Iranian Gang arrested in America and Jum’a Imams Oppose Opening the EU Office in Iran


– Donyai Eqtisadi discusses the impact of Trump’s victory on oil markets, especially OPEC.
– Arman Amroz handles the EU commitment to the implementation of the nuclear deal in light of Trump’s victory.

Iranian News Roundup
– Republicans are ready to support the new US president against the nuclear deal with Iran.
– The Iranian army is at the height of its power.
– Second round of talks between Iran and the EU.
– Jum’a Imams in Tehran oppose opening the EU office in Tehran.
– Iranian-Chinese talks to develop two Iranian oil fields.
– The American police: Iranian gang arrested for underage girl abuse.


Etimad Newspaper: A step forward

An editorial in Etimad Newspaper today looks at the case of Tehran mayor (Mohammad Bagher Ghalibaf) transferring the government-owned real estate to his relatives, staff and regime officials. The editorial says that Ahmad Tavakoli (former Iranian MP) published a report on behalf of Transparency and Justice Control Network Organization regarding corruption scandal involving Tehran municipality. The Editorial holds that, regardless of strengths and weaknesses of the report, it is a step forward, because for the first time such a report is prepared by a non-governmental organization about corruption by a governmental entity. This report will be considered as impartial, given the fact that organization administrators who prepared the repot are the very conservatives who are supporters of Tehran Mayor, Mohammad Bagher Ghalibaf — the first defendant in the case. According to the 180-paragraph report, Tehran mayor has transferred up to 17 thousand square meters real estate, whose value, according to experts, amounts to 23 million dollars. The real estate was transferred directly by Tehran mayor, and the Housing and Development Organization. The report legally details the case, while suggesting that people are concerned about the squandering of public money and resources, and it makes no difference who is the squandered – the official himself, his relatives or others. The editorial highly esteems this step by conservatives, but at the same time criticizes the size of corruption, which extends to pillars of the Iranian regime and cannot be tolerated any longer. Such cases of corruptions are embarrassing for the regime in the eyes of the Iranian public and cast serious doubts on officials’ words and claims about ethics and morality.

Donyai Eghtisad Newspaper: Black box of oil market

Today’s Donyai Eghtesad editorial focuses on the impact of Trump’s winning US presidential election on the oil market. The editorial asks why, with Trump’s wining, the oil market is declining, unlike other world commodity markets. Some experts hold that prices will continue to fall as a result of Trump’s unknown energy policies. This decline will put pressure on oil exporting countries, and will further weaken OPEC. OPEC reached an agreement to reduce the volume of oil production last September and is scheduled to hold a session on November 30 in Vienna to discuss the details of this decision. Already there were differences of opinion within OPEC members as to the reduction of quotas even before the US election. Now with Trump winning the election, there will be more problems within OPEC and will make it harder to reach an agreement that guarantees the preservation of oil price. Experts believe that Trump will lead the United States to shale oil production, which will put more pressure on economies of OPEC members by forcing them to either reduce the oil price or decrease its production. Moreover, the potential new sanctions on Iran will make it unlikely for Iran to consent to reduce its production. Thus, experts say OPEC has to take decisive and quick measures to get out of this crisis, because what is to come is worse — especially now that world oil supply has reached 97.8 million barrels per day. Both OPEC and non-OPEC producers — including Russia, Brazil, Canada, and Kazakhstan– have increased their productions by 800 thousand barrels per day. The editorial predicts that there are two scenarios ahead of the oil market in future. First scenario: Trump will be able to reduce oil demand in the world market. FGE- Energy Consultants, while mentioning Trump’s statement regarding reviewing and revising the US trade agreements with the Asian countries and Latin America, says that emerging markets that are known as driving forces for growth in oil demand are going to face the risk of an economic downturn. Trump has threatened that he will increase tariffs on goods from China by 45% because it has stolen jobs from the United States. Furthermore, he has promised to restore the American factories that were moved to China to the US territory. The second scenario: Trump is going to weaken international agreements to reduce carbon emissions and stop global warming. That will increase the demand for fossil fuel, which will, in turn, increase the demand for oil and other fossil fuels. What is more, Trump’s statements about tearing up nuclear deal with Iran can be a threat against Iran’s oil export. All in all, what is beyond doubt is that Trump will be a serious challenge for OPEC.

Arman Newspaper: European commitment for nuclear deal implementation

Arman newspaper editorial today deals with the issue of European commitment to the implementation of the nuclear deal with Iran after Trump’s victory in US presidential election. According to Arman newspaper, the second round of talk between Iran and European Union was held in Brussels — headed by Majid Takht -Ravantchi, Iran’s deputy foreign minister for European and American affairs, and Helga Schmidt, deputy to the EU foreign policy. In these talks, a broad range of issues such as co-operations in the economy, trade, banking, energy, transportation, environment, etc. was discussed, and necessary decisions as to how to implement mutual agreements were made. Stakes are high for both sides, now that many European countries are aspiring to have economic agreements with Iran. The talks also included the exchange of opinions about regional and international issues such as Syria, Iraq, Yemen, and Afghanistan. Given Trump’s winning US presidential elections and his stance against the nuclear deal, EU Foreign Policy chief, Federica Mogherini met with Takht- Ravanchi and emphasized European Union’s commitment to the implementation of terms of the deal, asking other countries to follow suit. European countries are expected not to have a unified position on this issue– just as the United States might put pressure on European countries to stop cooperation with Iran.


