Assassination plot for Khamenei’s recitalist to close up sexual assaults case file


Amad News site, close to reformists has released a plot for one security post to close up the case file of Saied Tousi, the Quran recitalist at the Leader’s house and accused of sexual assaults on his students.
Amad News site added, “Members of the central council of a security post- described as “Surveillance-Operational” without mentioning its name- met to decide on the case file of Saied Tousi.”
According to Amad, the session lasted for two hours. After analyzing the tape of “The last Page” program for Mahdi Falahati on “Voice America” and analyzing the statements of one of the complainants, the decision has been made to assassinate Saied Tousi.
Amad continued, “This post, ‘Surveillance-Operational’ has released this report about this case file and will bear responsibility in the event of any threat to the life of Saied Tousi.”
“The only way to save Tousi and the regime from these disgusting and illegal practices is to conduct a fair trial in the presence of an appropriate and just commission to decide on this case,” Amid news site concluded.
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