Iranian press( July 23rd, 2016) Explosion in a truck belongs to the Guards…and worries about the fate of a detained American in Tehran


As for the news, politically, the arrest of an American of Iranian origin in Tehran, no Iranian was infected by explosions in Munich, and the funeral of a number of Fatimioun militia brigade in Tehran.

Electoral alliances for presidential elections 2017 was the most prominent topic in the Iranian press editorials on Saturday 23rd, July… Divisions in the Iranian parliament was considered by the editorials a step forward for Rouhani’s political power, along with the movements of the Najadi current and its campaign for elections.

Prominent Editorials

“Divisions in the parliament,” Sharq newspaper discussed division in the Iranian parliament. It said that the (Saliko Tareeq Alwelaya) coalition led by Larijani is exposed to internal division. It is well known that this coalition is moderate conservative that joined Rouhani and was one of the factors of winning the presidency. It also joined Omid current that combines moderates and reformers and contributed to Omid wining in the last parliamentary elections. The editorial says that some members of Alwelaya coalition declared their withdrawal and have joined the coalition of Omid headed by Rouhani, while other members are moving into another direction away from him. Ahmad Gholami, editor in chief of Sharq Newspaper believes that these political moves would increase the political power of Rouhani as he has recently begun a rapprochement with the other fundamentalist conservative parties away from Alwelaya coalition with the continuous support of conservatives, which will enhance his position in the next presidential elections. In fact, reformers released some information including this editorial that drew a vision of what might happen, but immediately, changed that vision just like Arman Newspaper, which declared that Rouhani is the only candidate for moderates and reformers. We believe that this editorial reflects the confusion of reformers and their fear of Rouhani’s failure especially after the two incidents of Kermanshah and the international conference of mayors held in Tehran at which the crowds stated their anger and dissatisfaction of Rouhani. If any changes occur in coalitions inside the parliament or the next electoral battle, it will be renouncing reformists to Rouhani who will converge with conservatives, which means an alliance between moderates and conservatives at the expense of Alwelaya coalition and reformists. In this case, Rouhani will attract the traditional conservatives away from Ahmadinejad, and exclude reformers of high ambitions in changing the nature of regime or gaining governmental positions. We believe that this alliance is more realistic and in harmony with the ideological trends of political divisions regardless the claim that Rouhani is a reformer or Larijani is a fundamentalist moderate.

“Nejad supporters are reorganizing” Etemad Newspaper, warned reformists that Ahmadinejad’s supporters might gather and reorganize for the upcoming presidential elections. The editorial said that Ahmadinejad’s speeches were strong and influential in Malard and at the Almasoudiah mosque last week in Tehran. As the elections date gets closer, Ahmadinejad and his supporters’ movement increase, although Ahmadinejad’s speeches in these gatherings focus on clarifying the ideas of Khomeini and Khamenei to the public and never asked for being re-elected the president. The editorial said that Ahmadinejad’s men are re-gathering around him such as his former ministers led by his assistant, Rahim Meshai, and even prisoners that will be set free soon. Ahmadinejad’s campaign last week focused on rural areas and marginalized communities in Tehran and major cities, which voted for him in his two presidential terms. So, is it possible to re-elect him after all this media circus about his bad economic management over the past three years, and accusations of systematic violence against protesters in 2009, killing hundreds of people? This will unfold in the next few months.

“Restructuring the administrative system,” Resalat Newspaper called for restructuring the Iranian administrative system in light of the financial corruption scandal in the Iranian government, and the president’s statement concerning this issue. The editorial said that current events portrayed the malfunction of the administrative system after the revelation of the astronomical salaries of some Iranian officials. Since all Iranians are familiar with those practices, will officials have the courage to fix this deficiency? The editorial called for a plan to reform the administrative and economic system of Iran. The first step is the globalization of the Iranian economy, which means to link it to the global indicators. The second is enhancing the digital government mechanisms and reducing the number of administrative apparatus departments to become more efficient through decentralization, with a written strategy for the administrative system. The strange thing is that this vision is introduced by the most conservative Iranian newspapers that are looking for improving the Iranian administrative system and incorporate it into the structure of the global economy in its capitalist laws.

Prominent News

♦ Worry about the fate of an Iranian-origin American arrested recently in Tehran

The family of the American citizen of Iranian origin Rabin Shahin, who was arrested recently in Tehran, expressed its worry. According to news, the Iranian authorities arrested Shahin, who was living in San Diego, Southern California during his visit to Iran in an unknown place until now.
Source: BBC-Persian.

♦ Explosion of truck carrying military ammunition on Caspian-Zenjan road

Public relations officer of the Revolutionary Guards, Brigadier General Ramadan Sharif, declared the explosion of a truck carrying military ammunition on the highway between the cities of Zanjan and Caspian, stating that the explosion caused no casualties. Sharif told the reporter of Fares News Agency that the truck was carrying cannon ammunition to one of the Revolutionary Guards units. This accident was caused by tire burst that made the truck veer off the road and hit an iron fence. As a result of the high temperature, a fire erupted and caused the explosion.
Source: Fares News Agency.

♦ The arrest of anti-revolution cell consists of four individuals in Salmas province

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Commander of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards in Salmas province, Colonel Ali Reza Madani said, in an interview with IRNA agency that four individuals belonging to one of the counterrevolutionary cells have been arrested. Those members were living in Turkey and were preparing for terrorist attacks in Iran. Two automatic weapons were seized from them in Salmas province in Western Azerbaijan province on the borders with Turkey.
Source: IRNA.

♦ High cost of housing, the main cause of poverty in Tehran

According to results of the research conducted by Scientific Committee of Economy in Tehran, housing is a key factor in determining poverty rates in the Iranian Capital followed by economic, social and cultural indicators. Area 17 in Tehran is the most prominent model of the poorest places followed by areas 18 and 19 in the capital, Tehran. This research indicated that poverty that prevails in most areas inside Tehran is an obstacle in the face of city development.
Source: Abrar Eghtesadi Newspaper.

♦ 9% inflation rate over the past month
The Iranian Center of Statistics announced that the inflation rate during the month of Tir (June 21st to July 21st) was 9%, achieving 1.6 increase comparing to last month. Statistics also indicated the rise of prices of commodities especially food, beverages, and tobacco.
Source: Abrar Eghtesadi Newspaper.

♦ Iranian consul in Munich: no Iranian got injured

The Iranian General Consul in Munich, Abdullah Nakonam confirmed that no Iranian got injured in the terrorist attack on Friday.
Nakonam said, in a statement early Saturday morning that the Iranian citizens in Munich had to inform the Iranian consulate of any casualties in case of occurrence as soon as possible, but they hadn’t received such information.
The Iranian General Consul in Munich called the Iranian citizens to keep calm and stay tuned for the latest news via the official media in Germany, where fifteen thousand Iranians live in Bayern and five more in Munich.
A police spokesperson declared ten people killed, including a suspect bomber in the attack on a shopping center in Munich, and another died of his wounds.
Earlier on Saturday, Hubertus Andre, Munich police chief, told reporters that the only shooter in the bloody gunfire in Munich was an eighteen year old Iranian, having German and Iranian citizenships.
Source: Fares News Agency

♦ Funeral of five Fatmioun in Tehran

Five Iranian warriors that belong to Fatimioun Brigade and were killed in Syria were buried in Behshet Zahra cemetery in Tehran.
Note: The Fatimioun is an Afghani Shiite militia formed in 2014 to fight the Syrian opposition and got training by the Iranian Revolutionary Guards.
Source: Kayhan Newspaper.

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