Rasanah Issues Iran Case File for May 2021



The International Institute for Iranian Studies (Rasanah) has released its monthly Iran Case File (ICF) which provides readers in general and researchers in particular with an in-depth analysis and comprehensive review of Iranian affairs at various levels. The file is divided into three main parts: Internal Affairs, Arab Affairs and International Affairs.

Internal Affairs deals with the Guardian Council’s decision to exclude “reformist” candidates and a number of “moderate conservatives” from running in the presidential elections, and the clerics’ assertion that the “I will not vote” call that was raised regarding boycotting the elections is blasphemy and not just a political practice, because it aims to undermine the divine political system of the Iranian republic.

 With regard to Arab affairs, the report touches on Gulf-Iranian relations and the reports circulating about Iran forming armed groups among the most powerful affiliated militias in Iraq and training them in drone warfare, surveillance and propaganda via the internet, and linking directly to the IRGC Quds Force which controls allied militias abroad.

At the international level, the report reviews the ongoing negotiations in Vienna where the participating parties discussed reviving the nuclear deal and the return of Iran and the United States to fulfil their obligations.

Editorial Team