Rasanah to Participate in Amman International Book Fair-2022



The International Institute for Iranian Studies (Rasanah) will participate in Amman International Book Fair-2022 in its 21st edition titled  “Jerusalem Is Palestine’s Capital,” to be held for 10 days from  September 1-10, 2022 at Jordan Center for International Exhibitions (JIEC),  Makkah Mall, Amman.  

At Booth No. B8 (Kuwait’s hallway, Main Hall), Rasanah will display several of its prominent periodical and non-periodical  publications on regional and international affairs: Iran Issue Series (IIS), Annual Strategic Report (English and Arabic), Journal for Iranian Studies (JIS). This is in addition to significant books  published by Rasanah: The Military Institution in Iran Between Revolution and Statehood, Shiite Jurisprudence of Mahdism: Iranian Religious Currents Against the Supreme Leader’s Thought;  The Iranian Supreme Leadership’s Usurped Power: Shiite Political Controversy  Between Arab and Iranian Religious Authorities; Iraq’s Centrality in Iranian Strategic Thinking; The Other Arab in the Iranian Modern Mentality; Towards a New Strategic Thinking; Khomeini in France; The Iranian Role in Yemen and Its Implications for Regional Security; Iran’s Penetration Into the Maghreb: Mechanisms; Factional Protests and Social Mobilization in Iran;  Iran’s Presence in the Red Sea and the Horn of Africa; Silent Victims;  Iran’s Soft Piracy and Digital Militias: Its Threats and Unannounced War Against the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Military Encyclopedia (Dictionary from Arabic Persian/ Persian Arabic).

Rasanah also will display its latest publication Iran’s Geopolitical Project and National Security authored by researchers on Iranian affairs Dr. Abdulraof Mustafa al-Ghoneimi and Dr. Firas Elias. The book sheds light on the attempts of Iran’s decision makers to recraft their perspectives towards Iran’s neighbors according to geopolitical, sectarian, and economic realities.

Rasanah has participated in various book fairs inside and outside Saudi Arabia such as: Cairo Book Fair, Frankfurt Book Fair, Beirut Book Fair,  Lahore International Book Fair, Jeddah Book Fair, Qassim Book Fair, and Madinah Book Fair 2022.

Editorial Team