Iranian press (July 30th) Protests against racism in the country and outbreak of huge fire at a petrochemical complex in Kermanshah


This morning, Saturday, July 30th, 2016, Iran News Agencies discussed a series of news although on a religious holiday. They handled the expansion of demonstrations against racism in Iran after publishing an insulting article about the Turkish race in Iran. Tehran ranks fourth in exporting oil to India. Civil discipline members claim to stop politicizing their positions, as well as residential building fire in southern Tehran and the survival of seventeen people.

♦ Civil discipline in Tehran demands to halt political attacks against it

A number of members of civil discipline forces in Tehran demanded in a letter sent to the provincial council to halt political attacks and insults against them as they are called in the Iranian street as “disgraceful and bastards”, demanding an end to such insults and to implement laws regarding this matter.
Source: ISNA News Agency.

♦ Demonstrations in the streets of Zenjan and arrests of opponents in Khoi and Iranian Ardabil

The provinces of Zanjan and Shiraz witnessed wide demonstrations to condemn the racist insults published in the Iranian Tarh Nou Newspaper. The Iranian security forces banned those demonstrations and arrested many of the demonstrators in Ardebil and Khoi. The website reported that the detainees were beaten up immediately after the arrest. Demonstrators carried banners calling for an end of racist insults and recognize the Turkish language officially in Iran.
Source: Oyan News.

♦ Huge fire in Beeston petrochemical complex in Kermanshah

Mehr news agency reported that a huge fire broke out at Beeston petrochemical complex in Kermanshah. The agency quoted officials at the complex that the fire broke out in one of petrochemical stores. Firefighters are trying to contain the fire that is still burning until now.
Source: Mehr News Agency.

♦ Iran is the fourth oil exporter to India

Iran is ranked fourth among oil-exporting countries to India. Oil exports to India during the period from April until June reached an average of five million tons. Reports stated that oil exports to India in the period April 2015 until March 2016 amounted to 12.7 million tons.
Source: Mizan News Agency.

♦ Japan is investing 10 billion USDs in Iran

Deputy Oil Minister and international commercial affairs, Amir Hussein Zamani stated that Japan is one of the most important old partners of Iran and wants to share effective participation in the Iranian industrial sector. Japan aims to invest in the field of liquefied natural gas and petrochemicals for 10 billion USDs.
On the other hand, current reports and Statistics indicated that Iran is ranked fourth in exporting crude oil to Japan this year.
Source: IRNA.

♦ Residential building fire in southern Tehran, and the survival of 17 people

Firefighter and security services spokesperson in Tehran’s municipality, Jalal Malaki, declared the eruption of fire in an apartment building in southern Tehran. He added that firefighters rescued eight women and nine men and moved them to safe places. One person got hand burns and transported to a hospital for treatment.
Source: IRNA Agency.

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