Iranian press (August 6th) No impact on the nuclear deal on the living conditions of people, and huge explosion of a gas pipeline in Ganaveh


Editorials of the Iranian newspapers today, pointed out to the Access to Information law implementation, following the ban of publication of divorce statistics. The reformist Sharq Newspaper considered Rouhani as a soft fundamentalist who can win the votes of conservatives for a second term.

In the news; news agencies and sites handled the Imams Friday speeches in Iran, which criticized the nuclear deal. Spokesperson of Foreign Ministry criticizes the Western position in handling the execution of Sunnis in Iran; and the collision of an Iranian oil tanker with another vessel in Singapore Strait.

Prominent Editorials
“Soft fundamentalism” Sharq Newspaper brings up a new vision for the upcoming presidential elections alliances. The editorial sees that Rouhani represents the soft fundamentalist form, which can guarantee traditional conservatives’ interests of those influenced by Ahmadinejad era. The editorial believes that Rouhani is the only one that can eliminate this political faction (Supporters of Ahmadinejad) during his second term in office in a calm manner away from clashes. The greatest advantage of Rouhani’s winning a second term is the Elimination of Ahmadinejad and his faction who severely hurt the political life in Iran. The editorial explains that in his second term Rouhani will be obliged to make changes because any compromise with Ahmadinejad’s supporters or having them in decision-making positions will cause damages to the interests of the state. Hassan Rouhani can take advantage of his character as a soft fundamentalist and make a dramatic administrative change, which will be the turning point in Rouhani’s life. Reformist, as well as conservatives, will support Rouhani, but each side has his own reasons.

“What is the use of oil and gas deep in the ground and sea,” Etemad” criticizes the Iranian policy in the oil industry and the belief that the world cannot possibly accept Iran to get out of the oil Exporting Countries group. In 2011, the Iranian oil minister said that the implementation of an international ban on Iranian oil exportation would raise its prices for two thousand dollars per barrel, but in fact, the barrel price decreased under the implementation of this ban. Now the price of oil has reached its lowest rate in more than ten years and expected to continue to decline. If Iran continues to make the exploration and extraction contracts on cross-selling agreements basis, it will be useless and foreign companies won’t return back to Iran but will be headed toward Iraqi Kurdistan, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, the UAE, and some African countries. The editorial stresses that if the current Iranian policies of oil industry continue; Iran will lose its position as a major exporter and deteriorate into a second-degree exporter with increasing oil exports from Saudi Arabia, Iraqi Kurdistan, and Russia. Nevertheless, can Iran put up with this? The editorial handles Khamenei’s rejection of many oil agreements of Rouhani’s governments over the past months that led to the disruption of negotiations. It supports Rouhani’s oil policies, saying that waiting for Khamenei office’s conditions concerning oil contracts will not lead to anything but to keep the Iranian oil under the ground, while the technological development in extracting oil from American sands and rocks as well as coasts of the world, will topple the Iranian position in the world oil market in the near future.

“Free access to classified information,” Etela’at” Newspaper discusses laws regulating access to classified information in Iran. The editorial says that, seven years ago, the Iranian parliament issued the law of Access and Publish of Information. The Expediency Council also added an item and approved this law. All 23 articles oblige the government and all State components to provide all required information without asking for reasons except for military information. The editorial says that Rouhani in every interview or talk expresses his pride of this law that hasn’t been and will not be enforced at all. During Rouhani’s era reveal of divorce rates, information has become prohibited after making a record of 25% in the first year of marriage, and 40% in Tehran only. Since the government bans the release of statistics of a critical social matter, how come Rouhani expresses his pride of this law? Moreover, the government has prevented photographers from entering the Iranian parliament halls so as not to depict and portray the sleeping Representatives during parliamentary sessions, and prevent the disclosure of astronomical salaries lists. The question that raises her, by such limitations and restrictions, is Rouhani’s government still proud of implementing freedom of access to information law?

♦ Iranian oil tanker collided with another in the Strait of Singapore

Fares news agency, quoting from some Arabic news sites the collision of an Iranian oil tanker and another container carrier in the Strait of Singapore, but the name of the tanker and how it happened is still unknown because of Iranian officials’ silence.
Source: Fares News Agency.

