Iranian Press (July 20th) Genetic Disabilities hit Bushehr nuclear power and Khatami nominates Rouhani alone for reformers


The Iranian press editorials responded today Tuesday, July 20, 2016, to the report of the Secretary-General of the United Nations on the Iranian missile tests, in addition to the attempt of the nuclear deal review at the public level.

The Iranian newspapers also addressed the request of Rouhani for more close relations with other countries in the post-nuclear deal, and Larijani calls for the issuance of a draft law for uranium enrichment resumption. Economically, the press drew attention to the indicators of changing the direction of foreign investment from Turkey to Iran, with reference to the reasons of unemployment increase by the Ministry of Labor. Socially, Statistics revealed a high rate of genetic disabilities in Bushehr city, home of a nuclear reactor.

Prominent Editorials
“A Report that breaks Limits of Power” Etemad newspaper highlights the report of Ban ki-moon concerning the Iranian ballistic missiles. The editorial expresses the Iranian rejection of this report, saying that according to Security Council resolution 2231, Secretary-General of the United Nations has to submit a biannual report about the Iranian Nuclear Deal and that the Council discusses it during the next session after the report being submitted. With the release of the report, countries like Russia and Iran have objected it, saying that this report has come out of political rather than technical stand. The editorial believes that Ki Mon has gone beyond limits and exceeded his authorities because his report handled the Iranian missile activities that have nothing to do with the Nuclear Deal. The report stated that The Iranian missile experiments violate the essence of the nuclear deal and the Security Council resolution number 2231. Iran believes that this statement has many legal explanations. Since the Security Council couldn’t have passed a judgment on those experiments, Ki Mon is going beyond the limits of his job and puts himself in the position of the Security Council. In fact, Iran is trying to disregard two other security resolutions that prohibit Iran from launching any ballistic missile experiments. In addition to that, the same statement the Iranians are objecting, which is the violation of the essence of the nuclear deal, is the same one the Iranians used when the European banks denied dealing with Iran, saying that the US not issuing a declaration to the banks that the sanctions had been repealed, is a violation of the essence of the nuclear deal.

“Nuclear Deal: Joy or National Funeral” Etelaat Newspaper illustrates the disagreement of the Iranian people on the nuclear deal. The editorial says that when signing the deal, reactions varied inside Iran from celebrating in the streets into lighting candles as an expression of mourning and sadness that prevailed Ahmadinejad’s supporters who held the majority in the parliament at that time. At the external level, there was strong responses weather in the United States, when president Obama was obliged to address his people on this matter after being accused of treason, or the international media sensation that accompanied signing the nuclear deal, and raised expectations of the Iranian people, but then turned into public anger toward Rouhani’s administration for not making Iran’s dreams come true. If Rouhani had enjoyed political statesmanship and diplomacy, he would have dropped those expectations neither to shock the Iranian society nor to expose himself and his team to public criticism. The editorial says that Zarif’s remarks now go around what would have happened if the nuclear deal hadn’t been signed, especially oil exportation, which fell down because of the US sanctions from 2.5 million barrels a day to less than one million. In addition, there was an American project to reduce the Iranian oil exportation to zero level in a year and a half. This point, in his view, is enough to look at the Iranian nuclear program positively. The fact that many economic problems Iran suffers are related to government running of the economic activities more than to the sanctions that were imposed on Iran. The evidence for that is the financial corruption in the government and embezzlement crisis, deterioration of banking system, smuggling, recession, and shutting down factories. All of these are economic problems that are not related directly to the economic sanctions. Those problems need determination and proper administrative decisions to eliminate them, but the real crisis is that corruption is rooted in the political structure of Iran.

“Adopting standard criteria for the judicial system,” Avrinsh Newspaper discussed litigation procedures in breaking the Saudi Embassy in Tehran case and the financial corruption of the Iranian government. Iran has witnessed public criticism over the last month on its judicial system. Some of this criticism came out from Head of Judiciary himself when the Iranian Minister of Interior Affairs declared the indicators of social problems in Iran. Consequently, Head of Judiciary declared that the Iranian judicial system is ineffective in controlling the Iranian society and promoting its values. The editorial also says in light of the Attorney General request from the Minister of Economy to hand in a list of names of managers who received salaries and bonuses they don’t deserve; in order to bring them to court; although eligibility of people of public trials for those who have stolen their money, decisions that were made contradict the judicial system bases, such as withdrawal of passports of some officials, and preventing the conduct of any cultural activities without coordinating with the judicial authorities, which made the Minister of Culture, ridicule this decision and say that he would send musical tunes to the scholastic Hawza for approval before broadcasting them to people. Another big event is the arrest of the head of Mellat Bank by the Revolutionary Guards Intelligence forces on charges of corruption. Iran is currently witnessing a state of lawlessness by the legal institutions, and with the follow-up of the trial of the accused people of the Saudi embassy breaking in Tehran, it is noted that there is a lack of compliance with the Iranian law pleadings and the sarcastic responses that those being under trial say in response to the prosecutor questions.

