AGCIS releases the first issue of Journal for Iranian Studies


The Arabian Gulf Centre for Iranian Studies(AGCIS ) has newly released the first –Arabic and English- issue of the (Journal for Iranian Studies), which is a quarterly and peer-reviewed Journal specialized in the Iranian affairs.

The Journal has an Editorial Board of Editor-in-Chief and Head of AGCIS, Mohammed Alsulami (Ph.D.), with elite of researchers, translators, and editors. The journal is also supervised by Advisory Board, which consists of senior academic professors who are specialized in the Iranian affairs, Political and Social Sciences. The Journal committed to ethical codes in terms of publishing and interrelations with the researchers.
The Journal studies and analyzes the Iranian political, economic, security and historical reactions, as well as Iran’s relations with regional and global countries. The Journal concentrate on the decision-makers’ external or internal, regional or international concerns in the GCC, the Arab arena, and the globe.
The Journal represents an indispensable informative stuff for anyone who is interested in the Iranian affairs, fills a huge void in its specialization, raises comprehensive visions that fulfill the gaps of issues at hand in a specialized academic manner, and anticipates the outcomes of status quo compatible with the objectives and general frameworks of AGCIS.
Aside from the (Journal for Iranian Studies), the centre’s activities program includes:
– The Daily Monitor of Iranian and Persian Press.
– Iran Case File monthly report.
– The Annual and Semi-Annual Strategic Reports for Iran case estimation domestically, regionally and internationally.
– Comprehensive forward-looking reading for the evaluation of Iran’s situations.
– Provides specialized consultations for the governmental bodies and civil institutions that interested in the Iranian affairs.
– The centre will also hold courses in the Persian language soon.

Please contact the Journal team at: [email protected]

Editorial Team