Iranian press (August 7th) Judiciary confirms the execution of Shahram Amiri and the government debts are 171 billion USD


The Iranian newspapers editorials today discussed what they described as Khamenei’s intentions to punish Rouhani because of overcoming his rights, and the plan to take him to jail with the approach of presidential elections. They also criticized the phenomenon of relatives’ appointments in sensitive positions. In addition, they discussed Iran’s commitment to long-term agreements in the last year of government, which exposes Iran to damages and heavy losses.

In the news, newspapers quoted statements of Ali Velayati about Syria and Iraq, and speculations about a Syrian-Turkish –Iranian security meeting in Tehran. They also reported Council of Experts member, Ahmad Khatami’s statement about relations with the United States and their consequences, and ineffectiveness of the nuclear deal in improving people’s lives. Economically, government debts have been disclosed recently, and a tour of the chamber of commerce in Latin America accompanied by Minister of Foreign Affairs.

“Scenarios of excluding Rouhani” Sharq” Newspaper presents the scenarios of excluding Rouhani and preventing him from winning a second term in the upcoming elections. The editorial relied on the statement made by the popular Iranian historian Hamid Rouhani during the one hundred years of Constitutional Revolution conference in Iran. Hamid accused the Iranian President Hassan Rouhani of treason and demanded to prosecute him. He considered that the next presidential election is a suitable opportunity for the discarding of both, Hassan Rouhani and Ahmadinejad. The editorial believes that the statement of Hamid, who is close to the decision-making loop in Iran, as a strong indication of the intention to fabricate charges for Rouhani and put him in prison. Although, the editorial sees the certainty of him running the elections as the escape of what has been plotted against him. The editorial presents several scenarios for the exclusion of Rouhani. The first one is to voluntarily retire after being completely convinced that running for a second term is neither of his nor of the countries interests. In order to make him get to this conclusion, pressure should be exerted on figures close to him, which has already started last year by arresting a number of reporters, and the concern of his brother, Hossein Faridoun. With the completion of this scenario, a second one forges through the declaration of the non-validity of Rouhani to run the elections by the Guardian Council, which is likely to happen just like the exclusion of Rafsanjani and Hossein Khomeini although their status in the regime structure. The third scenario is the conservatives rallying behind Ahmadinejad as their candidate for the upcoming presidential elections.
The editorial is also surprised that the nuclear deal criticism comes out through the Friday speech, which is fully subject to the authority of Khamenei, who has repeatedly stated that the nuclear deal negotiations were conducted under the direct supervision of him. The nuclear deal is a matter related to sovereignty and governance rather than to the state administration. Thus, Khamenei has the first and final word of it. In fact, the editorial believes that there is a final decision by Khamenei to exclude Rouhani. The evidence is the large-scale attack from conservatives on him under the guidance of Khamenei, who is planning to punish Rouhani and put him in prison.

“Inauguration of relatives, a serious cause of much administrative and economic corruption” Jehan Senaat” Newspaper monitors the inauguration of relatives’ phenomenon in the administrative and economic positions in Iran. The editorial says that the inauguration of relatives is an awkward legacy in the history of the Persian civilization and is deeply rooted in the social and cultural fabric of the Iranian state administration, which is an uncomfortable practice to appoint unqualified people in sensitive positions of the state. A president’s brother can’t be less than Assistant Minister, head of a state organization, or head of a bank. A governor’s brother also can’t be less than a Mayer of a city, and his cousins no less than heads of villages. In addition, one can get a higher rank by being in-law of a senior official. As a result, the size of declared corruption has reached $ 2.8 billion. According to the Iranian judiciary, there are 15 million cases of which a significant number of administrative and economic corruption cases. The editorial sees that the only way to eliminate financial and administrative corruption is through the elimination of the bad cultural practices inside the Iranian society. Otherwise, all fighting corruption efforts will go in vain.

“The dangers of long-term commitments in the last year of the government’s life,” Kayhan Newspaper warned of conducting international agreements and treaties in the last year of the life of the government. The editorial says that in its last days, Khatami’s government signed an agreement of selling gas to the UAE for cheap prices. The issue was later taken to the International Court of Lahai that exempted Iran from carrying out the agreement. The Editorial says that Rouhani’s recent oil agreements in accordance with the IPC system mean the return to the oil pre-nationalization era in Iran. It is clear that what the conservative, Hamid Rouhani said about the need of taking a legal action against Rouhani in Sharq Newspaper is echoed in Kayhan Newspaper, the closest to Khamenei, which means that it is possible to be taken seriously in regard to nuclear deal and recent oil agreements.

♦ Shariatmadari: The nuclear deal doesn’t make any difference for us

Chairman of Kayhan Newspaper, Ali Shariatmadari said that the joint action plan has achieved nothing for Iranians, and the only achievement that can be relied upon, is that it has become clear to those who considered America as the world leader and were optimistic about negotiations, are now convinced that it can’t be trusted. He stressed that no sanctions have been lifted despite being agreed upon.
This media activist referred to the issue of astronomical salaries. He said that he respects Mr. Rouhani and First Vice-president, wondering if they have so far dealt with these astronomical salaries. Mr. Noboukt apologized for the Iranian people for these salaries received by somebody but never mentioned a name. A few days later, he appraised the same person saying he is ammo of the regime and best of loyalists.
Source: Jam-e Jam.

