Rasanah Issues Iran Case File (February 2024)



The International Institute for Iranian Studies (Rasanah) has issued the Iran Case File (ICF) for February 2024. The file provides readers in general and researchers in particular with an in-depth analysis and overview of Iran’s variant interactions and affairs. The file is divided into three parts main parts: Developments in Iran’s Internal Affairs, Iran-Arab Interactions and  Iran’s Relations With International Powers.

Iran experienced a range of significant developments across political, economic, military, social and ideological spheres. For February, our research team provides an analysis of four key topics on Iran’s internal affairs: elections and the unprecedented decline in voter turnout, Iran’s supply  of hundreds of ballistic missiles to Russia, migration as an issue of increasing social concern in Iran and the hawza’s position on  elections.

Iran witnessed notable developments in its relationships with some Arab countries during February. One year after the China-brokered rapport deal between Saudi Arabia and Iran, the two sides have preferred diplomacy and cooperation in managing outstanding issues. In Iraq, the attacks by pro-Iranian armed groups against US interests have declined. Iran is also investing in strategic projects in Syria, with the aim of expanding its economic influence in the country.

Finally, Israel’s war on Gaza has had a significant impact on the relationship between Tehran and Washington. Iran’s nuclear program has continued to develop unabated, further exacerbating tensions between the two sides. Despite the hostile rhetoric, accusations and sanctions, both parties remain committed to avoiding a full-blown confrontation.

In this topic, our research team examines the most prominent interactions and developments in Iran-US relations, providing a detailed analysis of the key issues at stake and the strategies employed by both parties to achieve their respective goals.

Editorial Team