The former Iranian top adviser of national security: Our meetings with Israeli officials go back to the nineties of the last century.


During an interview with (Voice of America) channel, the former Iranian top adviser of national security, Shaheen Dadkhah confirmed that he met American and Israeli officials at all levels as a representative of the “Islamic” republic regime of Iran. He also pointed out that those meetings were conducted through direct command by the Iranian regime, and that he submitted his reports in this regard to the Iranian officials. Dadkhah added that the meetings between Iranian officials and their Israeli counterparts go back to the beginnings of nineties of the last century. Meetings occurred within the framework of “Bahram operations”, which were launched by the Iranian intelligence to make contact with Israeli officials at all levels.
Dadkhah justified conducting such meetings with the Americans and Israelis, saying that, “In politics, there is no diplomatic restriction, but diplomatic representation level, which is an international order shared by all nations of the world. He continued,”during the Iraqi – Iranian war, we conducted bilateral meetings with Iraqi officials several times. In addition to that, we had a series of meetings with American officials during the eighties and nineties of the last century”. He clarified that by saying, “those meetings occurred based on international realities. Foreign policy of any state is formed in accordance with international realities, and Israel is an international reality. Moreover, our meetings with Israeli officials occurred within the framework of our national security interests. I was not the first Iranian official, who assigned such a task. There were many tribal officials who had such meetings with direct orders from the Iranian regime.”
Indeed, meetings between Iranian and Israeli officials have already taken place in the past. In 2008, media channels published photos of Mohammad Zahedi, Minister of Science in Ahmadinejad’s administration, during a meeting with his Israeli counterpart in “Sesame” conference that was held in Jordan. Sources confirmed that Zahedi met his Israeli counterpart behind the scenes away from cameras.
In his answer about his relationship with (Miss Israel and world), Dadkhah explained that Miss World 1998 was a friend of him when he was studying in Italy. The Jewish Miss provided services and guidance that helped him a lot in his travels to Israel and meetings with Israeli officials such as his meeting with the Israeli Minister of Industry in 2010 in coordination with the Iranian Ministry of Intelligence, where he accompanied a Turkish commission to that meeting and made contact with the Israeli Intelligence Services.
Contradictorily, the Iranian officials always asserted that they would never attend meetings with Israeli officials. But Rahim Mashaie’s, a relative of Ahmadinejad, declaration that the Israeli people are considered friends of the Iranian people confirms what some analysts believe in that there are strong ties and relations between Iran and Israel despite Ahmadinejad’s slogan calling for wiping Israel off the world map.
Shaheen Dadkhah is a specialist in the Middle East affairs and a member of the nuclear negotiations team of Khatami’s era. He worked in the Strategic Studies Center at Expediency Discernment Council. Dadkhah received his Bachelor’s Degree in International Relations from the University of Napoli in Italy, and his PHD in the same specialization from Spain. Dadkhah started his work with the Iranian security services in 1990 when he was nineteen years old; he worked in the counterintelligence department in the Ministry of Iranian Intelligence abroad. After receiving his PHD, Dadkhah was appointed as the top adviser of the Iranian National Security in the Ministry of Intelligence, which was headed by Ali Yonsei during Khatami’s era. In 2010, he was arrested for charges of spying for Israel and was sentenced five years imprisonment, where he spent a year and a half in solitary confinement.
During Ahmadinejad’s reign, Sae’ed Tajlili was heading the Iranian negotiations team of the nuclear file. Some of the Strategic Studies Center at Expediency Discernment Council specialists were arrested for spying charges. Moreover, some of the nuclear negotiations team that was supervised by Hassan Rouhani when he was the Iranian Secretary General of National Security Council were also arrested and imprisoned. Those specialists were Hossein Mousavian ,a former ambassador of Iran to Germany and the former Assistant of Secretary General of the National Security Council; Bagher Asadi, a maven diplomat; Mohammad Hossein Adeli, Governor of the Central Bank of Iran and Iran’s ambassador to Britain, Japan, and Canada; Ali-Reza Akbari, Minister of Defense, Strategic and External Relations Assistant during Khatami’s era; Rehman Kahraman bour, Disarmament Program Director at the Strategic Studies Center; Mehrdad Serguye, media official at the Strategic Studies Center and director of the political section in two Iranian English newspapers, Tehran Times and Iran News; and Finally, Fatima Sagurchi, a specialist in the Middle East Affairs at the Strategic Studies Center.


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