♦ A new session of political talks between Iran and Afghanistan

A new round of political talks between Iran and Afghanistan has been conducted at the Iranian Foreign Ministry. The Afghan delegation consisted of a number of Afghan officials of all specialties and headed by Assistant Afghan Foreign Minister for Political Affairs, Hakim Khalil Karzai. On the other hand, the Iranian delegation headed by an assistant of the Iranian Foreign Minister for Central Asian affairs, Ibrahim Rahimpour. They discussed bilateral political, security, military, economic, cultural, counter-terrorism and anti-drug cooperation, and to remove all obstacles that might hinder those relations, especially residing of Afghan immigrants and completion of some projects.
Source: Fares News Agency.

♦ America cannot be trusted / there is no impact on the nuclear agreement on the lives of people

Ramhormoz Friday Imam, Mehdi Qureshi, said that the Iranian people do not trust the United States at all. He added that Iran has never been the UK or US puppet, and has never changed its positions for the sake of them. He also added that the nuclear deal doesn’t have any impact on people’s lives who haven’t witnessed any changes yet.
Source: Fares News Agency.

♦ Repeating the experience of the nuclear deal, this time with secret oil contracts

The Iranian government has approved new oil contracts known as (IPC) last Wednesday. This news has raised fears and question marks by those concerned with the Iranian interest and the revolution, asking, why?
It seems that the Iranian government repeats the same experience of the nuclear deal. Secret planning and agreements, then unveil them when everything is done. All parties will be invited to the festive signing; this is the bitter experience of the Government of Rouhani. It is currently planning for signing oil contracts but no details have been revealed yet. Hiding such crucial information from the Iranian experts and politicians does not have any logical explanations, which makes prominent politicians raise questions on the government’s practices.
Source: Keyhan newspaper.

♦ German Newspaper: Munich shooter, trained on weapons in Iran

Fox German magazine reported a new scenario against Iran, saying that the shooter in Munich had trained on weapons during a trip to Iran. The magazine reported that Ali Sonboly, 18 years old, traveled with his father to Iran last December, and attended a training course on weapons in Iran. Sonboly had shot nine people in Munich before he committed suicide. Saudi and German media blamed Iran for the attack.
Source: Asr Iran Site.

♦ Western position toward the execution of terrorists is considered interference in Iran’s affairs

Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman, Bahram Ghasemi, criticized the position of the European and American officials, as well as Human Rights Organization regarding what he described as the execution of terrorists, in reference to the execution of a Sunni citizen, and considered it as interference in the internal affairs of Iran. He stressed that Iran has always taken a firm policy in countering terrorism supported by some governments in the region and abroad. He urged Western nations to look at the crimes of those terrorists who had killed innocent citizens, including a Sunni scholar. Ghasemi stressed on countering terrorist and Takfiri groups rather than dealing with this issue in double standards.
Source: ILNA.

♦ A huge explosion of gas pipeline near Ganaveh

A large explosion occurred Saturday night in the gas pressure station close to the road of Ganaveh – Kjsaran, 28 kilometers from the Ganaveh, and 8 kilometers from Shol village in Bushehr province. The flame was seen from a distance and prevented Civil defense personnel from approaching the site closely. Civil defense reported that three employees were injured and transported to the hospital. The main reasons and losses resulted from this explosion are still unrevealed.
Source: ILNA.

♦ Fundamentalists are victims of ignorance and Rouhani cannot repeal the nuclear deal

University professor and journalist, Amir Mohebian, in a dialogue about many political issues of Iran, handled the internal affairs saying that fundamentalists are powerful and have a wonderful head of the party. However, they have limited themselves to three figures that participated in many previous elections and lost and are running the upcoming elections against Rouhani. According to Mohebian, fundamentalists have plenty of qualified personalities, but they have a problem of ignorance and are not familiar with their own capabilities, but must be given the opportunity to show their strength. He added that although he belongs to the same party, there are a lot of unknown fundamentalists to him, so how can people be able to know and elect them? As for the nuclear deal, Mohebian said that in case Trump wins the presidency, the nuclear deal will be in danger. He wondered how Rouhani can defend the nuclear deal in light of Trump’s statements that attacked it. He added that Rouhani cannot burn the nuclear deal; to him it just like committing suicide since has tied his fate to this deal.
Source: Jam-e Jam.

♦ 21-year-old girl commits suicide by burning herself

Head of Public Relations at the University of Medical Sciences in Dezful said that he received a report about a girl that had burned herself at her home on Friday afternoon. The girl was transported to the hospital but died by 100%, burns. The reasons for the suicide have not been clarified yet. It’s remarkable that last year witnessed the suicide of two other girls in the same city.
Source: Bartaren Ha Site.

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