Iranian press (July 14th) America extends sanctions against Tehran’s missile program and the increase of AIDS cases


Iranian press editorials discussed, on Thursday, July 14, 2016, the issue of suspension of sanctions imposed on Iran by the anti-money laundering organization for only one year. In addition, modernizing Iran’s air fleet in light of Tehran’s mass loss to the growing surrounding countries airlines such as the UAE, Qatar, and Turkey, then the Iranian solution for ISIS crisis.

The Iranian newspapers also highlighted the following points: politically, Moscow signs an agreement to build new nuclear reactors in Iran, and the US House of Representatives agrees to prevent the purchase of heavy water from Tehran. Economically, resuming and raising US imports from Tehran, as well as signing a memorandum of understanding with the financial security fund of the British exports, while socially, AIDS cases rose in Iran.

Prominent Editorials
“Iran and the Money Laundering Work Group,” Merdamsalari, discussed money laundering in Iran and the position of the international community concerning that. The editorial said that money laundering started to be considered an economical crime about forty years ago. Iran was late to outlaw this process and criminalized it in 2007, but with no strict or real judicial mechanisms of implementation. In the case of evidence of a criminal action, Punishment was limited to a confiscating quarter of the money that was being cleaned through the Iranian financial institutions. The International Organization for Anti-Money Laundering (FATF), which monitors money laundering in the world, has put Iran at the top of blacklisted countries who perform money laundering over the past years. At its latest session, which was held in South Korea and the presence of thirty-seven countries, restrictions imposed on the Iranian banking transactions were removed for one year. Nevertheless, Iran’s name is still on the list of countries involved in money laundering, which means that Iran still hasn’t made sufficient efforts to take its name out of the list. The editorial said that Iran should make continuous efforts until its name is removed from this list since it is the only real obstacle for the global banking transactions with Iran. In addition, Iran has to reconsider its support for Lebanese Hezbollah as well as other political and military movements that Iran considers liberal, meanwhile the international community considers them terrorist groups. The question that is raised here is that during this year in which restrictions on the Iranian banking transactions will be repealed, will Iran seriously try to prove to the international community the safe performance of its banking system and not carry out money laundering and support terrorist organizations; or use this opportunity to support those groups without any limitations? A year of experience after the Iranian nuclear deal will clearly show which way Iran will take.

“Reformation of the Iranian airlift is on the way,” Jahan Sanat editorial discussed the file of updating the Iranian air fleet on the background of purchasing one hundred US Boeing aircraft with the objection of Congress. The editorial said that Iran has lost and is still losing a lot as a result of the growth of surrounding countries airlines such as the UAE, Qatar, and Turkey, opposite to the ineffective and worn out Iranian airlines. The editorial said that Iran has the proper features of a successful airlift country in terms of geographical location, population, and their turnout on air flights, as well as the availability of skilled and qualified technical personnel in this field. The major obstacle is the deterioration of the Iranian air fleet that consists of 266 aircraft, of which 110 are out of use, as well as the high average age of the Iranian aircraft, which is twenty-three years comparing to 10 years in neighboring countries. The editorial criticizes the Iranian Minister of Transportations statement to repeal the deal of the American Boeing airplanes. His justifications revolve around the lack of infrastructure in the Iranian airports that fits such huge aircraft. So, it is wondering if the Minister of Transportations was familiar with the nature of the Iranian airports before negotiating the aircraft deal. In fact, the Iranian Minister of Transportations is trying to cover up the failure of Iran in the negotiations to buy the aircraft, although Iran is still waiting for Obama to veto the US Congress objection and pass the deal.

“A radical solution for ISIS crisis” Kayhan Newspaper editorial presented a vision to resolve ISIS crisis in the Middle East. The editorial said that the Binnale Aildirim, several days after taking over the cabinet in Turkey, declared that Turkey considers improving relations with Syria. Moreover, this declaration confirms the view of some analysts that Erdogan is changing his strategy toward this country, and now believes that his ongoing hostility toward Bashar al-Assad is not for the interests of Turkey, which is considered a victory for Bashar al-Assad and Iran. The editorial sees that Turkey’s new stance represents a permanent solution for ISIS crisis in the region. This perception of chief editor Hossein Shariatmadari, the special advisor to Khamenei, raises crucial questions; Isn’t it possible that Iran has a hand in these consecutive bombings in Turkey, in order to make Turkey change its regional position in favor of its own interests, fearing of deterioration of tourism, a sector that contributes 18% of the Turkish national income; isn’t it possible that Iran used its undoubted connections with ISIS to carry out terrorist attacks inside the Turkish territories and force it to change its policies toward the Syrian crisis?
Prominent News
♦ The Russian government has approved the necessary requirements for constructing thermal energy facilities and nuclear reactors in Iran.

The Russian Minister of Energy, Sergei Dansqui said that Russia has decided to supply Iran with the necessary materials in order to construct thermal power stations and connect electricity to the railway lines. Ushakov, the senior assistant to Russian President Vladimir Putin mentioned that the Russian president had ordered to provide Iran with all necessary materials for their projects to increase the economic relations and enhance cooperation between both countries.
Source: Arman Newspaper.

♦ AIDS cases increase in double

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Assistant Minister of Health said that the main cause of AIDS infection in Iran is sexual relations. He added that Iran has adopted a strategy to control AIDS that was spreading among drug addicts over the past twenty years and gave a certain type of injection to contain it, but due to sexual relations, AIDS has increased 30% recently in Iran.
Source: newspaper Shahravand.

