Larijani snubs German minister on visit


Unexpectedly, the speaker of Iran’s parliament, Ali Larijani, canceled talks with the deputy of Angela Merkel, and German Economy Minister, Sigmar Gabriel on Tuesday (4th Oct. 2016) in Tehran with no official reason given yet for this cancellation.
Sadeq Larijani, brother of the parliament speaker and head of Iran’s judiciary, criticized Gabriel’s visit on Monday for his comments. “If I were in the government’s position or in the foreign minister’s shoes I would never let such a person come to Iran,” he said.
Gabriel has also warned Tehran that to normalize relations, it must accept Israel’s right to exist and urged Iran to do what it could to push for a ceasefire in Syria after the failure of peace talks. Iran is considered the most influential regional power in the Syrian conflict.

Translated Material: DW site, Deutsche Welle

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