Iranian press ( June, 22nd, 2016 ), Canada confiscates a non-governmental building that belongs to Iran… and the majority of Conservatives will support Rouhani.


Iranian newspapers’ editorials varied. They discussed the Brain Drain from Iran because of the bad living conditions and not benefiting from those skilled people, along with the political outlook for the government’s act of decreasing the interest rates.
Politically, Zarif stressed that the reorganization of his advisory board had already been determined long time ago. e. Economically, British exports to Iran rose during the post-nuclear agreement, in addition to cooperation between the banks of Tehran and Beijing.

Prominent Editorials

“Iranian Brain Drain,” Afrinash Newspaper warns in its editorial of the constant emigration of Iranian skilled people abroad. The editorial says that Iran is a developing country that has a wide youth range, and quite a good number of strong scientific institutions. Unfortunately, taking advantage of these capabilities comes through individual efforts only. This means that the possibility of supporting young skilled people in Iran is uncertain and ruled by the political institutions and their satisfaction on those young brains. The Editorial brings up this issue in bitterness since most educated people are willing to leave the country which hurts the Iranian society. Over years, Iranians established big communities in the United States and Europe in large numbers of doctors, engineers as well as smart scientists in applied mathematics and other fields.


“Difficult days of parliament and government,” Arman Newspaper describes in its editorial the nature of relationship between the parliament and the government as the presidential elections are coming close during the first quarter of next year. The editorial says that with the approach of the elections date, Rouhani is facing a difficulty in responding to the questions of Iranian public opinion on what has been achieved of his program over the past years. Based on that, the next days will witness reorganization of Rouhani’s cabinet, which will accelerate the accomplishment of certain projects. In fact, this government has already started to do that such as the accomplishment of the North Road project. The editorial is also calling for a serious follow up to the implementation of the nuclear deal by the government until the desired economic results achieved. It added that the reorganization of ministerial roles should concentrate on the economic ministries that influence people’s standards of living. The Editorial expresses reformists and moderates streams fears that the Iranian voters might change their trends as a result of the weak economic performance of Rouhani’s government same as the case during the second presidential term of Khatami when reformists lost the majority in parliament and localities, and finally lost presidency. Therefore, the Iranian press is now focusing on the reduction of inflation rate as one of the economic achievements of Rouhani’s government. However, the Iranian citizen does not feel any difference and is not interested in the inflation rate decline in light of high unemployment and economic recession.


“Decrease of interest rate and some political remarks,” Editorial of Gehan Senaat Newspaper discusses some political aspects of the Iranian government’s act to decrease bank interest rate. According to editorial, the important question that rises here, is the interest rate decrease the proper policy to recover the economic recession, knowing that the main concern for Rouhani’s government was to reduce inflation during the past three years? The act of decreasing interest rates will inevitably lead to decrease of the cash flow in banks, thus restricting the provision of loans to individuals and institutions, leading to a slow economic growth and increasing recession. The Iranian banks suffer from property liquidation inability. They also suffer from the problem of borrowers faltering in payment, because of the lack of customers’ classification system and lack of control over the provision of loans and bank facilities. The biggest problem that faces the Iranian banks is that they directly report to the government and thus, the absence of restrictions on government’s borrowing, which contributed to a skyrocketed government debt. The Iranian government doesn’t pay back its debts to banks in cash. Banks are forced to buy the failure governmental companies, which burdened them by corporeal properties sold for unrealistic and unprofitable prices. Hence, the act of decreasing interest rate will lead to the failure of Iranian banks and reveal their big problems that the government is trying to cover up since it has a big hand in most of them.

Prominent News

♦ Expansion of banking transactions between Iran and China

The governor of the Central Bank of Iran, Waliullah Saif stressed that his country will expand economic and trade relations with countries that supported Iran during sanctions era. Moreover, Saif stated during a meeting with the Chinese delegation, that his country welcomes foreign investment, which is considered a tool for the economic development in Iran.
Source: Mehr News Agency.


♦ British exports to Iran triple
112British exports to Iran have tripled during the first quarter of this year, which amount to 7.24 million Euros. Recent statistics revealed that trade between Iran and the European Union grew after the nuclear agreement 21%. The size of trade exchange between Iran and 28 member countries of the European Union during the first four months of this year is two billion and 938 million Euros.
Source: Arman Newspaper.


