Iran eventually became Persianistan!

ByReza Hosseinbor

With the formation of Rouhani’s new cabinet – exclusively from Persian-speaking Shiites and with the total exclusion of Gilakis, Mazandaranis, Turks, Kurds, Balochis, Bakhtiaris and other ethnic and religious minorities from the 12th government – Iran eventually became the land of Persia. Even though Bakhtiaris, Gilakis, Mazandaranis, and Turks are Shiite, their racial and ethnic roots are not acceptable to Persian-speaking Shiites. They wanted to form a pure Shiite, Persian government and managed to make Iran land of Persia by omitting the majority of almost 80% of Iranians.
Meanwhile, ethnicities like Bakhtiaris, Mazandaranis, and Gilakis who considered themselves Persians are suffering from an identity crisis. Now they should understand that they are not Persian or Persian-speaking, and they should define their interests in relation to other ethnicities. Those who denied the existence of an ethnicity called Persian should now prove that there has never been one ethnic identity of Persians in Iran, or hasn’t been created now.
From the viewpoint of identity, religion, language, and region, what are the characteristics of those who now control all institutes of power in Iran?
1. They are all Persian-speaking. They might have either learned Persian, or it is their mother tongue. In either case, they have one culture and strongly look like each other. Their principles and values are the same, with just a little differences. What is more, these people have placed their identity, character, behaviors, and language against identities, characters, behaviors, and languages of the majority of Iranian people.
2. They are all Shiite. But some are more Shiite than others. The more a Shiite becomes noble, humane, liberal, and Democrat, the more he loses his Shi’ism. And he might even be placed among Sunnis and Balochis and be eliminated. Pure Shiites are those whose Shi’ism is based on enmity with Sunnis and killing them, and thus being anti-Sunnis is the foundation of their solidarity.
3. All of them have a common identity, which is shaped by the revolution – while violence, murder, rape, grand theft, astronomical corruption, accusations, and incompetence are parts and parcels of it.
4. All of them belong to the center of Iran, which is an arid desert land. Almost all green land is outside their boundary. Subterraneous resources – oil, gas, and other mines – are located in other nationalities’ regions.
5. Natural and mining resources that belong to nationalities is in possession of these people by coercion and violence. The nationalities’ share from these resources is almost nothing. Whenever each nationality demands its rights, properties, and resources, they are immediately accused with hundreds of charges, and are immediately arrested, tortured, and executed.
All of them have strong fascist, chauvinistic tendencies. They believe that they are the only genuine Iranians, and the rest are impure and must be supervised by them. They define Iran in such a way that 80% of the Iranian population is thrown out of Iran.
6. They have a short record of ruling and monarchy in the history of Iran. Apart from the Islamic Republic and Achaemenians, who were half-Persian and half Kurds, they have never been ruling anywhere else. They talk a lot about Cyrus and Darius but have no respects for these two kings’ charters of human rights. While Cyrus and Darius have written that they were king of kings, and many kings existed in their short-term empires, these worshippers of Cyrus do not consider any rights for others.
7. Islamic Republic regime is the first government in whose formation some Persian-speaking Shiites had a significant role to play. Khomeini is their first leader in 1,500 years. He had all the characteristics of this ethnic group: liar, cruel, murderer, deceitful, ambition, and incompetent. And he conveyed these characteristics to his own successors. Khomeini’s successors, too, try to make their own characteristics into Iranian culture. Unfortunately, they have been successful in some central cities.
They didn’t show mercy to Persian-speaking Shiites who had humane, ethical interest. Their history is that of murder, hatred, worshipping power and wealth.
8. It is interesting that after making more than 5 million Iranians escape the country, killing and injuring about 1 million people in a war with Iraq and their dishonorable defeat by Iraq, and killing thousands of people and destroying Iran, Iraq, Syria, and Yemen, they are still proud of themselves and call themselves world heroes.
9. Noble, humanitarian, Persian-speaking Shiites have become well aware of damages of this regime, and have been confused in front of other people from Iran and the world. Many of them have started fighting this regime, and are in the frontline of real enemies of this Shiite, Persian-speaking regime.
