Khamenei: removing the military threat by spreading terror among enemies


The Iranian Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei, during a meeting with a number of leaders of the Revolutionary Guard on Sunday, said that the only deterrent element of military threats is defensive and military competence and spreading terror and fear in the hearts of enemies.
One of the tasks of the Revolutionary Guards is to provide internal and external security, stressing that if the enemies were not expelled to outside the borders, it would result in a collapse of internal security. This came after the head of the Expediency Assembly Hashemi Rafsanjani, stated that the reason for the prosperity of countries like Germany and Japan is the dismantling their military capabilities, while Khamenei said that no wise man gives up on its country’s defense capabilities, so it is necessary to strengthen the country’s defense capabilities more and more.
Khamenei claimed that his country does not trust the United States at all; it is considering using its soft power tactics, the threat of war, as well as identifying the nuclear deal in Vienna as an unproductive experience, at a time when the Iranian President Hassan Rouhani said that the nuclear deal would bring glory to Iran. This comes after the “Fars” agency last Thursday indicated the Omani government had recently received a secret message from the United States to deliver to Tehran through its embassy in Muscat, where they asked to negotiate with Iran over Yemen, while the spokesperson for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Bahram Ghasemi, dismissed this news as unsubstantiated.
There is a return of the use in Iran of slogans of a strong anti-American sentiment and the chant of “Death to America,” popular during the Iranian revolution, is heard once again. Some analysts interpret these slogans as a green light for further terrorist operations, especially as they coincide with a terrorist attack in Manhattan in which 29 people were injured and bring to mind the Buenos Aires bombing  of a Jewish center in 1994 which 85 people killed and hundreds injured, in addition to many of the terrorist operations in the Middle East and around the world. Khamenei stated, “when I say (the enemy) I mean the US (government)”, accusing the Americans of trying to deceive the people of Iran.

Source: Farda Radio

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