“Conservatives”: Rafsanjani is the Head of Sedition and Iranian fears of American Hostile Actions



– Etemad Newspaper Compares Between Hilary Clinton and Donald Trump about the Iranian Interests and the Nuclear Deal.
– Kayhan Newspaper Criticizes Rouhani’s Noncompliance to his Pre-elections Promises.

Iranian News Roundup
– Qasem Suleimani in Iraq.
– Former President Nejad’s Intelligence Minister: Rafsanjani is the Head of Sedition.
– Hardliner MP: America Proclaims Hostility toward Iran.
– 23 Boys and Girls are arrested in at a mixer in Dazfoul.
– Forced Marriages and Poverty are Causes of Girls’ School dropout.
– American Imports from Iran Totaled $62 million.


Etemad Newspaper: Hillary Clinton and the predictable future

An editorial today in Etemad Newspaper compares between Hillary Clinton and Trump, trying to figure out which one is less harmful or more beneficial for Iran. The editorial says that both Hillary’s and Trump’s positions toward a nuclear agreement are compatible with those of their parties: Hillary defends the deal, unlike Trump who is talking about shredding it. Nevertheless, Hillary believes in pursuing tougher policies on Iran than those of Obama’s; she has also criticized the release of Iran’s frozen assets. Perhaps, Iranian hardliners do not want Hillary to take over the presidency, and be the first woman who becomes the U.S. president, which will raise questions as to why women in Iran do not have ministerial positions so far. Trump’s confrontational policies will increase the Russian influence in the Middle East. Obviously, both views are wrong: it is no longer strange in the world for women to take over political leadership, and the Russian-Iranian cooperation is no longer a secret. The editorial refers to the significant point that Trump’s taking office in the United States will lead to armament race in the region. Despite the fact that Iranian officials 30 years ago thought they could get concessions from the Republican Reagan as a result of Iran-Contra, but history has shown that later a crazy clueless Republican president like George W. Bush could make the Iranian society face real challenges with the West—as a matter of fact, Bush’s actions led to growth of Islamic radicalism. If Iran could get benefits from the United States through diplomatic mechanisms and force the Americans to recognize Iran’s right to have a nuclear activity, this time such concessions indeed cannot be obtained from a psychopathic chauvinist like Trump. The other thing is, at least both Obama and Hillary have read several books, and are graduates from the best American academic centers, but this trickster and liar –Trump—[from the viewpoint of Iranian newspaper] has not even opened a book throughout his life. The nuclear deal would not get any better by Trump’s office, but Hillary would probably implement the agreement terms to some extent, thus establishing the most significant achievement of Rouhani’s government. Accordingly, quick implementation of the nuclear deal is in Iran’s interest, and with the continuation of Obama’s policy there will be a greater chance for Iran to move better on foreign policy, and escape ban policies and sanctions imposed on the country. In conclusion, the Iranian expansion era will come to an end with the departure of Obama, and now Iran is facing two possibilities: either Hillary who will stick to the nuclear deal, will no more release Iranian assets, and will have more assertive policies towards Iran, or Trump who has not concealed his intentions and desire to tear up the nuclear deal.

Jahan Sanaat Newspaper: Exchange rate unification impact on industrial investments

Today’s editorial in Jahan Sanaat Newspaper discusses the impact of exchange rate unification on industrial investments. The editorial says that Iran fought the experience of unifying the exchange rate throughout the last decade of 20th century and the first decade of 21st century. It is scheduled for Iran to unify the exchange rate it again, but unlike before, it would be carried out step by step. The second phase will be taking place in March 2017, when, by the central bank’s decision, currency exchange will be liberalized through banks and exchange rate in the market. In next phase, some special exchange tariffs will be canceled. And the final stage will include the total abolition of government price for foreign exchange and official recognition of exchange rate based on free market mechanism. The editorial says that the most important point in the liberalization of the exchange rate policy is continuity, and what guarantees such continuity is the money gained from oil exports and related products. In such circumstances, economic shocks cannot be expected; therefore, it is not expected for multiple exchange rates to return. Although the exchange rate unification policy is a short-term mechanism to resolve some problems of the industries, it certainly is a long-term recovery solution for industries in Iran as well. The most anticipated financial resources in the Sixth Development Plan are bank facilities and identified by 24.8% of the total financial funding. With the liberalization of the exchange rate, Iranian banks will be able to have access to foreign exchange reserve. However, the editorialist has forgotten the increase in price, which Iran will suffer as a result of the liberalization of the exchange rate – for example, in the domain of imported drugs, as well as in cost of living in general, especially with the abolition of cash support given to the people. Thus, it is expected for reformists to pay the price of these policies and face the public anger, especially after the next presidential elections in May 2017. Perhaps, this is one of the reasons why Conservatives have not introduced any candidates to compete in the upcoming elections so far.

