Demonstrations and Political System Crises in Iran


On 28 December 2017, demonstrations broke out in the holy city of Mashhad, catalyzing similar demonstrations in other cities, resulting from stagnant socio-economic conditions. The spiral of events which have unfolded, resulted in the demonstrators chanting political slogans, targeting the regime, because of its abject failure in satisfying socio-economic needs and it’s foreign policy, which has burdened the regime with excessive expenditure at the expense of its own people.
Iran has survived multiple crises post-1979 revolution, during the first decade. After this turbulent period, the regime stabilized and was able to overcome political and military rivals. This consolidation of power via the imposition of religious ideology and monopolization of political and economic choices, as well as control over foreign relations, was at the expense of multiple regional and international crises.

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