The Joint Nuclear Ambitions Iran-North Korea Relations: Determinants and Risks


Abdulraouf Alghoneimi

Recent years have witnessed significant growth and expansion in the scope, range, and content of Iranian-North Korean relations in every field, with an increase in the number of visits, both overt and covert, by officials of the already closely allied nations to one another’s countries. Iran and North Korea are also closely coordinating their political stance on regional and international issues, with their bilateral cooperation in the field of nuclear energy policies worthy of close study and analysis, given the alarming ramifications of the two rogue states’ cooperation on regional and international peace. Both states possess the theoretical and practical wherewithal to deploy nuclear weapons, with both having aspirations to becoming fully nuclear states. In Iran’s case, its objectives are even more alarming, given its regional ambitions and expansionist designs on its Arab and Gulf neighbors, while North Korea’s aims are more concerned with protecting the Kims’ hereditary regime.
This study looks into the effects of the recent nuclear deal and the regional and international implications of growing closeness in Iranian-North Korean relations in the fields of nuclear energy, which the Iranian regime wants to use to tip the strategic Middle East balance in its favor, and help in implementing its expansionist plan, particularly in Iraq, Syria, and Yemen.

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