Kayhan Newspaper: Mr. Rouhani! Showing Apology

Kayhan newspaper comments in an editorial today on Rouhani’s speech at the opening ceremony of the book exhibit. The editorial– written by Hossein Shariatmadari, adviser of Khamenei on press and media affairs– says that Rouhani’s interpretation of events is far from the truth. Rouhani has made false statements– for example, Rouhani said that 100 sanctions that were imposed on Iran had been lifted, but they [the critics] just look at the empty half of the glass. The editorial highlighted this, wishing that if only Rouhani had provided one example from those 100 lifted sanctions. In spite of Rouhani’s speech, all members of negotiating team of experts, including Salehi, Zarif and Araghchi have stated that sanctions have been lifted just on paper. The editorial also criticized Rouhani for not keeping his promises to create jobs for young people, although his presidency is about to end. According to the editorial, he has spent past four years only talking about the nuclear deal. The editorial also criticized Rouhani’s opinion as to why Mosul fell into hands of ISIL, suggesting that it happened due to breaking the link between Mosul and Baghdad. Moreover, the wrong policies of Baghdad had made people of Mosul not defending their city against ISIL. Shariatmadari believes that Rouhani ignored many facts in his analysis, and puts the responsibility on Baghdad.


Al-nujaba: Qasem Suleimani in Iraq

Secretary General of the Iraqi Islamic Resistance Movement, Akram Al-Ka’bi announced that Iran’s Quds Division Commander, Qasem Suleimani is in Iraq along with other military advisors and appreciated Iran’s support that has shed blood to liberate Iraq from the ISIS.
Mehr News Agency

♦ Fundamentalist MP: America Proclaims Hostility toward Iran

Former Fundamentalist MP, Ismail Kawthari said that the United States President’s extension of the emergency state against Iran reflects the American hostility against this country; although, some Iranians are still deceived by the American promises and do not want to believe that hostility against the Iranian people will never stop as long as Iran is defending its identity and independence.
Jam-e-Jam Newspaper

♦ The American Imports from Iran Amounted to $63 Million

The American Statistics Administration revealed that the Iranian exports to the US totaled $62.1 million, while the total trade exchange between the two countries during the first nine months of this year amounted to $177 million with 5% decline rate.,
Abrar Eghtisadi Newspaper

♦ Forced Marriages and Poverty are Causes of Girls’ Dropout of School

Iran’s Assistant-president for Women and Family Affairs, Shahindakht Mavlavardi said that the most important educational indicator in Iran is girls’ education. “Although the positive signs in this regard, we have seen some Iranian girls drop out education due to forced marriages and poverty,” she added.
Iran Newspaper

♦ Alamolhuda to MPs: Sedition is in the Council

The Supreme Leader’s Representative in Khurasan Alradawyah, Ahmed Alamolhuda responded to the statement of Rasht’s MP in the Shura Council, Golam Ali Ja’far Zadeh, who wondered about ending sedition in Iran by saying, “Sedition is in the Shura Council because those who ask about it still defend sedition of 2009,” in reference to the events following elections of 2009.
Although the Iranian parliament has granted confidence to the three nominated ministers of Rouhani’s government in the vote on confidence session last Tuesday, November 1st, some Iranian MPs accused Fakhr Aldin Ashtiani, the new minister of education of loyalty to the heads of sedition.
MPs also referred to former President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad saying, “The person responsible for sedition did this over eight years and now he lives his life normally and freely.”
Mashad Jum’an Imam also said that those praise sedition- the name given by the regime to the mass protests following the disputed 2009 presidential elections- want us to forget this case and makeup with America, and then repeat the same token when they stormed the American embassy during the time of former president Mahdi Bazirjan and resigned, leading to the fall of the government.
Alamollhuda also added, “Now you are offending my colleagues and me by saying that I am benefiting from sedition, but this not essential. We are soldiers and soldiers get hurt and sacrifice their lives. What is important to us is what the leader has said that sedition of 2009 is a red flag.”
Farda Radio News

♦ 23 Boys and Girls Arrested in a Mixer in Dazfoul

Police Commander in Dazfoul, Colonel Ali Alhami announced the arrest of 11 girls and 12 boys in a mixer at one of Dazfoul parks in Ahwaz province last Friday. “These boys and girls have violated traditions at the threshold of (40 days) celebrations and were arrested by a judicial decree,” he said.
Farda Radio News

♦ Nejad’s Minister of Intelligence: Rafsanjani is the Head of Sedition

Former President Nejad’s Minister of Intelligence, Haider Moslihi has responded to the statements of Hashemi Rafsanjani, chairperson of the Expediency Discernment Council concerning the attempts to deny his eligibility, saying, “Rafsanjani is the head of the sedition which is trying to cover up his children’s corruption.”
Earlier, Rafsanjani accused Moslihi of attempting to deny his eligibility in the Guardian Council of the Constitution.
On Friday, September 4th, Moslihi implied that Rafsanjani is the elite that the regime sought to please during the Green Movement events after the elections of 2009 saying, “If the regime tries to please some elites, it must not be used for their benefit.”
Former Minister of Intelligence added, “I’m not eligible to present my opinion at the Guardian Council of the Constitution, and the heads of sedition are trying to misguide the public opinion and cover up their children’s corruption.”
Hardliners also consider that former presidents Mohammed Khatami and Hashemi Rafsanjani are heads of sedition.
On the other hand, Rafsanjani’s statements also provoked a reaction of the Guardian Council for the Constitution Spokesperson, Abbass Ali Khad Khadi who said, “The Guardian Council for the Constitution consults experts on certain issues, but their opinions are independent.”
Earlier in 2013, Saham News Website, close to Mahdi Karroubi, reported, “Haider Moslihi went before the Guardian Council for the Constitution accompanied by four of his assistants and highly objected the candidacy of Rafsanjani for elections although his popularity was apparent and was estimated to gain 70% of the votes.”
In fact, the Guardian Council for the Constitution rejected the eligibility of Rafsanjani at the last moment due to his age.
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