A permanent Iranian military base in Syria



Iran is building a permanent military base in Syria just south of Damascus, BBC reported on Friday 10/11/2017, citing a Western intelligence official. The BBC commissioned a series of satellite pictures that indicate widespread construction at the site.
Many states in the region and worldwide have warned of Iran trying to establish a permanent presence in Syria as part of agenda to build a land corridor from Iran through to the Mediterranean Sea, which would facilitate Iran’s expansionist project in the Middle East.
According to the BBC report, the base is situated near Kiswah, 14 km South of Damascus; the BBC also provided satellite images that show “a series of two dozen large low-rise buildings, likely for housing soldiers and vehicles.”
These images have been taken over several months, showing additional buildings that are being constructed. However, the report said, “It is impossible to independently verify the purpose of the site and the presence of the Iranian military.” The BBC continued, “The images of the base do not reveal any signs of large or unconventional weaponry which means if it was a base it would most likely be to house soldiers and vehicles,” whereas other sources said it was possible that senior Iranian military officials may have visited the compound in recent weeks.
The report mentioned that the BBC commissioned an independent analysis of the images concluding that the compound is military in nature. The analysis also suggested there are a series of barracks that can hold six to eight military vehicles each.

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