Reality has come to light: Hajj succeeded and Iran has cut its own throat

ByMohammed Alsulami

The Saudi Leadership has dedicated all it potentialities- as usual- to serve the guests of Allah and left behind all Iranian Mumbo-Jumbo
The Iranian regime has effectively deprived its citizens and the non-Persian people inside the so-called Iran from the religious duty of the fifth pillar of Islam, Hajj. It tried to trouble the Hajj season through propaganda, false messages and images that were revealed to the public by dishonesty among the regime leaders and an apparent lack of accountability.
Iran has boycotted this year’s Hajj for political reasons. The Iranians walked out of talks and refused to sign a memorandum reached to solve this issue under the orders of the Jurist Leader. This, unexpectedly change in its position aimed to trouble the Hajj season and provoke the Muslim World through a huge multi-lingual mass media. With the approach of the Hajj season, the Iranian regime, headed by Khamenei, launched a negative media campaign targeting the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, using a filthy and disgraceful language. This campaign peaked at the beginning of Zo Alhijjah month. Offense against the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia became the main topic of all Iranian newspapers and news agencies, belonging to the Iranian regime and revolutionary guards.
This moral and political degradation of the Iranian regime and media reflects the real goals of Iran against the people and leadership of the home of the two holy mosques; nevertheless, the Saudi Leadership ignored all Iranian polemics and dedicated its potentialities- as usual- to serve the guests of Allah. This successful and smooth Hajj season is attributed to the diligent efforts of the Saudi government through the high-quality services they provided for pilgrims. In other words, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia could have responded to Iran’s altercations, but it was on the course of success and ignored all other side’s moves that do not deserve the Saudi attention. In fact, Riyadh’s reaction resulted from the wise saying of Imam Alhafe’i who said, “When a silly person talks to me, I don’t waste my words on him; when he increases his nastiness, I increase my kindness; Just like Olibanum that burns to perfume people with incense,” which literally means; “One will never reach his destination if he stops and throws a stone at every dog that barks.”
Hence, the Saudi indirect response to the Iranian claims and lies, and the attempts to incite the Muslim world against the Kingdom came on the ground and in reality. Through the blessings of Allah and the directives of the wise leadership, in addition to the professional personnel of all sectors participating in serving the guests of Allah, pilgrims from all over the world were the beneficiaries of their selfless, untiring and dedicated service. They performed Hajj rituals in a smooth and comfortable environment at which the mass number of people moved from Mina-Arafa-Muzdalifa, and then back to Mina to throw the pebble , and finally perform the Farewell Tawaf without any incidents to be mentioned. In fact, this year’s Hajj achieved an unprecedented success on all levels.
This reality recalls the Iranian sabotage of the many Hajj seasons during the last three decades. The absence of the Iranian pilgrims, especially those sent by the Iranian regime for political and non-Hajj related purposes has revealed the relationship between Tehran and the sabotage practices, which aim to break the pure image of one of the Saudi prides; the service of the two holy mosques, and security and safety of the guests of Allah during Hajj season.
Finally, with the blessings and guidance of Allah, Saudi Arabia has achieved an honorable and brilliant success in the Hajj season; meanwhile, Iran has failed to convince, not only the Muslim world, but also the Iranian people of its lies an accusations against Saudi Arabia and questioning its capabilities of the Hajj administration. Consequently, it has become clear that Iran’s goal was to politicize the Hajj, about which Allah Almighty says in the Holy Quran, “There is no approaching (women), neither transgression nor disputing during hajj (pilgrimage).” In fact, Iran aimed at changing the holy rituals into false slogans, nonsense disputes and repulsive ideological sectarian defiance led by the top of the pyramid of the Iranian regime, who called the Iranian pilgrims to go to Karbala instead of Makkah, which questions the reality and fact of this so called “Reference” and “Jurist Leader”? Indeed, the Iranian regime has unmasked itself in front of all and finally, reality has come to light.
All in all, the Iranian neighboring people deserve better than their present situation, which highlights the necessity for a savior wise man that liberates Iran and builds a brighter future for its people, which in fact, can be responded to by the Iranian people only.

Translated Article (AGCIS) : Alwatan Daily

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Mohammed Alsulami
Mohammed Alsulami
Founder and President of Rasanah