Iranian press ( June, 30th 2016) Resuming flights between Tehran and Istanbul and cancelling a brand model show in north Tehran


Iranian newspapers handled on Thursday, June 30, 2016 Hassan Rouhani’s speech, which criticized the litigation and pursuing economic corruption measures, in addition to “Jam-e Jam” discussion of the citizens’ confidence in judiciary in light of Nateq-Nouri’s comments, as well as the Iranian economy along with contradictions of economic decisions.

Iranian newspapers covered a number of topics. Mainly, resuming flights to Istanbul after the recent incident in Ataturk Airport and claiming of operating new air defense systems; economically, ending trade embargo between India and Iran, and the cancellation of an international brand name fashion show.

Prominent Editorials

The fate of the Iranian economy Etemad Newspaper in its editorial wondered about the Iranian economy and where it is headed after the conflicting decisions of the Iranian economy and the lack of ability to prioritize the reform of economic aspects; Is it to modify banking system and interest rate, or to complete infrastructure and build industrial production facilities? The editorial that has predominantly optimistic view stated that the reduction of inflation rate and increase of economic growth rate, compared to that of the reign of Ahmadinejad is one of the positive indicators of Rouhani’s Government; although the severe recession that stroke the housing sector and the Auto industry in Iran. The editorial saw that the reduction of the bank interest rate and inflation rate should lead to a decline in foreign exchange rate in Iran but this did not happen. The bank interest rates on loans and facilities were supposed to activate the housing sector, but it seems that there are other factors that control the Iranian economy other than the normal mechanisms in market economies, which must be tackled and relieved by the Iranian government.

Fairness of the Iranian judicial system, Editorial of jam-e Jam Newspaper handled the performance of the Iranian judicial system and how much people trust the impartiality and fairness of this system. This issue is now in the hands of the Iranian public opinion after Nateq-Nouri’s remarks when he said, “We cannot say we are a model for others. After 37 years of the revolution, Iran’s judicial system hasn’t been improved, and hasn’t paved the way of justice for everyone, which made Khamenei mention in his speech that the Iranian judicial system needs to work in a revolutionary vision until justice is achieved. All these events are reflections of the state of despair among the Iranian people of the judicial system and its regulations. Jam-e Jam Newspaper discussed the same issue after the Iranian judges criticized themselves and their system of work that made the media take up the case after it was one of the forbidden topics to handle. The editorial also regretted not dealing with corrupt people within the law because they assume responsibilities and have government positions. Judiciary should work independently away from personal interests so the wider public can have confidence that their cases will be decided fairly and in accordance with law.

Encourage domestic trade to relief recession,” Editorial in Jehan Newspaper called the Iranian government and citizens alike to increase commodity purchasing operations to relief recession. The editorial said that one of the most important industrial problems in Iran is the lack of liquidity, and often draws criticism for banking sector due to the non-availability of cash for factories. But the solution is that the Ministry of Industry should provide facilities and support to factories in banks in order to keep the production process going. The Iranian banks suffer from bad debt of more than $ 28.5 billion; most of them are debts on the Iranian government itself, which makes them cautious of giving loans. Thus, reducing loan pricing rate to 18% will not help factories to resume production, since the Iranian banks don’t have sufficient t funds to meet the needs of stumble factories. The solution offered by the editorial was to encourage the government to domestic spending and increase the purchasing power of people, which was adopted by Rafsanjani’s administration, when he called people to stop savings and increase the purchasing process, but the size of smuggling commodities at that time wasn’t as much as it is now.

Prominent News
  India ends trade embargo on some commodities with Iran 

According to IRNA agency, the Indian government has ended the ban of direct and indirect exchange of certain goods with Iran, which was confirmed by the Indian press on Wednesday. This comes at a time when the Indian Prime Minister, Narinda Modi, during his recent visit to Tehran, expressed his country’s determination to improve and strengthen ties between the two countries. During a meeting with his Iranian and Afghan counterparts in Tehran, Modi had signed the agreement of “Chabhar” passage construction for international transportation and shipping on May 23rd, 2016.
Source: IRNA.

♦ Resuming flights from Tehran to Istanbul 

The Iranian Airways resumed flights to Turkey after re-opening Ataturk International Airport in Istanbul, following a terrorist attack. Director of Public Relations in the Iranian Civil Aviation Authority, Jafar Zadeh, stated that his country had resumed flights from Tehran to Istanbul after having ensured safety and security of the airport.
Source: Abrar Eghtesadi Newspaper.

♦ The new Iranian missile systems are in service at the end of the year / the Iran  sky, the safest in the Middle East
Army Air Defense Base Commander, Amir Ferzad Ismaili stressed that taking advantage of the new Iranian missile systems will be the end of this year, claiming that those systems will target enemies approaching borders and that Iran’s airspace is the most secure in the Middle East.
Ismaili pointed to the important role of the Revolutionary Guards air defense and Army during the seizure of the American sailors in the Arab Gulf. Everybody expected it to be resolved in an hour in the sea, but it took more than six to seven hours in the air. He added that the American air fighters didn’t come to save the American boats, but to strike the Iranian borders. However, the watchful air defense personnel of Guards and army responded strongly and forced them to stay away with apologies to the Iranian government, as he claimed.
Army Air Defense Base Commander also insisted that “had flying safety across the country not been maintained, then there would be no flying in the Iranian sky”. Ismaeili mentioned that flying over Iran is a source of pride to the European and some other airline companies since it is considered one the safest and secure airspaces, according to the classification of the International Aviation Organization.
Source: Tasnim Agency.

♦ Cancellation of an American brand name fashion show in north Tehran 
After the presence of the security forces in the last moments, the fashion show of opening the American brand” Levi’s” in a trade center in northern Tehran was cancelled. It was scheduled to open this branch for an Iranian agent through a live fashion show for popular Iranian models in Tehran.
The show was supposed to start at ten pm on Wednesday at Rocha Mall, but was cancelled after the intervention of the police forces. Meanwhile, the organizers stated that the reason for cancellation was due to technical deficiencies, and asked the 150 attendants to leave immediately after Tehran security police intervention.
Source: Tasnim Agency.

♦ Rouhani will regain votes 

Parliamentary representative of Resht district, Ghulam Ali Jafarzadeh Ayman Abadi stated that people are familiar with all negative effects that result from political disputes and please neither Allah (God) nor people. His statement came during his evaluation of the presidential elections of 2017 and the Militants weak influence in creating disagreement among government supporters. He assured on the reelection of Rouhani for another four-year term and the fall of conservatives who only make disputes, pointing out that the achievements of those who talk about justice were obvious and actually achieved nothing during their eight years in office .
Source: Arman.

♦ Japan’s imports of Iranian oil jump to 61.2% in May
Japan Ministry of Economy, Trade, and Industry data showed on Thursday that Japan’s imports of Iranian crude oil jumped to 61.2% in May compared to last year to reach 307 thousand and 691 barrels per day.
The Director of International Affairs in the Iranian National Oil Company, Mohsen Qamsari, on June 2oth, confirmed the increase of the Iranian crude oil exports to Japan for more than 200 thousand barrels per day last month. While, other sources claimed that Iran’s crude oil exports to Japan declined due to problems associated with securing oil tankers.
Mohsen Qamsari, said that despite the quantity stipulated in the agreement of exporting oil to Japan is about 120 thousand barrels per day, the quantity of Japan’s purchase of Iranian oil has exceeded 200 thousand barrels per day during the past three months.
Source: Fares News Agency.

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