Spy is released and attacking Rafsanjani because of disarmament statement



Jehan Sana’at criticizes the government’s policies of protecting the local products against smuggling
Boosting tourism in Iran

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Attack on Rafsanjani because of disarmament statement
Riza’i: Obama was saved by the nuclear deal
The release of the nuclear team member spy for bail bond
Joint naval military exercises between the army and the revolutionary guards at north Hormuz Strai

Afarinesh daily:
Need for cultural change to develop Iran’s tourism industry
An editorial in Monday’s Afarinesh Daily discussed the pressing need for the development of Iran’s tourism industry. Although the leadership reportedly intent on boosting tourism levels, current figures show that the tourism sector remains underdeveloped. Comparing Iran’s tourism sector unfavorably to other regional nations like the United Arab Emirates and Turkey, the editorial said that despite possessing numerous tourist attractions, Iran’s political and diplomatic obstacles and the poor management of the country’s tourism sector are hindering growth in this field.
The editorial adds that another obstacle to the development of the tourism industry is Iranian culture itself, with regular displays of inappropriate behavior towards both regional and international tourists in the country. Tourists have complained of various off-putting incidents, including racist insults and overcharging. While the development of the tourism sector requires massive investment, the editorial continues, interacting in a friendly and polite way with tourists costs nothing and is one of the most important factors in making tourism in the country attractive. The editorial cites the city of Tabriz in northwestern Iran as a positive example for others to follow in its welcome for tourists, saying that it has made great strides in this area, concluding by calling on Iranian officials in other areas to study and emulate Tabriz’ model in improving citizens’ behavior towards tourists, whether domestic or foreign.

Resalat newspaper:
The collective mind and a sense of responsibility
An editorial in Monday’s Resalat newspaper said that recent polls indicate declining popularity for the Rouhani administration, suggesting that he will receive fewer votes for his candidacy for a second term than the previous president in his second term.
Among the main reasons for this, said the editorial, is the current falling standards of living and Rouhani’s failure to implement his electoral promises, as well as a loss of faith among the electorate in the benefits of the nuclear agreement. Other reasons include public unhappiness over astronomical salaries for government officials, the continuing economic recession and a sense of wounded pride over the nuclear deal, as well as a lengthy list of unmet demands by the public which have led to concerns among the reformists themselves.
The latest opinion polls suggest that if the fundamentalists manage to agree on a candidate, there is a strong change that he would win next year’s presidential election, the editorial says, warning that failure by the fundamentalists to reach consensus on the issue means that the bitter experience of 2013 may be repeated. The editorialist suggests that the argument, lack of commitment and lack of agreement between the conservatives was the reason for Rouhani’s winning the election in 2013.
Although the fundamentalists have learned a lesson from this defeat, succeeding to some extent in the parliamentary elections, the editorial continues, the trend has been more towards unity behind a political bloc than behind any particular figure or party leader. The editorialist declares that the fundamentalists need to act responsibly and carry out their duties to the country by uniting in order to provide a single candidate for the 2017 election.
The principal objective of the editorial is to persuade the supporters of the mainstream fundamentalists in Iran that the political dynamic within the movement is moving towards providing a single candidate to oppose Rouhani. Despite this, however, the fundamentalist movement has been impeded by the time taken over evaluating prospective candidates, with only a few months now left before the elections to choose a candidate and little progress seen in doing so.

Jahanesanat newspaper:
Hidden hands behind the phenomenon of smuggling
The editorial in Monday’s Jahanesanat newspaper condemns the Iranian government’s policy concerning protecting local businesses and its failure to address the smuggling operations which it says are flooding the Iranian market with cheap, illegally imported goods that threaten to drive local businesses into bankruptcy. The editorial says that the ‘resistance economy’ recently announced by the Supreme Leader, Ayatollah Khamenei, should be based on the formation of a committee and working teams tasked with implementing policies to crack down on smuggling and protect domestic industry. The creation of such a body would protect local businesses from facing unfair competition from smuggled goods, the editorialist suggests, adding that although the creation of such a committee was proposed previously by the government, no action has yet been taken to form one, with the idea remaining at the stage of empty slogans. The editorialist cited the example of a recent report aired on Iranian TV concerning the performance of the country’s economic free trade , which saw one of the company directors interviewed recalling about how he had obtained a government loan to set up his business, which employed 200 workers and specializes in the manufacture of mobile electronic devices; due to the market being flooded with cheap contraband goods, the company director said, he is now on the verge of bankruptcy and has had to lay off most of the workforce. This phenomenon is repeated across the Iranian manufacturing sector, the editorial added.
There are already plenty of reports of smuggled iPhone 7 phones being sold on the black market in Iran, despite the legal ban on their sale in Iran the editorial revealed, with some companies openly advertising their availability.
The editorial said that it can be frankly said that despite the leadership’s announcements, the ‘resistance economy’ is not working. Even if the Iranian government provides support and funding for business start-ups and help for ailing manufacturers, it concluded, failure to take action to end the smuggling of cheap foreign goods will mean that their efforts will be doomed.

