Iranian press (July 25th) Judicial involvement in the financial corruption of the Iranian government and the Arab League condemns Tehran


Sharq editorial handles the impact of the nuclear deal on the legislative process in the US Congress. The editorials also discussed the situation in Turkey and developments after the coup attempts and its impact on Turkey’s admission to the EU. Domestically, the confiscation of 100 thousand satellite dishes, which was headed the news, in light of the 70% of Iranian families having dishes.

Iranian newspapers highlighted Commander of the Revolutionary Guard’s remarks about an international complaint against the six major countries, along with Commission of the nuclear program in the Iranian parliament preparation for the first report on the nuclear deal, and parliamentary hints of Alwelaya coalition on conservative support for Rouhani. Socially, 67% of hospital beds in Iran are worn out.

Prominent Editorials
“Nuclear deal impact on the legislative process in US Congress,” Sharq newspaper suggests a new vision about the impact of the nuclear agreement on the US-Iranian relations in terms of the US sanctions imposed on Iran. The editorial says that Iran had frustrated the US Congress’s issuance of new legislations against Iran in exchange for some technical concessions to the United States by threatening to resume all nuclear activities, in what is currently known as the (Nuclear Snapback), as stated by Mark Dubowitz Head of FDD and one of the most prominent anti-Iran figures in Washington. He said that since the signing of the nuclear deal, no laws against Iran have been ratified. Now all of Iranian, EU countries and the pro-Iranian-American rapprochement in the United States can utilize the nuclear deal as a political and legal document against the ratification of laws in the US Congress. There is a long list of laws against Iran projects, which the US Congress failed to ratify because of the nuclear deal, such as condemning the Iranian assistance to the Syrian regime, Iranian support of terrorism, prohibiting banks and financial institutions from dealing with Iran, new sanctions on Iran’s Revolutionary Guards and its affiliates, the Iranian missile program, and human rights violations in Iran. If the editorial has a point, it means that the United States has created a regional monster in the Middle East that provokes unrest and crises in neighboring countries. This trouble maker behaves freely without sanctions or even condemnation by the international community in exchange for the nuclear deal. As a result, aggressiveness of this monster is confined to the Middle East as long as it doesn’t seek to build nuclear power. Therefore, it is necessary for the major countries in the Middle East, led by Saudi Arabia, to face this deformed political entity that got the green light from major countries to mess up with the security and stability of the Middle East.

“Rouhani and reformers” Etemad newspaper confirms reformers’ support of Hassan Rouhani as their candidate for the next presidential elections, and draws criticism for his method of state administration. The editorial says that in the elections of 2013, reformists had opened the path of victory to Rouhani against his fundamentalist rivals and supported him over the last three years of his presidency, and certainly, he will be their only candidate for the presidential elections of 2017. Over the past three years, reformers drew some criticism for Rouhani’s government in order to improve its performance, but criticism of radical conservatives aims to destroy people’s faith in this government. Reformists have, many times asked Rouhani to deal with the financial corruption in the government in a smart way and utilize regulatory agencies to hold a transparent investigation about the case with the appropriate solutions. Had Rouhani’s government done that, it wouldn’t have been exposed to all problems it faces now. Rohani has faced a Parliament that hindered his performance and questioned his minister over the past three years. Now he is working with a supporter Parliament. His government’s performance is expected to improve since the next presidential elections are getting closer in less than a year. Moreover, Rouhani is in need for cabinet reshuffle as a boost to improve the performance of his government. Reformists are pushing Rouhani to announce the cabinet change so as to gain some ministerial seats in exchange for supporting him. Perhaps these seats are at the expense of Awelaya coalition led by Larijani, especially after Kazem Jalali’s party break up with Alwelaya coalition. Moreover, they can realize the current trend of Rouhani after his alliance with fundamentalists at the expense of reformists, his old allies.

“Turkey after the coup,” Merdam salari reports the Turkish conditions after the military coup against Erdogan since this is one of the main issues on the political scene of Iran. The editorial says that after the failed coup, Erdogan is facing two main issues, the relationship with the European Union on one hand, and the internal opposition on the other. On the European level, Turkey has declared commitment to abolishing the death penalty as legal preliminary arrangements to join the European Union. Should Erdogan implements death sentence on the coup groups after adjusting Turkish law, it will be considered a violation of his commitments, especially after the increase of the Turkish chances of membership after the British withdrawal from the European Union. Once Turkey officially joins, it will be the second voting power in the Union, because of its large population, which is considered the main factor in the voting system of the EU. Therefore, would the desire of revenge overcome Erdogan or he will favor the interests of his country and bottle it up. The second issue is the relationship between Erdogan and his opposition parties, which rejected the coup and supported legitimacy, in addition to Erdogan’s severity in dealing with public demonstrations. So far, Erdogan hasn’t changed his policy toward these parties except phone calls and formality compliments with their leaders. Opposition parties reject the domination of Erdogan’s party and decisions that restrict people’s freedoms, which Erdogan believes reorganization of the Turkish policies. Will he involve opposition parties in the decision-making process, or proceed on implementing his own projects? Although the two cases are related, the decisive action against insurgents regardless of the European Union response can be separated from enhancing the national unity by increasing the political participation of opposition and civil organizations.