Prominent News

♦ 2.4 billion dollars; a Russian loan to Iran

Russian media declared that Moscow has allocated more than $ 2.4 billion as a loan for joint projects with Iran. It is planned that Iran will benefit from this loan in the electricity sector and railway industry. According to this decision published on the official website of the Russian legal information, Russia will allocate $ 1.1 billion to run the Iranian railway on electricity and $ 1.3 billion to build a power plant.
Source: Jahan Eghtesad Newspaper.

♦ Changing the destination of foreign investment from Turkey to Iran

The former counselor at the World Bank, Nadera Chamlou, referred to the positives and negatives of the failed coup in Turkey on the Iranian economy. She said that if Iran improves its investment environment, it might attract investments from Turkey to its markets. Chamlou added that the latest developments in Turkey could affect the region’s economies with exception to some Gulf countries. This failed coup in Turkey might also have a negative impact on the Iranian economy since Turkey is considered the Iranian gateway to the world.
Source: Abrar Eghtesadi Newspaper.

♦ Reasons for unemployment increase according to the Deputy Minister of Labor

Iranian vice Minister of Cooperation and Labor, Syed Hamid Kalantari stated in a speech released by ISNA News Agency the causes of unemployment increase in Iran. He explained that unprofitable investments, wrong policies of the previous government, imposition of international sanctions against Iran, and increasing inflation rate have led to increase the rates of unemployment. He added, during his meeting with the team of work and investment of North Khorasan Province that there is a need for effective measures and procedures to overcome this problem.
Source: ISNA News Agency.

♦ Rouhani: after the nuclear deal, the relationship between Iran and other countries has become closer

President Hassan Rouhani said that after the Joint Comprehensive action plan and the nuclear deal, connections between Iran and other countries on the economic, social, cultural and scientific levels have become easier and more effective, stating that the advantage of the atmosphere of post-agreement and each other’s experiences must be taken into consideration.
Rouhani added that if we want to achieve stability and satisfactory peace in the world, we have to achieve tolerance and acceptance of each other’s cultures and ideas, and if we want to move away from violence and end terrorism, we need to promote tolerance values, respect for other cultures, and convergence between different cultures and way of life of all communities.
Source: IRNA Agency.

♦ Former General Manager of Iranian Mellat Bank arrested for corruption charges

The Attorney General of Tehran, Abbas Jafari Dowlat Abadi, declared the arrest of the Former General Manager of Mellat Bank in light of the economic corruption campaign on government departments and institutions in the country. Dowlat Abadi stated that this campaign will continue trials and bring suspects to court. He also stressed on the need to issue powerful and deterrent laws against those involved, which will have a positive impact on fighting corruption and crime in the country.
Source: IRNA.

♦ Head of the Iranian Shura Council criticizes Ban Ki-moon’s report and calls for a draft law of uranium enrichment resumption

Head of the Iranian parliament, Ali Larijani, criticized the Secretary-General of the United Nations Ban Ki-moon’s report he presented to the UN Security Council in which he said that the launch of Iran’s nuclear ballistic missiles violates the agreement with 5 + 1 group.
Larijani said that the report of Ban Ki-moon criticized the launch of ballistic missiles, but did not address the Iranian concerns about the nuclear deal and the complaints about the lack of commitment of 5 +1 toward Iran.
Source: Mehr.

♦ Mohammad Reza Khatami: Rouhani is our first and last choice

Deputy Chairman of Shura Council, Mohammad Reza Khatami, at the sixth session, that Conservatives are aware that they will be defeated if Rouhani runs the elections, or any other reformist or moderate and gains reformers support.
Khatami explained the conditions of participation in the upcoming presidential elections and confirmed that the reformers first and final choice would be Rouhani if he decides to run the elections. In that case, no other reformer will nominate and faces him. He added that the reformist movement will use all its potentials to elect the president for a second term especially after the positive assessment of his performance. Although a lot of his pledges haven’t been achieved, reformers are aware of the obstacles and problems in his way of implementing these promises. They are also aware of his stand and dedication to achieve them.
Hence, it can be concluded that reformers, and even moderate current and some moderate conservatives, have no other choice in the upcoming presidential elections in Iran, but President Hassan Rouhani.
In regard to the latter claim of Mohammad Reza Bateni that Rouhani is one among thirty choices for conservatives in the twelfth Iranian presidential elections, Khatami sees that conservatives are devious and confused because they couldn’t have responded to the eight years of corruption of the ninth and tenth governments (the period of Ahmadinejad), and that they bear responsibility for that corruption.
Source: Fararo.

♦ Genetic deformities hit the city of Bushehr

Statistics indicate that there are about three million disabilities in Iran. According to official statistics, the number of disable people is increasing at a rate of 100 thousand cases each year. Bushehr city recorded a rise in the number of genetic disability cases as a result of the establishment of a nuclear power plant. The report also stressed the need to provide the necessary precautions by authorities concerned to tackle the spread of this phenomenon.
Source: Joan Newspaper.

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