Mutual Services between Iran and Israel

ByMohammed Alsulami

Pre-revolution nature of Iranian-Israeli relationships differ after Khomeini’s new reading of Palestinian case. Palestinian card forms one of the most important tools of penetration in Arab inside and deceit the Arab public opinion.
Iran has a role in deafening and blinding the Islamic world of the hostility of Israel since 1979 forming what so-called the axis of resistance and opposition. Tehran and some of Arab and non-Arab cheated people have chanted slogans “Death to America”and “Death to Israel”through various media, political speeches, and even in international and regional conferences.
Slogans have been raised and murals that highlight the alleged hostility toward Israel have been painted, and Iran’s leaderships wore the Palestinian “Kofeia” keffiyeh on their shoulders to complete the prankster scene.
However, the truth is exactly mirrored and what is going on secretly is different altogether from what appears in public.
The first scandal happened a few years after the revolution; specifically what was known as “Iran-Contra”, which represented the deal of supporting Iran with Israeli arms in its war against Iraq. The deal brought a sort of confusion to the Iranian inside, which had been objected by the vice of Khomeini Ayatollah Montazeri. Khomeini insisted on the deal completion removing Montazeri and placing under house arrest. In his famous memoir Montazeri mentioned the details of the deal, mutual visits and the brokers who embarked its success.
Israeli-Iranian cooperation scandals has been rolled in 2011 when Israeli reports revealed that 200 Israeli company at least maintained commercial ties with Iran. The ties included investment in Iran’s energy sector, the revenue of which were used for developing nuclear project in Iran. According to “Haaretz” newspaper,Israelis particularly export agricultural products including organic fertilizers, water drip devices and hormones to produce milk and cereals for Iran.
In 2014,”Fares” news agency has published semi-official statements to Mostafa Afzali Fard, the deputy in the Iranian parliament and a spokesperson of parliamentary “Commission of Article 90”, acknowledged the existence of 55 Iranian companies accused of being in contact with Israeli companies. Parliament demanded two Iranian ministries of Security and Foreign Affairs to pursue the case.
Iranian oil trafficking with Israeli business persons during the period of sanctions was also a part of the secret dealings between Iran and Israel. Media reports have been talking about an Israeli transportation company of selling an oil tanker of “Ofar Bros” to Iran.
With Rouhani’s arrival to the presidential chair, there were hostile Exhibition and Conference prepared toward Israel in Tehran. However, before the inauguration, orders issued to cancel the event replacing it with another against the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia under the title of “Wahhabism”. This event took place when Rouhani demanded his authorities to remove the words “Death to Israel” from Iranian ballistic missiles according to what the semi-official “Mehr” news agency has reported.
The agency also reported that Rouhani sent a letter to the Supreme Leader seeking his approval to remove the words “Death to Israel” that appeared on one of Iranian missiles, which the Iranian Revolutionary Guard conducted experiments on them.
Finally, a few days ago, Russia Today Channel’s blew up a heavy scandal in the media frame. This scandal refers to the report of “Sat age” site, which forms a specialist site monitoring the satellite’s movement around the world and broadcasting of television channels. The site revealed the presence of 6 Iranian religious channels “Shiite” addressed to the Arab world which practice broadcasting from Israel.
The report mentioned that the channels are “Al-Albayt, Al-Anwar, Fadak, Al-Hussein, Al-Alamia, Al-Ghadir”, and despite the different names they take, the channels broadcasted by the Israeli satellite “Amos”, through the company of “R.R.Sat”. The broadcasting of these channels was rejected by Russia Today Channel’s site, which has later deleted the news from its Arabic Edition.
The report pointed out that the channels wear the robe of Shiism and pretend allegiance to “Al-AlBayt”, strive to pass the Iranian vision and to convince the Arab of it. The report confirmed that the satellite company that referred in the report is a telecommunications Israeli private company owned by David Reeve, and headed since April 2001 by Ramot Gilad who is a dean in reserve of Israeli air defense forces. The company was founded in 1981 under license from the Ministry of Israeli Communications.
In conclusion , dishonest use of media targeting the Arab world by Iran presents is the tip of the iceberg of the bad deeds of Iran. There is no doubt that there is strategically Iranian-Israeli cooperation against Arabs, there is a great intersection of interests between them; each couple of entities has his own plans and strategies toward Arab region.
If Israel is seeking to form what is called the Greater Israel, stretching from the Nile River to the Euphrates River, the Iranian project is not less dangerous than it. Tehran is seeking to restructure the Persian Empire, and to expand the current borders to engulf much of the Arab territories along with the occupied “Al-Ahwaz” Land.
Iran is exploiting Arab hostility of Israel playing the Palestinian card to become the Trojan horse. Iran does not want to arrive to a lasting solution of this issue, to ensure the continued interference in the internal affairs of the Arab world.
From Tel Aviv’s side, the slogans of hostility to Iran have been raised to blow up its strength distracting the Arab of their First Issue, Palestine. In both cases, alleged hostility between Iran and Israel does not exceed a tacky media war.
From here, the Arabs fell between the jaws of an Iranian-Israeli plier, and unless the Arabs have their own counter attack project. All in all Iranian-Israeli plot against Arabs will have consequences on its owners. .What goes around comes around.

Translated Article: Alwatan Newspaper

Mohammed Alsulami
Mohammed Alsulami
Founder and President of Rasanah