Iranian Press (27th Aug 2016): The seizure of a human trafficking network in Spain..and the decline of the Chinese exports to Iran


– Khamenei talks about the importance of social media networks and their significance for the advantage of the country
– Turkish military operations inside Syria and the Turkish-Russian-Iranian rapprochement
– Minister of defense attacks critics of Rouhani’s Government performance
– Iran calls Turkey to coordinate with the Syrian government for countering terrorism
-2800 women are back from the brink of suicide

Etimad Newspaper
“A great opportunity for the virtual environment” is the title of an editorial in today’s Etimad about Khamenei’s stance on the means of social communication and the online world.
The editorial spotted a change in Khamenei’s attitude in a speech he delivered during a meeting with Rouhani as part of the activities of what’s known as State Week. The Supreme Leader abandoned his earlier critical stance towards Rouhani, instead praising the administration’s economic policies. Khamenei also altered his stance on the nuclear deal, making it clear that he is not opposed to the deal itself, but to the USA’s betrayal and broken promises on it. Many observers of Iranian affairs in the country consider the change in Khamenei’s tone to signify a restructuring of the domestic political balance, given the conservative bloc’s inability to field a strong candidate for the next presidential elections scheduled for next May.
In the same speech, Khamenei also touched on the issue of the internet and social media, following increasing criticism by prominent conservative clerics who claim that growing access to social media is one of the primary factors in the rising divorce rate in Iranian society. Many of the conservative clerics have called for further heavy internet restrictions or a full ban on social media and the internet, which would also be a means of hiding the country’s political realities. Some have also criticized the internet’s role in allowing public denunciation of the Iranian defense minister’s decision to allow Russian warplanes to be deployed at the Iranian air force base in Hamedan.
Khamenei had the last word on the issue of the internet, however, saying that the steady growth of the internet and social media worldwide is massive and unstoppable. He added that while there are considerable dangers associated with the internet, it also offers immense positive opportunities. The editorial stated that while the reactionary conservative bloc within Iran has been historically opposed to formal recognition of modern technology and communications tools, this attitude stands in the face of development and disrupts progress, adding that experience makes it clear that nothing should be allowed to impede the future of social media growth.

Siasat Rouz Newspaper
“The experience of the nuclear deal,” the editorial analyzed the deal and stated that while it was conducted on the basis of confidence in the US-Iran talks, the United States is now claiming that it has made concessions to Iran but lacks confidence in the Iranian leadership.
The editorial claimed that what the United States wants most from Iran is to stop the Iranian nuclear program, but that a secondary aim is to change Iran’s attitudes and policies in terms of some domestic and foreign policy issues, in addition to freezing Iran’s missile program, and forcing the leadership to accept Western demands in the area of human rights. The editorial repeated the aforementioned statements by Khamenei during his meeting with Rouhani stating that the Supreme Leader is supportive of the deal but doubts America’s commitment to its related obligations. The editorial concluded, therefore, that Iran’s experience of the nuclear deal had led to a strengthening of its distrust of the United States and Western nations generally.

Kayhan newspaper
“The Revival of the Ottoman Empire,” the editorial suggested that Erdogan’s supposed wish to revive Turkey’s empire would cause him headaches. The editorial stated that prior to the abortive attempted coup in Turkey the conflicting factions in Syria had been classified on the basis of their support for or opposition to Bashar al-Assad’s rule (this assertion is unrealistic to a large degree, however, because it suggests cooperation between the factions of each side and antagonism towards the opposing factions, which is untrue).
The editorial claimed that the Kurdish People’s Protection Units (YPG) had cooperated in liberating the city of Kobani from Daesh forces, this had led to dreams of separatism and the creation of an independent Kurdish homeland in the minds of the Kurds, which had led to clashes between the regime and YPG when Kurdish forces proceeded to attempt to control the town of Hasaka.
The Turks subsequently intervened after the expansion of the YPG whose forces are affiliated to and coordinating with the PKK in Turkey, who, according to the editorial, are also seeking to create a separatist Kurdish state within Turkey.
Meanwhile, the United States, which had initially supported the Kurds in Syria, then stabbed them in the back in order to appease Ankara and supported the entry of Turkish troops into Syrian territory to control the city of Jarablus. It seems, the editorial stated, that Turkey has taken advantage of the shift in its foreign policy in reconciling with Russia and converging with Iran in order to enter Syrian territory without facing any major disapproval or great objection, with Turkey misleading both nations into deluding themselves that there was a possibility of Turkey forming an alliance with Bashar al-Assad.
Yesterday, however, Erdogan announced that Turkey will never cooperate with Bashar al-Assad because his survival in power means that Syria will never experience any sort of democracy at all.
The editorial stated that Erdogan once again cherishes a vision of reviving the Ottoman Empire following his leadership of the entry into Jarablus, further asserting that the Turkish army had recovered from its ordeal and had begun dealing with Erdogan on the basis of obedience to its commander in chief, as well as healing the wound between the army and the Turkish people.
Turkish diplomacy has succeeded in reducing the Russian objection to Turkish intervention, the editorial added, stating that it would have been impossible for Turkey to intervene in this way previously given the animosity that formerly existed between Moscow and Ankara. The cooperation between the US and Turkey, however, had resulted in the intervention into Jarablus to create an atmosphere of reconciliation between them after America let it be known that it had no objection to the failed coup, even if it did not support it or participate in planning it.