♦ Petrochemicals production rises in Iran during the current year
420162518135361Abrar Eghtesadi reported that the assistant and executive director of the National Company of petrochemical Industries of Oil Minister, Marzia Shahdani, quoting from Tasnim News Agency, declared opening and operating ten petrochemical projects by the end of this year. The agency added that in case this plan is implemented, the production of petrochemicals will increase by the end of the year 6 million and 200 thousand tons, to amount to 69 million tons.
Source: Abrar Eghtesadi Newspaper.


♦ Majority of Conservatives will support Rouhani in the 2017 elections
8406_750_424_620131519460Member of Hawza teacher’s assembly in Qum, Sayed Mohammad Gharawi, said in an interview with ISNA News Agency, through his analysis of the strategy of reformists in the 2017 elections, saying: “It is possible that the reformists are dissatisfied with some of the eleventh government’s performance, because this government did not respond to all demands of reformists. But in the end this stream doesn’t have a substitute candidate who can run the presidential elections of 2017. Consequently, it seems that the reformists will support Rouhani in the presidential elections to come.
He also pointed out that Rouhani considers himself a non-partisan person and cannot present himself as a symbol of reform, saying: “I think, that Hassan Rouhani is not one of the reformers, because he claims that he works in a non-partisan policy and his cabinet consists of reformers and conservatives. Ideologically, the previous experiments show that Rouhani cannot be considered a reformist.”
Gharawi also discussed the stand of conservatives in the 2017 elections. He pointed out that the majority of conservatives in the upcoming presidential elections would support Hassan Rouhani. Because whenever we proceed forward, the state conditions become more complex especially in the political issues. Therefore, in view, it is unlikely that the conservatives would come to an agreement on a nominee other than Rouhani.
Source: ISNA News Agency.


♦ Zarif: The decision of replacing some officials has been taken earlier /Axis of resistance is not connected to specific individuals
000_Nic6285085Iranian foreign minister, Mohammad Javad Zarif stated in his interview with ISNA News Agency that speculations raised in some media channels about the reasons for recent changes in the Foreign Ministry. He explained that the decision was made to change some senior officials in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs ahead of the solar year holiday on March, 21st, 2016 based on the priorities of the foreign affairs of the country. Nevertheless, in order to show respect to colleagues, the declaration of changes in the media was delayed, and that the issue of replacing officials is a normal process in the Foreign Ministry.
Zarif said that nothing can be an insult to the Islamic Republic more than saying that the change of officials is a demand of certain people. He added that this has never happened because no one in the region and abroad dares to make such requests from Iran.
Iranian foreign minister also stressed that the Axis of resistance is bigger than to be connected to specific individuals, and those who make such analysis are weakening this Axis rather than supporting and strengthen it.
Source: ISNA News Agency.


♦ The International Agency closes up the PMD matter

ايران والوكالة الدولية للطاقة الذرية تتوصلان الى اتفاق

Spokesperson of the US Department of State, in his response about the Wall Street report and whether the International Atomic Energy Agency solved the issue of potential military dimensions of the Iranian nuclear program or not ?, said: “We are fully defending the report of the International Atomic Energy Agency for December on pre-Iranian nuclear activities. The report reflects the old evaluations of the Iranian armament activities before 2003 AD.” John Kirby, referring to the Wall Street Journal report, which stated that, the IAEA inspectors discovered samples of uranium atoms at Rashin site last year, which is an indicator that Iran is attempting to get nuclear weapons, saying: “The presence of these atoms matches up with our assessment of the Iranian program of armament in the past, but this alone does not prove anything, and the Agency has also closed up this issue.”
Source: Arman Newspaper.


♦ Iranian non-governmental building has been confiscated in Canada
665A court in Ontario-Canada ordered to confiscate an Iranian building in favor of victims of accidents in the US. The building belongs to NGOs cultural centers of Iran in North York-Toronto. The federal laws allow victims of the terrorist attacks of other countries and their families, if they prove their claims, to appeal from the Canadian courts to confiscate private Iranian funds. Among complainants in this regards, are Edward Tracy and Joseph Cecebio who claim to be kidnapped in 1980 by Hezbollah. In 2003, US courts ruled $ 18.5 million reparations in favor of Tracy.
Source: Iran Newspaper.

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