Iranian Newspapers (4th Sep. 2016) Khamenei approved the Russian-Iranian cooperation and Russian warships arrive in Iran


– Mardom Salari newspaper calls the Iranian parliament to practice its legislative and control role in light of rising corruption in the governmental organizations
– Sharq newspaper handled the return back of Ahmadinejad to the political scene through the upcoming elections of 2017

– Jihanger replacing Ahmed Shaheed as the human rights Rapporteur in Iran
– Russian warships arrive in Iran

– Minister of justice: 30 thousand billion Tomans tax evasion in Iran
– Iran and Algeria support rising prices of OPEC oil

Sharq newspaper
“Fundamentalists have nothing but Ahmadinejad.”
Sunday’s editorial in Sharq newspaper analyzed a statement by former parliamentarian Ruhollah Hosseinian statement on former President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s potential candidacy in the 2017 presidential election, in which Hosseinian predicted that if Ahmadinejad stands for election, he ‘d surpass the record number of votes he received in previous elections to between 75 and 90 percent of the total electoral votes.
In the statement, a response to an earlier announcement by the spokesman for the Union of the Clergy campaign group, (Rohanit Mubariz), that the group did not intend to nominate Ahmadinejad for the presidency, Hosseinian also asserted that the grassroots support for Ahmadinejad is greater than the support he receives from fundamentalist politicians, adding that even if the fundamentalists did not nominate him, he would be capable of winning the next election.
The editorial asserted that Hosseinian was looking forward to returning to his own prestigious Ahmadinejad-era role when he was appointed as a political adviser to the then-president and formed a parliamentary coalition called the Coalition of the Islamic Revolution, which focused on opposing the then-parliamentary speaker Ali Larijani.
By his recent statement, the editorial continued, Hosseinian proves that he is attempting to rally Ahmadinejad’s supporters in preparation for the former president’s return to the position after a brief period of political inactivity, and for his own subsequent return to the forefront of political life in the country. Even if the regime leadership did not wish to see Ahmadinejad resume the presidency, the editorial concludes, the recent rash of corruption scandals involving one prominent regime official after another will give impetus to the argument that Iran needs Ahmadinejad to cover up the regime’s weaknesses and restore its popularity.

Avrinsh Newspaper
“Turkish mirage from the Euphrates Shield operation to Syria quagmire.”
The editorial in Sunday’s Avrinsh newspaper analyzed the possible Turkish motives in entering Syrian territory and occupying the town of Jarablus, and the nature of the US-Turkish relationship following a change in Turkey’s dealings with the crisis in Syria.
The editorial asserted that the primary motive behind the Turkish incursion into Syrian territory was the US-led coalition’s policy for confronting ISIS in northern Syria, which relies on supporting the Kurds and relying on them to confront Daesh. This prompted Turkey to enter into the Syrian quagmire, the editorial continues, since the result of the US-led coalition’s policy would have been the creation of a separate Kurdish homeland in northern Syria, if not a complete replication of the Iraqi model with a self-governing Kurdish autonomous zone in the north of the country. Turkey, which has sought to establish a no-fly zone in northern Syria since 2012, will not countenance the establishment of such a Kurdish state on its borders, the editorial continues.
Due to these factors, the editorial continued, Turkey decided to prioritize this issue over the goal of helping to oust Bashar al-Assad from leadership. Ankara’s decision resulted in Washington announcing its public support for and protection of Kurds in Syria, and asking Turkey to end its attack on Syrian territory. Russia and Iran, meanwhile, have made no strong objections to Turkey’s intervention since Iran doesn’t wish to see a separate homeland for Kurds in Syria either, while Russia supports a direct conflict between the Turkish army and Daesh.
The strange point about this development, said the editorial, is that the United States, whether willingly or not, has now implicated Turkey in the Syrian quagmire and will also benefit from the entry of the Turkish army as one of the most powerful regional regular armies in direct war with Daesh.
Overall, the editorial concluded, it’s arguable that the United States exploited the Kurds in order to push Turkey into entering the Syrian quagmire, with the Turks now forced to either plunge into this morass so that the Americans can extract themselves gradually from the battlefield by reducing their military operations whilst awaiting political transformations in Syria.