People are waiting for a solution to all economic problems

MP, Hossein Ali Haji, said in an interview with Tasnim News Agency, that economic problems facing the country cannot be denied. He added that unemployment is the most serious problem in the Iranian community, which amounted to five million young people. Based on that, the government should take all possible procedures to solve this problem. He also called the government to honestly reveal its progress and procedures away from secret agreements.
Source: Joan Newspaper.

♦ Democrats have shown that they are not serious about the nuclear deal

Advisor of the Iranian Supreme Leader for International Affairs, Ali Akbar Velayati, said that many countries are convinced about the survival of Bashar al-Assad regime, and he hopes to hold talks with Ankara. He added that the American Democrats have proven they are not standing for the nuclear deal. Velayati stressed that there is no difference between Democrats and Republicans in the US, and his country does not see any differences between both parties in the upcoming US presidential elections. On the Syrian and Turkish issues, he stated that participation of Assad in the next presidential elections is under discussion. Tehran believes that Assad has a big chance to win the next elections once he decides to participate, pointing out that the chance for a political solution in Syria is now possibly more than before.
Source: Sharq Newspaper.

♦ 600 thousand billion Tomans (171 billion USD), government depts

Minister of Economy, Ali Tayyip Nia, stressed that regime leaders are seriously intended to achieve economic prosperity as well as continuous and solid economic growth. He said that banking problems and government debts are the largest challenges facing the country and causing an economic recession in recent years. He also stated that the government’s debts amounted to 600 thousand billion Tomans (171 billion USD). He added that although this is not considered a big number on the international level, but it has created a state of confusion in the country.
Source: Abrar Eghtesadi Newspaper.

♦ Iranian economic delegation visiting five countries in Latin America
The economic delegation of Iran’s Chamber of Commerce consisting of private sector activists in various economic fields accompanied by Iran’s foreign minister, Mohammad Javad Zarif are visiting five countries in Latin America; Cuba, Ecuador, Chile, Bolivia, and Nicaragua, starting from August 21st until 27th of the same month. It is expected that various topics will be discussed including engineering, technical services, minerals, petrochemicals, oil products, medical devices, agriculture, maritime transportations, and banking affairs.
Source: Abrar Eghtesadi Newspaper.

♦ Any talk about negotiating with the United States is considered offense to the Jurist Leadership

The Assembly of Experts member, Ahmad Khatami said that any talk about negotiations with the United States after the speech of Ali Khamenei is considered against the Jurist Leadership. He added that the Jurist Leadership is a law in the Constitution, and the final word in the State is to the Supreme Leader that has to be obeyed. He pointed out that no significant changes have been witnessed in the lives of people in a year after the nuclear deal, which was scheduled to repeal all sanctions; the matter that has not happened.
According to Khatami, everyone has to realize that the American file is confined to one person; Commander of Republic and no can intervene in this matter or violate the sacredness of institutions under the excuse of criticism. He added that the need is only for constructive criticism to improve and proceed on.
Source: Degirban.

♦ A fire at port of al-Imam petrochemicals

A fire erupted in the port of al-Imam petrochemicals in Mahshahr at the Arabian Gulf, where all firefighter and rescue units rushed to site. Manager of petrochemical crises in Mahshahr declared that this unit produces synthetic plastic and there is no worry about products after the fire has been extinguished.
This fire is the second one in the last 48 hours, after an explosion in two pipelines transporting oil and ethylene in Bushehr, Ganaveh, which led to 4 casualties, dead and injured.
Source: Iran Newspaper.

♦ Syrian-Turkish-Iranian security meeting in Tehran

According to a media source, there is a consensus between Iran and Turkey on the Syrian crises and the government of Damascus. It added that Ankara has decided to close the Turkish-Syrian borders in the face of terrorists so as to prevent them from going back to Syria.
In the same assumption, other sources also stated that Iran, Turkey, and Syria, to form a trilateral security committee in the near future to discuss logistics and security arrangements in countering terrorism and other related issues.
The Arab site of Mehr Agency pointed out to the declaration of some sources close to the commander of Qods Forces, Qassem Suleimani, for Al Quds Al Arabi site, that the Turkish leadership has clearly informed Tehran of the withdrawal of its military and security agents from the joint Intelligence chamber in Jordan (MOK). Moreover, the visit of President of the national Security Committee in the Shura Council, Alaeddin Boroujerdi to Damascus came in the framework of these talks.
Source: Mehr News Agency.

♦ Confirming the execution of Shahram Amiri

Spokesperson and First Vice-President of Judiciary, Gholam Hossein Mohseni Ajayi, declared in a press conference today the execution of a world nuclear physicist Shahram Amiri of Kurdish origin.
Ajayi added that the Court of First Instance sentenced him to death on charges of spying for the United States, while the court of the state confirmed his execution in light of the court ruling him 10 years in jail and 5 years exile in Khash city.
Source: Balatrin.

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