Republicans ready to support Trump against the Iranian nuclear deal

The American Senator, Lindsey Graham said that Republicans are ready to cooperate with president Trump to repeal the nuclear deal. Graham, one of the nuclear deal opponents, said that many issues are waiting for Trump as president and the nuclear deal is a top priority.
Fares Agency

♦ The Iranian army is at the height of its power
Spokesperson of the Iranian army, Shahin Taqi Khan claimed that the Iranian army is at its greatest power and readiness against any threat and all military sects are ready to take action when needed, calling all media outlets to highlight the role and importance of the armed forces.
IRNA News Agency

♦ Chinese Minister of defense in Iran Tomorrow

Chinese Minister of Defense, Chang Wan Chowan arrives in Tehran tomorrow in response to an invitation by his Iranian counterpart, Hussein Dahghan. The visit will last for three days and both sides will discuss bilateral relations between the two countries and ways of enhancing them.
IRNA News Agency

♦ Explosion in a health center in Tabriz

Some news outlets reported that an explosion happened in one of the health centers in Tabriz due to gas leak at 2 am, leading to some losses in the neighboring buildings.
Young Journalsits Club Agency

♦ Second Round of Talks between Iran and the EU

A second round of talks between Iran and the EU has been held chaired by Majid Takht Ravanchi Assistant Foreign Minister for American and European Affairs and Helga Schmidt Assistant Coordinator for the EU Foreign Policy in the city of Brussels. Both sides discussed the bilateral relations and ways of enhancing economic, political, and banking cooperation. They also exchanged ideas about the regional and international issues, especially the Syrian crisis.
Bartarin Ha News Site

♦ Qashqavi: We are following up the status of the Iranian Fishers in Somalia

Iran’s Assistant Foreign Minister for Parliamentary and Consulate Affairs, Hassan Qashqavi said that the ministry is following up with the Iranian Fishermen detained in Somalia and does its best to release them from the Somali pirates. He added that there are 3 thousand Iranian citizens detained abroad and the ministry works hard to transfer them to Iran.
Aftab News Website

♦ Liquidity amounts to 112 thousand Trillion Tomans

General Manager of Economic Affairs in the Iranian Central Bank, Abo Alfadl Akrami said that Liquidity in Iran amounted to 112 thousand trillion Tomans by the end of “Shahrior” month and achieved 10.4% increase in the month of Asfand in compare with last year.
Abrar Eghtisadi Newspaper

♦ Jum’a Imams in Tehran oppose opening the EU office in Tehran

Most Jum’a Imams in Iran yesterday opposed opening the EU office in Tehran, saying that it is a nest for espionage activities. Jum’a Imam of Tabriz, Mujtahid Shabsatri said that this office will not be for the interest of the Iranian society and will turn into a nest for corruption and espionage, stating that this office has been formed under the pretext of defending human rights but will enhance relations between Iran and Tel Aviv. On his part, Jum’a Imam of Shiraz, Assadollah Imani said that this office will be a nest for espionage and threat to the Iranian society.
Farda Radio News Site

♦ Iranian-Chinese talks on two Iranian oil fields development

Director of Engineering and Development Affairs in the Iranian National Oil Company, Golam Riza Manoshahri referred to negotiations between Iran and a number of Chinese companies to develop oil fields of North Azadjan and Yad Avran. He also said that other companies such as Shell and BP expressed their readiness to develop oil fields in South Iran.
Abrar Eghtisadi Newspaper

♦ 70 deaths in 6 months due to Aluminum Phosphide pills

General Manager of the Iranian Forensic, Masoud Qadi Basha said that 70 people- 42 men and 28 women- died in 6 months due to poisonous Aluminum Phosphide in Tehran province.
Jvan Newspaper

♦ Five thousand Iranians die out of air pollution in Iran

Due to the continuation of air pollution in Tehran, Assistant Director of the National Center for Weather Forecast in the Iranian Environmental Commission said that five thousand people die annually out of air pollution. “The total number of people who died out of air pollution totaled 21 thousand cases over the past two decades,” he added.
On its part, Arman newspaper reported that the consequences of air pollution in Iran cost about $23 billion.
Arman amroz Newspaper

♦ Arrest of one of Badidah Company Managers

Deputy-Attorney General of Mashhad province, Hassan Haidari announced the arrest of former Legal Affairs Manager of Badidah Company yesterday for charges of looting about 14 thousand billion Rials through selling of stocks. He added that there are another 22 persons that were arrested and still under investigation for the same reasons.
Arman Amroz Newspaper

♦ The American Police: Iranian Gang abuses underage girls

The American Massachusetts Police Department announced the arrest of an Iranian gang for charges of underage girl abuse. Guans TV stated that the American Chelmsford PD announced that the gang consists of five members who have been investigated for charges of sexual abuse, drug dealing, and having sexual relations with underage girls.
Guans TV

♦ 4 billion and 355 thousand dollars, the Iranian non-oil revenues

The Iranian Deputy-Minister of Industry, Mujtaba Khasrotaj said that Iran has exported 4 billion and 355 thousand dollars of non-oil products including petrochemicals, fruits, and fish. He added that the Iranian exports are expected to jump up to $15 billion per year.
Iran Newspaper

♦ 53 people out of each 100 Iranian families utilize social media

Director of Information Technology and Digital Media stated that the social media networks have added new means of communication, but only 53 persons out of each 100 Iranian families utilize these social media networks.
Khurasan Newspaper

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