Mardom Salari newspaper
“Wakening the Iranian parliament from its slumber.”
Sunday’s editorial in Mardom Salari newspaper called on the Iranian parliament to resume its supervisory and legislative role in the political life of Iran in the wake of recent corruption scandals.
The editorial said that while new reports of “embezzlement and theft of public money from various government agencies” seem to emerge on an hourly basis and committees are formed to discuss these political scandals, the parliament watches, observes and does nothing or, at most, assesses the actions of others without playing any effective role in confronting the terrible crises afflicting the country this year. This failure has resulted in plunging public confidence in the integrity of the parliamentary administration and officials, the editorial added.
Among the scandals cited by the editorial were the recent scandal over the Tehran mayor’s abuse of his power to illegally allocate state property and another involving corruption within the Special Reserve Fund’s administration, which broke national records for misappropriation of public funds, with the monies embezzled exceeding US $2 billion.
The parliament’s negligence extends beyond money to a disregard for human life itself, the editorial continued, noting that the parliament failed to react to the issue of the recent anniversary of the regime’s mass execution of an estimated 12,000 political prisoners most of them MEK members, in 1980.
The editorial asserted that the Iranian people want Iran’s parliament to occupy its natural place in the hierarchy of the pyramid of power, and to represent a voice of sanity for the people, discuss issues of national importance and use its collective experience to issue legislation and carry out its duties in supervision of all state agencies.
The editorial called for the parliament to control its own budget, which is not included in the country’s annual general budget, as well as to introduce comprehensive supervision of the budget items following the discovery of systematic corruption in the Iranian regime’s institutions, suggesting that this work should be carried out by the ‘Committee Against Economic Corruption’ formed by President Hassan Rouhani, which it said continues to expose almost daily incidents of corruption and embezzlement in governmental organizations.

♦ Iran’s Bank of Exports Development to cooperate with Russian banks

Executive manager of the Iran’s bank of exports development, Ali Saleh Abadi, announced that the bank is prepared to cooperate with Russian banks in this field, asserting that both sides are seriously willing to improve banking relations between the two countries.
Source: Abrar Eghtisadi Newspaper

♦ Iran and Algeria support rising prices of OPEC oil

In his meeting with the Algerian minister of energy, Nouraldin Botarfah, the Iranian minister of oil, Began Zanganah stated that Algeria has always supported Iran during sanctions and they are cooperating in issues related to OPEC and energy sector, asserting that Iran is Algeria’s second home and can enhance relations on all levels.
Source: Etelaat Newspaper

♦ Russian warships arrive at Anzli port

Two Russian warships will arrive in Caspian Sea to plan for international patrols and cooperation in Iran and Kazakhstan’s ports. The federal military press office in southern Russia added that the missile warship “Tataristan” and the frigate “Jaradsojisk” will depart at the beginning of next October and expected to arrive in Aktaio in Kazakistan and Anzli in Iran for a two-week unofficial mission.
Source: Sharq Newspaper

♦ Pezeshkian: Supreme leader’s permission made Iran-Russia military cooperation possible

First deputy speaker of the Shura Council, Masoud Pezeshkian, said that military cooperation between Russia and Iran in Nojeh air base was impossible without Supreme leader’s permission, adding that such political and security issues are the responsibilities of the Supreme Leader and the higher council for national security. “Iran has not committed its military facilities to any country in the world,” deputy speaker said. On the other hand, Pezeshkian noted that Iran and Russia have officially announced involvement in the Syrian war and dispatched military advisors to Syria under the permission of the Syrian president, Bashar Assad, disregarding the United States questioning of this case
Source: IRAN Newspaper

♦ Minister of Justice: 13 to 30 thousand billion Tomans Tax evasions in Iran

Iran’s Minister of Justice, Mustafa Bor Mohammedi said that 45% of Iran’s general budget depends on Taxes, while it reached more than 80% in many countries. Mohammedi noted that tax evasions in Iran decreased to 13 to 30 thousand billion Tomans annually, after making a record of 50 to 60 thousand billion in previous years. According to statistics, Iran achieved 36 thousand billion Tomans in 2012 and 70 thousand billion in 2015; meanwhile achieved about 80 thousand billion Tomans this year, which means that tax evasion, is noticeably under control.
Source: Jumhouri Islami Newspaper

♦ The International Marine Organization declares its readiness to cooperate with Iran

Iran’s charge de affaires in London, Mohammed Hassan Habiullah Zadah met the Secretary General of the International Marine Organization (IMO), Kay Tak Liem and exchanged ideas about enhancing relations between both sides. Zadah also explained that Iran has significant kilometers of coast areas at the Arab Gulf and Caspian Sea, which reflects the importance of Iran’s position at the trade routes and transportations south and north.
On the other hand, Tak Leim praised the Iranian technical capabilities and its experiences in the marine sector. In addition to that, he expressed the IMO willingness to hold training seminars and workshops in this field, referring to Iran’s strategic location in Western Asia.
Source: ISNA Agency

♦ Asma Jihanger Replacing Ahmed Shaheed as the human rights Rapporteur in Iran

Last Thursday, special Rapporteur of the United Nations for the Iranian affairs, Ahmed shaheed announced that his errand in Iran ends in November. On his twitter account, Shaheed said that he will hand over his responsibilities to the Pakistani, Asma Jihanger who was the special rapporteur of the United Nations for freedom of religion and beliefs between 2004 and 2010.
Source: Mashriq Site

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