♦ The seizure of an Iranian network for human trafficking

The Spanish police have announced the arrest of four members of an illegal immigration network that belong to a popular Iranian family. The network works on trafficking Iranian citizens to Spain for 20-50 thousand Euros; according to the French news agency. One of the network’s principals, according to El Baies website, was working as a Persian Language translator and used his connections with the immigration organizations to carry out this business of human trafficking.
Source: Arman Emroz Newspaper

♦ Minister of defense criticizes people who consider the governmental budget as an eternal source

Minister of defense, Hussein Dehghan clarified that the government’s revenues come from two sources; selling assets and tax insurances that can barely cover the public sector’s salaries, where the small remaining amount is set aside for constructions, wondering about developmental achievements in light of these circumstances. Dehgan also declared that the total governmental revenues are 180 billion USD this year; 160 for salaries and other governmental expenses, and a small amount of labor and investment stating that unemployment has reached a terrifying level and expected that 7.5 million people to be added to the list in the next three years. The government has to create new jobs, by all means, Dehgan said; Iran has tremendous amounts of natural resources that must be invested and at the same time, he criticized the government for oil revenues.
Source: Ebtikar Newspaper

♦ Three billion dollars increase in non-oil products exportation

Minister of economic and financial affairs, Ali Taieb Nia, announced that non-oil exports have achieved 35% growth rate, explaining that Iran tends to decrease reliance on oil. As or smuggling, Nia asserted that the government has taken serious steps in fighting this problem, leading to the decrease of smuggled goods up to 15 billion dollars.
Source: Abrar Eghtesadi Newspaper

♦ 18% decline in Chinese exports to Iran

The Iranian customs department announced that the Chinese exports to Iran have declined 18% during the first seven months of this year in compared with the same period of last year, amounting to 8.74 billion dollars. While the Iranian exports to China during the period from January to July 2015 were 10.4 billion dollars but declined 24% during the same period of this year, amounting to 7.98 USD.
Source: Tijarat Newspaper

♦ 60 cases of Food poisoning in Hamadan

Head of Emergency center in Hamadan, Habib Ma’soum, announced that there were 60 student cases of food poisoning in Hamadan on Wednesday that received medical care at their homes, while ten of them were transported to the hospital.
Source: Arman Emroz Newspaper

♦ Fire in a housing complex in Tehran and 20 people escape with their lives

The Iranian Civil Defense spokesperson, Saied Jalal Makey, announced that a fire erupted in an eight-story housing complex. Firefighters rushed to the site and found that fire spread on the first floor and evacuated 20 people by a hydraulic crane, and then put the fire out at 5.30 this morning.
Source: Asr Iran

♦ Iran; There has to be coordination with the Syrian government in countering terrorism

The Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesperson, Bihram Qasemi, handled the Turkish military operations in Syria, saying that Iran has always asserted that countering terrorism is an international responsibility, stressing on regional cooperation in fighting this phenomenon. Qasemi also said that countering terrorism in Syria needs coordination with the Syrian government in compliance with the National Sovereignty and the International Laws.
Source: Entikhab Site

♦ The accomplishment of 1000 production units by the end of the year
In a meeting with Joma’a Imam in Sinindij province, assistant administrative and provinces affairs manager in the Iranian Ministry of Industry, Mohammed Fayad, said that the Iranian government is dedicated to end the problem of 1000 production units by the end of this year, adding that some of those units will be back to work in the next six months
Source: ISNA Agency

♦ The Iranian production of petrochemicals will achieve 50 billion USD annually

In his meeting with a number of the Petrochemical Company engineers and principals in South Pars in Aslaweih city, the Iranian minister of oil, Bigen Zanganah, expected that the Iranian annual petrochemical production will reach 50 billion USD, especially after the production of Ethan gas, stressing the importance of petrochemicals and the availability of state of the art equipment with standard levels, asserting that his country is dedicated to regaining its market share after lifting sanctions.
Source: Tasnim Agency

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