“Culture and cultural deviation,” Avrinsh Newspaper discussed the Iranian authorities’ confiscation of 100 thousand TV satellite dishes. The editorial says that there is no explanation of what has happened. Some officials said that this violates the law, and others said that 70% of the Iranian families are having them. The editorial looks at this matter from an economical point of view. Those families that lost their dishes will buy new ones and wonders if that is considered a waste of money or not? On the other hand, it reflects the Iranian people’s dissatisfaction with the news and cultural topics introduced by the regime. The editorial asks if a practice considered illegal by the regime isn’t the 70% of people who utilize it enough to make it legal.

Prominent News
♦ Denial of publication of a new list of prohibited American goods

Trade Development Authority denied what was published on the internal media about a new list of goods that were prohibited to import from America. It mentioned that the list, which includes 227 types of prohibited goods, goes back to last year, and no new lists have been published. The committee has also urged the media to look into the accuracy of the news and publish only news introduced by credible sources.
Source: Taadol Newspaper.

♦ Minister of Industry Advisor: The implementation of half of International Industrial agreements signed after the nuclear deal has begun

The advisor of the Iranian Minister of Industry, Behrouz Riahi said that the industrial and commercial agreements signed after the nuclear deal with the European Countries are worth 4 billion and 200 million USDs. Half of them have just started implementation, which amounts to two billion and 400 million USDs. He also clarified that the latest agreement signed between Iran’s Saipa Motor Company and France’s Citroen is worth $ 530 million USD.
Source: IRNA Agency.

♦ 67% of hospital beds in Iran are worn out

Iranian Deputy Minister of Health for therapeutic affairs, Mohammed Aghajani said that the Iranian hospitals suffer a shortage in medication and services provided to people. The shortage of medical beds is noticeable, and 67% of the available beds are torn out. Aghajani stated that the percent of medical beds is 1.67 beds for each 1000 people in Iran.
Source: IRNA Agency

♦ The majority of Conservatives support Rouhani

Member of Alwelaya coalition in Shura Council, Behrouz Nemati, said that he is personally, a supporter of President Hassan Rouhani, and believes that a large number of moderate conservatives will support him in the presidential elections in 2017. He added that many big events that occurred during the reign of the two terms of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad earlier, inflicted negative impact on the Iranian economy, causing a damage that cannot be easily removed, so how can we determine five or six months for this harm to be eliminated. In light of the performance of Rouhani during the past three years, and his work away from partisanship, the big current of reformists will also support him.
Source: Arman Emrouz Newspaper.

♦ The number of independent coalition members is 80 members
The spokesperson of the independent coalition of Shura Council, Mehrdad Lahoti, stated that the coalition of Alwelaya in the previous council is still active and consists of 80 members. He pointed out that the vision of this coalition is the formation of a new one in cooperation with all other coalitions that will dedicate themselves for the interest of their national goals rather than to disagreement and conflict. He added that those members have moderate beliefs; neither extremist reformists nor extremist conservatives.
Source: Arman Emrouz Newspaper.

♦ Judiciary spokesperson: We cannot remain silent on the astronomical salaries, and call for not politicizing this issue
Judiciary spokesman, Gholam Hossein Ajaia, called for the disclosure of officials who earn astronomical salaries and bring them to court. He added that corruption doesn’t confine to salaries, but also to the big amounts of money borrowed by many officials and citizens, stressing the need for governmental and control systems commitment tackling these violations. Ajai appealed all political parties and groups not to politicize this issue because these violations are not confined to state organizations.
Mohsen Ajaia also stressed that the judiciary has issued judgments against 13 judges in the past few months and prosecuted a number of court officials. It also arrested a number of other seals falsifiers as well as four other employees of Mellat Bank. These prosecutions result from the judiciary plan to fight corruption in the country.
Source: Mehr.

♦ Committee of the nuclear program in the Iranian parliament proceeds on in preparing its first report on the nuclear deal

The spokesperson for the Committee of National Security and Foreign Policy in the parliament, Hossein Naqvi Hosseini, stressed that the committee of the nuclear program in the parliament has begun the preparation of its “semi-annual” first report on the nuclear deal signed with the 5 + 1 group. Naqvi said that the Committee of National Security and foreign policy should prepare its first report based on the reports submitted by the foreign ministry and field visits, as well as meetings held in this regard, and submit them to parliament. He expressed the disapproval and bitterness of Iran toward leaking information about its long-term nuclear program, in addition to what has been done by the International Atomic Energy Agency and published in some newspapers around the world. Naqvi declared the establishment of the first specialized committee in the Iranian nuclear program, working side by side with two other committees, the Committee of Security and Foreign Policy, and the Committee of Energy.
Source: Mehr.

♦ Mohsen Rezai calls for a claim against America and exerts more pressure on it due to its violation of the nuclear deal

Secretary of Expediency Council, Mohsen Rezaei, called the Committee of monitoring and pursuing the nuclear deal to make a complaint and exert more pressure on the United States due to the nuclear deal revocation, so as to prevent such events from happening again.
Source: Tasnim Agency.

♦ A joint statement by four Arab countries against Iran

The Arab summit in the Mauritanian capital, Nouakchott, witnessed a joint statement by foreign ministers of Saudi Arabia, UAE, Egypt, and Bahrain, with the presence of Secretary-General of the Arab League, Ahmed Aboul Gheit, accusing Iran of interfering in the internal affairs of other countries in the region and support terrorism. The joint statement called on Iran to respect the sovereignty of these countries and take into account the freedom of self-determination, and good neighborliness.
Source: Mehr.

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