Rasanah Participates in Riyadh International Book Fair-2022



The International Institute for Iranian Studies (Rasanah) is participating in the second edition of the Riyadh International Book Fair (RIBF) held for 10 days from September 29, 2022 to October 8, 2022, at Riyadh Front, Riyadh. This year’s edition is entitled “Cultural Chapters,” organized by the Publishing and Translation Commission as part of the Book Fairs initiative and held under the supervision of Ministry of Culture.

At Booth D176, Rasanah is displaying several of its prominent periodical and non-periodical publications on regional and international affairs: Iran Issue Series (IIS), Annual Strategic Report (English and Arabic), Journal for Iranian Studies (JIS). This is in addition to significant books published by Rasanah: The Military Institution in Iran – Between Revolution and Statehood, Shiite Jurisprudence of Mahdism: Iranian Religious Currents Against the Supreme Leader’s Thought; The Iranian Supreme Leadership’s Usurped Power: Shiite Political Controversy Between Arab and Iranian Religious Authorities; Iraq’s Centrality in Iranian Strategic Thinking; The Other Arab in the Iranian Modern Mentality; Towards a New Strategic Thinking; Khomeini in France; The Iranian Role in Yemen and Its Implications for Regional Security; Iran’s Penetration Into the Maghreb: Mechanisms; Democracy in Iran: Why It Failed and How It Might Succeed; Factional Protests and Social Mobilization in Iran; Iran’s Presence in the Red Sea and the Horn of Africa; Silent Victims; Iran’s Soft Piracy and Digital Militias: Its Threats and Unannounced War Against the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Military Encyclopedia (Dictionary from Arabic Persian/Persian Arabic); Geopolitical Project and National Project.

Rasanah is also showcasing its latest publication: The Iran-Saudi Arabia Conflict Post-2011
authored by Dr. Abu Bakr al-Dosoqi, a researcher on Iranian affairs. The book reviews the course of the Iran-Saudi conflict following the popular regional uprisings of the so-called “Arab Spring” in 2011. It also analyzes Saudi and Iranian perceptions toward the Middle East during this period, revealing their strategic privileges and capabilities. This is in addition to the positions of regional powers, most prominently: the Arab countries, Turkey and Israel, and that of international powers namely: the United States, Russia, Europe and China regarding the Saudi and Iranian roles. The book discusses the tools used by both countries in Syria and Yemen, illustrating the nature of their tools at the political, economic and military levels or even at the level of soft power.

Rasanah has participated in various book fairs inside and outside Saudi Arabia such as: the Cairo Book Fair, the Frankfurt Book Fair, the Lahore International Book Fair, the Sharjah International Book Fair, the Beirut Book Fair, the Amman International Book Fair, the Riyadh International Book Fair, the Jeddah International Book Fair, the Qassim Book Fair, and the Madinah Book Fair.

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