iranian Republic as an influential country in this regard. ”
Source: IRNA.

♦ Summon of theFrench Ambassador to the Iranian Foreign Ministry

Director of the Department of Western European Affairs in the Iranian Ministry of Foreign Affairs Abu al-Qasim Delfi informed the French ambassador to Tehran his objection to Mojahedin Khalq Organization conference in Paris.
Abu al-Qasim also demanded a declaration about the French official stand toward this group and the anti-Iran remarks raised by members that participated in this conference.
Source: Mehr News Agency.

♦ Narges Mohammadi’s mother demands the president to investigate her daughter’s issue

Mrs. Azra Bazerjan, Mother of Narges Mohammadi, the imprisoned human rights activist, demanded President Hassan Rouhani to investigate the status of her imprisoned daughter, through an open letter to the Iranian President. Bazerjan added that as an Iranian citizen and a mother, she expects Rouhani, guardian of the law, to investigate this file in order to not expose her daughter to danger following her hunger strike. She noted that her daughter entered hunger strike due to preventing her from talking to her children for fifteen days, demanding Rouhani to end her daughter strike through this investigation. She confirmed that Mohammadi is a civilian activist working for the improvement of human rights situation, considering preventing her from communicating with her children is a dishonorable behavior.
It is worth mentioning that Narges Mohammadi, deputy head of defense of human rights and its spokesperson, has been imprisoned since May 13th, 2015. On Monday 27th, June, she entered in hunger strike because the judicial officials had prevented her from contacting her young children.
Source: fared radio channel.

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