Iranian Press: Aug, 17th, 2016 Russia Installs S400 missiles in Hamadan and the Revolutionary Guards detain two western diplomats in Kurdistan


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» Health care problems and possibility of turning it into a private sector
» Troubled Children and creating a working group dedicated to eliminating child abuse
» Growing Tension between Rouhani and Judiciary Branch

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» MPs respond to Russian presence on Nojeh Air Force Base in Hamadan
» Speaker of the Parliament calls for investigation with officials related to Montaziri’s audio file release and house arrest for Montazeri under Khatami’s orders
» French and British diplomats’ car-stop in Kurdistan

» Increase of the Iranian Carpets exports
» 2430 Iranian factories restart up
» British Ministry of foreign Affairs following up with the case of the British-Iranian arrested in Iran

“Iran is greater than party rivalries,” Ebtikar Newspaper criticizes the moral decline of political rivalry between Rouhani and Khamenei personnel. The editorial says that Iran is currently witnessing an unprecedented embittered war of words and reputations between heads of Judiciary and Executive Branch. Accusing the President of espionage has never happened before. The conflict between senior officials has gone too far and on impractical things. For example, Prosecutor of Mashhad, supported by Jumaa Imam, attacked the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance because of concert licensing, which has turned into offense and slinging mud between both of them. Based on these assumptions, the editorial calls senior officials to resort to the Supreme Council in the case of disputes among the three authorities. In Fact, Iran is suffering Dual power form of regime, which is grounded in the constitution and in governmental organizations. The Iranian regime structure consists of two powers, an elected president and another appointed by the Supreme Leader. In light of political rivalry between Khamenei and Rouhani over the past six months, there is a need to maintain political stability in the country, which can be achieved only by Rouhani’s displacement or death of Khamenei.

“Enhancing reliability of health sector,” Jehan Senaat Newspaper handled the problems facing the Iranian health care, and the desire to turn it into an investment sector due to the growth of medical tourism. The editorial said that global investments in health and medications sectors are two times oil and gas investments, and the Iranian share in these sectors is almost nothing. According to the Iranian Health Minister, the problem is that 64% of hospitals belong to the public sector, and 80% of patients checking in with these hospitals that are the most heavily indebted among governmental sectors. Indeed, Iran suffers poor medical care in most provinces mainly in Ahwaz that protested governmental ignorance of their basic needs last month. However, treatment and care are offered to Shiites from Iraq, Azerbaijan and Pakistan free of charge, in addition to hospitals that are being established in the Iranian sphere of influence in other countries. In reality, Iran has gained a reputation in medical tourism and plastic surgery, meanwhile, a lot of Iranians die due to poor medical care.

“Cooperation of Ministries to prioritize children’s concerns,” Iran newspaper handled the conference that was held by Minister of Cooperation and Social Development with the presence of fifteen governmental organizations, concerning creating a national working group dedicated to tackling problems of children. Some of these problems were an addiction, child abuse, poverty, and school dropout. These institutions vanished during Ahmadinejad’s era since they represent the basic ground of reformists. On the other hand, revolutionary charity organizations have given no assistance in this concern although their enormous capabilities, meanwhile, they dedicate their efforts to help families in Afghanistan and Pakistan that lost their children belonging to Alfatimioun and Alzainabioun Brigade in the war in Syria.

♦ 83 million USD, Iranian carpet exports in four months

Head of the National Center of Iranian carpets, Hamid Karghar, said that the Iranian carpet exports amounted to approximately 83 million dollars in four months. The American share of this amount was nearly 27.6 million USD, noting that their target is to reach the ceiling of 400 million dollars this year.
Source: Fares News Agency

♦ Economic Committee approves the establishment of nineteen free economic trade zones

Vice-Chairman of Economic Committee, Saied Fared Mousavi said that committee members have approved the adoption of regulations establishing seven free trade zones and twelve special economic zones. Mousavi stated to IRNA news agency that all details of regulations are scheduled to be discussed at the upcoming meeting of the Committee, stressing on opening new jobs and support of economic growth in these zones.
Source: Abrar Eghtesadi Newspaper