♦ The release of the nuclear team member spy for bail bond

Member of the national security and foreign policy in Iran’s parliament, Mohammed Javad Jamali stated that the economic advisor of the nuclear negotiating team member who was arrested for spying accusations was released for a bail bond. This case took too many dimensions; the media has to calm the situation down, and allow the judicial and security agencies to undertake their work properly, Jamali added.
Source: Watan Amroz Newspaper

♦ Riza’i: Obama saved America by the nuclear deal

Secretary General of the Expediency Discernment Council and former Commander of the Revolutionary Guards, Major General Muhsin Riza’i claimed that Obama has saved America through signing the nuclear deal with Iran. During negotiations, people had great expectations but no real achievements have been accomplished yet, he added.
In a TV program, Riza’i praised the Leader’s, Ali Khamenei, statements in his meeting with the Revolutionary Guards Commanders concerning the improvement of the armed forces and increase their capabilities on all levels, which has made Iran the greatest power in the Middle East and south Asia.
As for the banking transactions with the international banks, Riza’i said that this is one of Iran’s biggest problems, asserting that Iran has completed all necessary procedures but money cannot be transferred. “Iran has big amounts of money all over the world but can be exchanged neither for dollar nor for other currencies. In fact, Americans write something on paper but do the opposite,” Riza’i concluded.
Source: Jam-e-Jam Newspaper

♦ Export development bank builds ties with 60 banks in 19 European countries

Iran’s export development bank manager, Hamid Riza Ma’bodi said that Iran has banking ties with 60 banks in 19 European countries and other ties with 101 international banks in 41 countries.
Source: Abrar Eghtisadi Newspaper

♦ Iranian shopping centers to open in 12 countries

Head of Iran’s trade development commission, Riza Abasgili announced that the establishment of shopping centers and permanent galleries for Iranian products outside Iran is on the commission’s agenda and of its priorities. The targeted countries are Turkey, Azerbaijan, Oman, Kazakhstan, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iraq, and Armenia, in addition to African countries like Kenya, Nigeria, Ghana, and South Africa, Abasgili explained.
Source: Tijarat Newspaper

♦ Jabiri Ansari holds a meeting with Bashar Assad in Syria

During his visit to Syria deputy-minister for Arabic and African affairs, Hussein Jabiri Ansari will meet President Bashar Assad and a number of Syrian senior officials to discuss the possible solutions to the Syrian crisis.
Ansari will also have talks with the Palestinian parties’ coalition leaders concerning the latest developments in Palestine and ways of supporting the Palestinian people’s rebellion (Intifada) against the Israeli expansion.
It is noteworthy that Ansari visited Russia last week and discussed the Syrian crisis with the Russian officials.
Source: Fares Agency

♦ Sia News: failure of the nuclear deal attributed to conservatives

Joia News site, “known as the CIA News,” announced the participation of Rouhani and Zarif in the 71st session of the United Nations General Assembly. The site has published an article asking many questions and possible answers that free America and its allies from breaking the nuclear deal commitments caused by the American hard feelings but attributed to the revolutionary and conservative currents in Iran. According to Kayhan newspaper, America has promised to solve all Iranian economic problems and end sanctions, which made Iran inter nuclear negotiations, but nothing of the American commitments have been fulfilled.
Source: Kayhan Newspaper

♦ Joint military exercises between the army and revolutionary guards at north Hormuz Strait

Colonel Ibrahim Jilfam, issued a statement on the occasion of the annual Sacred Defense Week on the Iraqi-Iranian war commission in Iran’s army about holding the first naval military training between Iran’s army and revolutionary guards forces at north Hormuz Strait. More than 46 boats, a warship, guided missiles frigate, go-fast boat artillery, choppers and army airplanes were deployed to the Arabian Gulf, which represent the unity of the Iranian people.
Source: Etilaat Newspaper

♦ Ghasemi: The white house supports terrorism

Iran’s foreign ministry spokesperson, Bihram Qasemi condemned the American air raids on positions belonging to the Syrian army in Deir ez-zor province, saying, “This American behavior coincides with the terrorist attacks of the ISIS on these positions, which breaks the independence and sovereignty of the Syrian people and reflects the American support to these terrorist groups in Syria” as he claimed.
Source: Jam-e-Jam Newspaper

♦ People who call for disarmament are insane

Former Revolutionary Guards Minster, Muhsin Rafeeq Dost said that those who call for disarmament are insane and they are possibly supporting America. The Holy Quran calls for proper preparation for war, and if Iran does not prepare this power, it will disappear side by side with Islam, he added.
This statement came as a response to the president of the Expediency Discernment Council, Hashemi Rafsanjani, in which he said that the strong economies of Germany and Japan emerged following the Second World War after they were deprived of their military power and relied on productive and scientific activities of the so-called “Knowledge-based economy,” which safeguarded them against war and threats.
Source: Tasnim Agency

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