Iran Violations in a year II


Part 2: Iran’s Ongoing Nuclear Work

Since the signing of JCPOA, Iran has continued to advance its nuclear program
This event began in Aug. 31st2015 when the Head of Iran’s Atomic Energy Organization announces a 15-year nuclear development plan to further expand Iran’s nuclear program.

In Sep. 2nd2015, Deputy Foreign Minister Araqchi, addressed the Assembly of Experts saying that Iran is going to vastly expand its nuclear program within 15 years to a capacity of 190,000 SWU with sixth and eighth generation advanced centrifuges.

The adviser to Iran’s Quds Force commander Qassem Suleimani, Hassan Karimpour said on Nov. 26, 2015, that Iran is closer than ever to the bomb, and completing it would be easier than putting in a contact lens.

Dec. 2nd, 2015, according to a final report by the United Nations nuclear inspection agency that Iran was actively designing a nuclear weapon until 2009, more recently that the United States and other Western intelligence agencies have publicly acknowledged.

Twenty days later, Iran said that Russia would start constructing two nuclear reactors in Iran next week that time; furthermore, Iran plans to build 20 more nuclear plants in the future, including four in Bushehr.

In May. 19th2016, Russia’s State Atomic Energy Corporation, Rosatom said that it would start work on Iran’s Bushehr-2 nuclear power plant by the end of this year after the construction site preparations are completed.

Jun. 19th2016 witnessed the Obama administration conclusion that uranium particles discovered last year at a secretive Iranian military base likely were tied to the country’s past, covert nuclear weapons program and that is contradicting Tehran’s longstanding denials.

German intelligence official said on Jul. 8th2016 that Iran continued trying to illegally procure nuclear equipment from Germany after forging last year’s landmark nuclear agreement with world powers.

Source: united against nuclear Iran website

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