♦ Re-operating 2,430 factories

Tafahom Newspaper reported the availability of 81 thousand small industrial units in Iran, which almost equals statistics in developed countries; nevertheless, there is a big gap in terms of value and capabilities between Iran and these countries. Ali Yazdi, executive director of micro-industries and industrial cities declared that 2430 industrial units in industrial cities have been restarted up due to governmental support.
Source: Tafahom Newspaper

♦ Child street labor to be undertaken by social welfare centers

Assistant Governor of Tehran for Social Affairs, Ibrahim Al Ghafari reported that 1500 children have been taken from streets of Tehran and handed over to social welfare Centers. He added that there are no accurate statistics about the number of these children, but an estimation of nine thousand of them working and begging in the streets of Tehran
Source: Iran Newspaper

♦ Growing rates of unemployment among young people in Behshahr

Behshahr Jumaa Imam, Arab Ali Jabbari, called for improvement of the standards of living of the middle-class society in light of growing rates of unemployment among young people that have been ignored for a long time.
Source: Tafahom Newspaper

♦ Motahari’s reaction to Ayatollah Montazeri’s audio file

Second Deputy Chairman of Shura Council, Ali Motahari called Hussein Ali Neri, Mostafa Pour Mohammadi, and Ibrahim Raesi to provide explanations about Hossein Ali Montazeri’s statements concerning this file. He added, “These recordings were published before, and of course, they came out of enthusiasm and in favor of the Islamic revolution.” Motahari also wondered about the credibility of these statements and whether what happened was a direct order from Khomeini or not. He continued, “This issue is confusing due to the lack of information that has to be clarified to people by those officials who have to apologize in the case of any shortcomings in implementing Khomeini’s orders,” stressing on the noble and gracious values of the Revolution.
Source: Sharq newspaper

♦ Dawlat Abadi on behalf of Khatami: preventing someone from attending theater is non-of-my-business

Prosecutor General of Tehran, Jafari Dawlat Abadi, stated that there are two courts in Tehran, one is military and the other is Clerical. He added that preventing someone from attending a theater is linked to the clerical court rather than to Tehran’s prosecutor.
Dawlat Abadi also stated that the dual-nationality person accused of spying for Britain was active in the Iranian economic sector, and was arrested last week.
Source: Sharq Newspaper

♦ Debka File: Russia is willing to install S 400 in Hamedan

Zionist entity media claimed that Russia has the intention to set up S 400 air defense missile systems on Nojeh air force base in Hamedan.
Source: Fares Agency

♦ Ghasemi clarifications about ten detained Iranians in Kuwait

Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesperson, Bahram Ghasemi stated that they are following up with allegations raised against ten Iranians detained in Kuwait and their status with the Kuwaiti authorities.
He responded to a question saying, “Those people were trying to enter Kuwait illegally for work, which has led to their detention near the Kuwaiti coast.”
He continued, “The Iranian Embassy in Kuwait was informed about the incident and is following up with the Kuwaiti authorities.” On the other hand, the Iranian acting ambassador is working on a meeting with those arrested Iranians in coordination with the Kuwaiti government.
Source: newspaper Jam-e Jam

♦ MP considers Russian aircraft in Hamedan unconstitutional

MP of Islamabad, Hashmatullah Flahat Bisha, announced, in a constitutional notice, that the Russian aircraft in Hamedan Air Base are unconstitutional. He added, in a parliamentary session on Wednesday that Article 146 of the Constitution strictly prohibits the presence of any foreign military installation in the country even if for peaceful purposes.
On his side, Speaker of the Iranian Parliament, Ali Larijani, stated that Iran has never put any military bases at the disposal of any other countries, but only cooperates with Russia on regional issues like Syria.
It is noted that this is the first Russian military presence in Iran after World War II.
Source: Farda Radio

♦ Car-stop of French and British diplomats in Kurdistan
Revolutionary Guards intelligence official reported that security authorities in Saghz, Kurdistan stopped a Pajero car carrying French and British diplomats who were filming a number of sites in Saghz. Security forces declared that the French diplomat is a political advisor at the French embassy; meanwhile the other is a secretary in the British embassy in Tehran. Later on, they were released and allowed to stay at hotel Azerbaijan and Shadi, but prohibited from taking any pictures.
Source: ISNA

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