Prince Zeid condemns mass executions in Iran


Ammon Website reported that UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, Prince Zeid Bin Ra’ad, Wednesday, voiced his deep concern over Iran’s death penalty for 20 people this week due to alleged crimes.
Reports indicated that most of these penalties committed with a Sunni minority of Kurds. In many cases, there are serious doubts about the fairness of these penalties, also about taking into account legal procedures and other rights.
Reports also mentioned that one of those committed by death was Shahram Ahmadi, who exposed to hit and obligated to sign a white paper with fraud confessions written. The family of Shahram could not be able to visit him before execution, and they have been ordered to go to the cemetery instead of prison in the west of Tehran.
Prince Zaid said that implementing such excessive and ambiguous criminal charges, along with disparagement of accused rights of the fair trial and legal procedures, which led to fatal injustice, adding that he also condemns the execution of 19-year-old Hassan Afshar last month with rape charge and indicated that the execution of minors is an obnoxious matter.
His Highness argues Iran to respect the strict ban by the international law of Human Rights against these practices.

Editorial Team