Iranian press: ( June 27th 2016) enhancing Iran’s air defense in the Arab Gulf … and the Revolutionary Guards threatening with direct intervention in Iraq

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The Iranian press stopped on Monday, June 27th 2016, for a sectarian holiday. Persian sites and news agencies addressed, socially, revealed the latest statistics of suicide cases among the Kurds, and a parliament member criticized the absence of a decisive action Drugs. Politically, news agencies handled maintaining Iran’s air defense system, along with the commander of the ground forces of the Revolutionary guards declaration on the “confrontation with the Kurds”, as well as assumption about the Iranian naval capability in facing foreign warships.

Prominent News
♦ Four people commit suicide in two days in Iran

Four Kurdish people in Iran committed suicide over the past two days for different reasons. Kurdia site mentioned that a 17 year old Youngman executed himself after he was deprived from taking Midterm school exams another one of the same age also committed suicide because of poverty. However, the other two cases were a 45 old woman who committed suicide in mysterious conditions, and a young woman executed herself for unknown reasons.
Source: Cardeba.

♦ Iran’s foreign trade rises to $ 19.5 billion

The Iranian Customs department revealed that the Iranian external trade improved noticeably last month and the trade balance is still positive. Moreover, it showed that 27 million and 780 thousand tons of goods amount to 10 billion and 472 million Dollars exported during the last three months. According to statistics, Iran’s exports to China, South Korea, and India have grown. For example, Iran’s exports to China in the past three months rose to 12.62% compared to the same period last year.
Source: News Agency of Radio and Television.

♦ Iran maintains its air defense forces in the Arab Gulf and the Sea of Oman

The commander of “ Khatem Alanbia” air defense base, Amir Farzad Ismaili, revealed plans to maintain the Iranian air defense in the Arab Gulf and the Sea of Oman, stating that Air Defense forces are covering 3700 sites in Iran, denying the occurrence of any problems in the radar and missile systems.
Ismaili added that the overall air defense capabilities are satisfactory despite threats. In addition to providing air security throughout the country, with the assistance of the Iranian Airports and Aircraft Corporation, flights transiting through the Iranian airspace which amount to more than 900 flights are safe and secure since they are identified and monitored by a comprehensive air defense system in Iran. He added that in case any airplane is trying to approach the Iranian borders, all necessary procedures and warnings are taken against it.
The commander of “Khatem Alanbia” air defense base also revealed that the majority of flights that cross the Iranian airspace are passing through Isfahan province, knowing that the central air defense base in Isfahan is responsible for maintaining and guarding nuclear sites, “UCF”, Natanz and the provinces of Yazd, Chahar Mahal and Bakhtiari.
Source: Tasnim Agency.

♦ Major General Bakpur: the main strongholds of terrorists in northern Iraq will be targeted everywhere

The commander of the Revolutionary Guards Ground Forces, Major General Mohammed Bakpur stated that, as mentioned in “Hamza Syed Alshuhada” base statement that the battle between its fighters and terrorists led to killing a big number of those terrorist including members and their leaders who are mobilized and supported by backward countries.
Bakpur stressed that in case any other side doesn’t stick to his commitments in preventing threats to Iran’s security, the ground forces will target the rear lines of those terrorists wherever necessary, especially in northern Iraq.
Source: Fares Agency.

♦ The United States maintained a state of no clashes in the Arab Gulf for years but deployed sixty warships in the area during the arrest of US sailors

Commander of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards Navy, Ali Fadavi stated that five months ago when the American sailors were arrested in the Arab Gulf, there were more than sixty American, French, and other nationality warships at the scene of incident, but no one had the courage to even touch his weapon.
Fadavi claimed that during 37 years, the global arrogance used all its capabilities and potentials against Iran, since the beginning of the Revolution until now. He added that Iran’s current situation is not comparable to that at the beginning of Revolution, when the enemies thought that they could eliminate the Revolution through many procedures like assassination and domestic wars through agents inside Iran and abroad. This year, the US secretary of defense, Carter Ashton declared that he and his regional and non-regional allies are seeking to form a deterrence force against Iran.
Fadavi also stressed that in all clashes between Iran and the United States, the Revolution has been the winner. Since 1986 until now, the nature of relations between Iran and Washington has changed, and the Revolution has always been in a strong position, pointing out that without the Revolution in Iran, the anti-republic currents would not have been established. In addition to that, President of the United States says that they couldn’t have succeeded in Syria because of Iran’s support.
Source: Tasnim Agency.

A parliament member: “Fighting drugs did not succeed”


A member from Sanandaj district in the Iranian tenth parliament, Syed Mehdi Farshadan in his interview with Biat Alomma News Agency explained that Drugs is undoubtedly the most devastating social problem in Iran over the past years. He said, “Addiction is not a problem of Iran, but a major dilemma and plague around the world that has led to major social, economic, political, and cultural damages”.
Farshadan noted that addiction to drugs has more than one reason, saying, “serious addiction has become a very complicated issue that knowing its causes has become a major fear to officials and all concerned”
This parliament member declared that according to current statistics by the anti-drugs commission, Iran has more than a million and 600 thousand drug consumers, and about 450 tons of drugs enter the country every year. He also added, “Unfortunately, addiction of women ratio has increased in recent years, and now we see birth of addicted children of addicted mothers in our country, which should be an alarm to officials.”
Farshadan considered that economic problems are the main reason behind smuggling and drug addiction, saying, “Experts believe that many people betake drug dealing as a result of the lack of suitable jobs.”
Source: Khaneh malt.

♦ Rezaei: ISIS was seeking to occupy Tehran

Member of National Security and Foreign Political Committee in the Iranian parliament, Mohammad Ibrahim Rezaei in his interview with Bait Alomma News Agency, referring to the statements of Ali Khamenei about the role of Western and Arab countries in the formation of terrorist groups in the region, said, “The main objective of the formation of these terrorist groups, including ISIS is certainly damaging the axis of resistance, especially the Republic of Iran.”
Rezaei considered that the Zionist entity is the founder of ISIS in Iraq and Syria, saying, “This regime considers countries and groups of resistance the greatest threat to it, and to eliminate its concerns, it established those terrorist groups with the support of the US and some Arab countries in the region.” He added that ISIS is an American scenario. America has worked hard on the creation of these terrorist groups for many years, and the main objective was to occupy all provinces of Iran, including Tehran.”
Source: Khaneh malt.

إدارة التحرير
إدارة التحرير