Rasanah Releases the 18th Issue of the Journal for Iranian Studies (JIS)



The International Institute for Iranian Studies (Rasanah) has published the English version of the 18th issue of the Journal for Iranian Studies (JIS), which includes five research articles covering variant topics related to Iranian affairs at home and abroad.  

The first study, authored by Adel Mohab, Israeli affairs researcher, Al-Ahram Center for Political and Strategic Studies (ACPSS entitled: “The Geopolitical Variable and Its Impact on the Iran-Israel Conflict,” argues that the trichotomy of “imposing pressure, mutual deterrence and strategic encirclement” can act as an alternative to an open warfare scenario between Iran and Israel.

The second study, authored by Tassadit Kalaeche, Ph.D. candidate in political science,  Mouloud Mammeri University of Tizi Ouzou, titled: “The Implications of Azerbaijan’s Strategic Partnership on Iran’s National Security,” discusses the positive and negative impact of Azerbaijan’s turbulent regional location on Iran’s national security.

The third study, authored by Foudhil Barahim Mazari, professor at the Faculty of Law and Political Sciences, University of Chelf, Algeria, titled: “Iran’s Agricultural Policy and the Food Security Conundrum,” analyzes the root causes of the failure of Iran’s agricultural policies in addressing the food crisis.

The fourth study, authored by Umud Shokri, Ph.D. in International Relations, senior visiting fellow, George Mason University titled: “­­Thirsty Borders: Iran’s Water Crisis and Security Challenges With Its Neighbors,” examines the crisis of water security in Iran and its impact on water security in Iraq and Afghanistan.

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