♦ Increase of the Iranian exports to America after the nuclear deal

ISNA News Agency said that Iran’s exports have reached thirty billion Tomans, which equal 256 Tons during the three months after the nuclear deal. The agency said that exports have doubled in the same period of this year, according to the information and reports of the Iranian customs.
Source: ISNA News Agency.

♦ Iranian Ministry of Energy signs a memorandum of understanding with the financial security fund of the British exports

The Iranian Minister of Energy signed a memorandum of understanding with the financial security fund of the British exports during his visit to Britain after an invitation from his British counterpart. The agreement included a joint working group for cooperation and planning for the participation of the British companies in the sectors of water, electricity, and renewable energy.
Source: ISNA News Agency.

♦ Summon the director of the Egyptian interests office to the Iranian Foreign Ministry

Head of the Middle East and North African Affairs Department in the Iranian Foreign Ministry, Hamid Reza Dehghani, summoned the director of the Egyptian interests office in Tehran, in light of the Iranian opposition gathering in Paris and the participation of Egyptian Parliamentary representatives. Dehghani informed him of the firm objection of the Iranian Republic of this move and considered it as an Egyptian interference in the Iranian internal affairs, and support of this terrorist group of hypocrites, as he stated. Dehghani condemned the Egyptian participation through parliament representatives in the Mojahedin Khalq Organization conference that was held in Paris during the last few days. He said that he is waiting for the Egyptian officials to consider the political principles and take responsible steps to maintain stability in the region. The Director of Egyptian interests office stressed that Cairo’s policy is based on non-interference in the internal affairs of other countries and he would convey Tehran’s message to the officials in Cairo.
Source: IRNA.

♦ France’s position toward Mojahedin Khalq Organization

The official account of the French Embassy in Tehran published Paris’s official position toward Mojahedin Khalq Organization according to a spokesperson of the Foreign Ministry. Paris denied any contact with the Organization, where the violent and undemocratic face of this organization made many human rights organizations believe the essence and sectarian nature of this organization in order to ignore violence.
Source: The official account of French Embassy in Tehran.

♦ America extends sanctions against Iran’s missile program

America extends sanctions on fifteen people and foundations under the excuse of supporting the Iranian missile program in the anniversary of the nuclear deal between Iran and the Group of 5 +1. On Wednesday, the American industry and Security department, which belongs to the Ministry of Commerce, has extended sanctions against fifteen people and foundations that are supporting Iran’s missile program.
The US government withdrew the exporting privileges from those fifteen people and foundations that have supported Iran’s missile program. The statement of this department is: “The extension of the Temporary Embargo Order to prevent direct violation of exporting regulations for the public interest.”
The companies that have been under sanctions included Haman’s airline, Alnasir Jordanian Air Company and the UAE “Sky Blue Bird”.
Source: Fares News Agency.

♦ US House of Representatives agrees to prevent the purchase of heavy water from Iran

According to Jam-e Jam report, citing from the news agency of Radio and Television, the US House of Representatives passed the ban of purchase of heavy water from Iran. This move is a challenge that makes Barack Obama threatens to use veto after one year of the historic declaration of the nuclear deal with Iran.
The House of Representatives passed this decision by a majority of 249 votes, and 176 objection votes. Most supporters of this decision are Republicans, who make the majority in the US House of Representatives.
The White House also threatened to reject the draft of this decision in addition to another two drafts that are scheduled to be discussed by the House of Representatives the next days to come.
Source: Jam-e Jam.

♦ Which country wanted to launch an attack on Iran?

Assistant President Masoud Soltani for pointed out to Iran’s negotiations with Group 5 +1, stating that Iran has left the complicated and unfair negotiations behind and that these countries had more than 500 negotiators, while the Iranian negotiating team consisted of 40 people. He added that the major problem of instability has been eliminated in light of hope and management government procedures. Soltani pointed out to the Iranian president’s visit to France. Hollande informed President Hassan Rouhani that these countries agreed upon launching an attack on Iran and that the disagreement was only the date of the attack. In fact, the nuclear deal has maintained the Iranian security and prevented war.
Source: Armand.

♦ Aggravation of economic recession

Iran’s central bank governor, Wali Elah Saifi said that the banking network problem affected the economy in two dimensions, financial distress, and financial stability. He added that the financial distress has led to the increase of the economic recession through reducing the available resources to companies. He stressed that if the government doesn’t take any actions to reschedule its debts, the economic recession is expected to continue or possibly aggravate.
Source: Abrar Eghtesadi.

♦ Almost a year, nuclear deal is gone and sanctions have stayed

Kayhan Newspaper stated that after signing the nuclear deal, the Iranian newspapers headlines welcomed this agreement by writing “morning without sanctions”, “the collapse of sanctions”, and “victory without war”. On the other hand, Kayhan newspaper contradicted them and wrote on the same day of the agreement “nuclear is gone and sanctions have stayed”. The newspaper added that twelve months after signing the nuclear deal, and six months after the beginning of its implementation, the frozen funds returned back to Iran, but America did a disgraceful action and stole two billion dollars of the Iranian money. In addition, instead of lifting sanctions, new ones were imposed and added to the previous list after the nuclear deal.
Source: Kayhan newspaper.

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