Afghani Senate asks for Iranian envoy summon over Afghans’ dead in Syria


Afghanistan Times yesterday reported that the senators expressed concerns over the killing of Afghan citizens in the Syrian war, calling on the foreign ministry to summon Iran’s ambassador. Afghan migrants in Iran reportedly take part in the Syrian war in the framework of the Fatimiyoun unity, and hundreds of them have been killed and injured.
The newspaper added that “Iran is misusing Afghan migrants and send them to Iraq and Syria wars,” said Fazl Hadi Moslemyar, head of senate. “We call on the foreign ministry to summon Iranian ambassador for protest.” He also suggested that the government should complain the matter to the UN Security Council.
Zohair Mojahed, an officer of the Fatimiyoun unit, said earlier that some 2,000 Afghans were killed and 7,000 more injured in the war of Syria. Shah Hossain Mortazawi, spokesman for President Ashraf Ghani, said that the government was against any “proxy war” inside or outside the country.
Afghanistan Times ended, earlier, Mohammad Mohaqqeq, deputy chief executive, had praised Afghan fighters in the Syrian war. His remarks sparked negative reactions. “Afghans can only give sacrifice under their national flag, not for the strangers. This is a painful issue that has to be probed,” said Baqi Baryal, member of senate.

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