10. Some other Persian-speaking Shiites abroad have managed to hold top positions in anti-Iran media such as Radio Farda, BBC, and VOA, seeking to justify the policies of the Iranian regime. They have sacrificed their loyalty to Iranian people for their own little interests, and have stood, like a mountain, in front of activists of 80% of the country.
You can rarely see any activists from nationalities other than Persia and pro-regime change Shiites in their programs. Now many Persian-speaking Shiites are confused whether they should defend those who share their language and religion or create their own bases in people’s front.
11. Right now, radical Persian-speaking Shiites have excluded Turks, Kurds, Arabs, Balochis, Bakhtiaris, Gilakis, Mazandaranis, and religious and national minorities from the circle of power and wealth, monopolizing all military and security facilities for themselves. This situation has resulted in a confrontation between them and the majority of people.
12. To stabilize their monopoly on power and wealth, monopolists consider themselves as Iran and their own opponents as enemies of Iran. It means that either the majority of people will accept that they are anti-Iran, accepting all charges that chauvinism will bring up against them, and will forever remain silent and witness the destruction of the country. Or based on the United Nations’ charters, they will start a systematic fight to realize their rights.
13. The other problem which radical chauvinism has started and is propagandized by the followers of the regime in the media is that territorial integrity, i.e. interests of chauvinism, is in danger. They claim that if Iranian people rise and want to change the regime to stop the destruction of the country, Iran will be divided. In the media, the regime’s agents pretend that attempt for overthrowing the regime is tantamount to dividing Iran.
But Iranian people know that this is the Islamic Republic regime that has dishonored the country, and destruction and division of Iran is the result of the monopoly of a small group over all facilities and resources while depriving and oppressing the majority of people. Right now, they have so established the regime that nothing is out of their control and monopoly.
14. In this regime, Islam changes to Shiism, Shiism to the guardianship of jurist, guardianship of jurist to Imam Zaman [Leader of time], and Imam Zaman to God. In this regime, the tendency to Persian ethnicity has changed into nationalism, nationalism to chauvinism, and chauvinism to fascism. In such a way that whoever talks of rights of Arab, Balochis, Kurds, Turks, and others, will be attacked and told that he should not talk of nationalities because the country will be divided. All these aim at institutionalizing power and wealth in the hands of a small group of Persian Shiites who believe in the Jurist Leadership.
15. They claim that they are Iran, and Iran is whatever they define. In fact, they define everything based on their own interests, insisting that their definitions of everything including Balochis, Kurds, Arabs, Turks are right. For example, they define Kurds and Balochis as miscreants and separatists. They define Turks as Azeris or Turk-speaking, and Arabs as Arab-speaking, thus coercing these nationalities to harm their own identities.
16. Worst of all is their announcement that political, military, media, cultural, economic, judiciary figures are chosen based on their merits and competence. Incidentally, all top-ranking people have been chosen from Shiite Persian, practically saying that there are no competent, worthy managers among Turks, Gilakis, Mazandaranis, Balochis, Kurds, Bakhtiaris, Turkmens, and others. It means that except for Persian-speaking Shiites, no other competent and worthy person has been created in Iran.
17. This is extremely insulting to Iranian nationalities and progressive Persian Shiites. These rulers – who are the most corrupt, the worst thieves, the most oppressive and despotic of all Iranians – have brought down 80% of Iranian people under the poverty line, and have plundered all the country’s wealth. And they still brazenly claim that they are worthy and competently.
18. Now Rouhani’s government is a purely Persian Shiite government. With the formation of this government, the process of making Iran Persian has been completed, and the overwhelming majority of Iranians are excluded from the government and the regime.
19. Thereby, the Faqih [jurist] worshipping Persia revealed their real natures, and exclusively took possession of all financial and mining resources that belong to nationalities. And they changed Iran into the land of Persia. Meanwhile, history shows that since the beginning, Iran has been administered by Turks, Kurds, Zands, Mazandaranis, and Balochis, and the role of Persians was limited to secretary ship.
Translated Piece: Iran Global Website 

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Reza Hosseinbor
Reza Hosseinbor
Iranian Affairs Expert